2013 NFL Draft - Atlanta Falcons

Posted Apr 29, 2013

Atlanta Falcons - NFC South, 2013 Draft Selections & Prospects

Atlanta Falcons

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The Draft Was ... serviceable. Washington corner Desmond Trufant was a decent first round pick, but Florida State's Xavier Rhodes was still on the board. Loading up for the secondary, SE Louisiana's Robert Alford was a decent pick in the second, but UCF's Kemal Ishmael and Notre Dame's Zeke Motta might actually turn out to be stronger value selections. Duke quarterback Sean Renfree was an underground scout favorite, but it'll be tough to stick in the seventh round. Stanford tight end Levine Toilolo might be the best value pick in the fourth round, and TCU defensive end Stansly Maponga fits the Atlanta type in the fifth.
Best Value Pick: TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford in the 4th round
Worst Value Pick: DE Malliciah Goodman, Clemson in the 4th round
They Should've ... taken Alabama running back Eddie Lacy, who went one pick later to Green Bay late in the second round. With Michael Turner done, the Falcon running game could use a good young back to develop and work around, and while Robert Alford might have been a need pick, the pool of defensive backs was deep. Lacy would've been a true chance on greatness.
Division Draft Ranking: 2
Conference Draft Ranking: 7


CB Desmond Trufant, Washington
6-0, 190
Overall Pick No. 22 CFN Position Rank: 4

CFN Analysis: A good, sound pick, he might not have the upside of Boise State's Jamar Taylor, but the Falcons needed corner help and Trufant should be able to step in an produce right away. He's a ready-made pro who might not be flashy, but he'll be sound right away.

All the abilities are there to become a solid NFL starting corner for a long, long time, including the bloodlines with brothers Marcus and Isaiah each in the league. Big, fast and smooth, he moves and works like a professional defensive back and should be ready right out of the box. Sticky, he doesn't lose his man and is more than happy to fight and battle a receiver for the ball. Not a great tackler, he'll get the job done but he's not the most physical of hitters and allows too many yards after the grab. Production-wise, he didn't make nearly as many big plays as he should've considering his athleticism and experience, missing on way too many interception opportunities. He's not going to be an elite corner to work a defense around, but he should be a good starter in nickel and dime situations and could shine as a No. 2 corner on the other side of an elite playmaker.
CFN Projection: Second Round


CB Robert Alford, SE Louisiana 5-10, 188
Overall Pick No. 60 CFN Position Rank: 13
4.37. Everyone expected him to be fast in offseason workouts, and he didn't disappoint in any way. He has track star speed to go along with excellent on-field strength to shove around the smallish receivers and get physical when he needs to. With kick return skills, he can be used in a variety of ways including just about anywhere in a secondary. Occasionally his problem is his aggressiveness, going for the kill shot and whiffing a bit too much. He needs to become a more form tackler and he's a bit old turning 25 this season, but with his speed, athleticism and toughness, he's a fighter who'll quickly find a starting job.
CFN Projection: Third Round  


DE Mallicah Goodman, Clemson 6-4, 276
Overall Pick No. 127 CFN Position Rank: 10
Extremely strong, he's one of the better run stopping ends in the draft with the build to be a 3-4 end or be used like a tackle. He's not an athlete and he's never going to fly into the backfield and be an elite NFL pass rusher, but he has the prototype body and he fights to make plays behind the line. Cut, he doesn't need any work with a strength and conditioning coach and carries his weight well. Now it all needs to translate to the field by playing stronger and dominating on a regular basis. It's not like hyped up Clemson linemen have taken the world by storm, and he's not going to be a star to build a line around, but he'll be a solid producer who'll hold his own.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round

TE Levine Toilolo, Stanford (Jr.) 6-8, 260
Overall Pick No. 133 CFN Position Rank: 3
Massive, he might not be fast, but he's a gigantic player with tremendous strength and length to outmuscle anyone like. He's like a power forward who'll box out and go after any ball in his range, and while he's not an elite athlete, he doesn't labor. Cut, he's in great shape and carries his weight well with the strength to be a nice wall-off blocker like a thin offensive tackle. While he has rare abilities and size, he never became the main man for the Stanford passing attack and he isn't nearly a good enough route runner to be a reliable third down target out of the box. He's not going to stretch the field and he's not going to blaze past anyone, but he's a worthwhile project who could destroy smaller defenders on short-range passes. There's game-changing upside.
CFN Projection: Third Round


DE Stansly Maponga, TCU (Jr.) 6-2, 256
Overall Pick No. 153 CFN Position Rank: 17
Extremely active, he's always working and he always has the switch turned on. While he's not really built for an NFL position – too small to be an end and not fast and athletic enough to be an outside linebacker – he's simply a good football player beyond the raw numbers. He has a big man's game without the big man's body, likely to get beaten on by the more physical blockers and without the raw speed to fly into the backfield. However, he's extremely strong and should be able to hold his own more often than not, and there's upside once a coaching staff figures out where he's playing.
CFN Projection: Fourth Round



S Kemal Ishmael, UCF 5-11, 201
Overall Pick No. 243 CFN Position Rank: Not Ranked

SS Zeke Motta, Notre Dame 6-2, 213
Overall Pick No. 244 CFN Position Rank: 17
Simply a good football, he's a big, tough defender who has enough mobility to get by and has terrific hitting ability. He can be used like an extra linebacker against the run and always manages to be in the right place at the right time. Aggressive, he doesn't miss any stops and he holds up well. Slow, he doesn't have the foot speed to stay with NFL receiver and he's not a gamechanger; he's more solid than spectacular. The weight room strength is missing and there's a hard ceiling on what he can do, but he'll make a roster as a decent backup and special teamer.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round

QB Sean Renfree, Duke 6-3, 219
Overall Pick No. 249 CFN Position Rank: 14
He has almost everything you'd want in a starting quarterback but the tools, missing the NFL arm and with no pocket mobility. However, he's a talented pure passer who was tutored well by David Cutcliffe; he knows how to be a quarterback. With decent size and a whip-quick mind, he's a great decision maker who at the very least can be an ever ready clipboard holder who can step in and not be awful. He has the right mentality and the right character to be a perfect No. 2 quarterback with the potential to be a coach down the road.
CFN Projection: Fifth Round