Key Question No. 24 - Best New Head Coach
Posted Aug 24, 2013

Key Question No. 24 - Which rookie head coach will have the best debut on a new campus?

24. Which rookie head coach will have the best debut on a new campus?

Richard Cirminiello: Butch Jones, Tennessee. He'll get plenty of competition from the likes of Mark Helfrich (Oregon), Mark Stoops (Kentucky), Bret Bielema (Arkansas) and even Willie Taggart (South Florida). But Jones is already having a transformational effect on Tennessee. He's changing the climate in Knoxville, while planting early seeds of one of the top recruiting classes of 2014. The Vols don't yet have the talent to compete in the SEC East, but something unmistakably positive is happening on ol' Rocky Top.

FOLLOW! @PeteFiutak: Mark Helfrich, Oregon, but more on that later on in Question 6. If it's not Helfrich, keep an eye on Wisconsin's new head man, Gary Andersen. He's a night-and-day different guy than the blustery and bullying Bret Bielema – and that's not a dig on Bielema in any way – and he's inheriting a whopper of a team. Remember, for all the good things the Badgers have done over the last three seasons, this is the year everyone has been pointing to. There might not be a signature star like a Montee Ball, and the secondary has some mega-issues to deal with before facing Arizona State on September 14th, but the quarterback situation will settle down and be a plus, the ground game will be the Bucky ground game, and more than anything else, the defensive front seven in the 3-4 alignment has the talent and potential to be better than any of the three Rose Bowl Ds. And then there's the Barry Alvarez factor. With his eye for coaching talent, there has to be something there for Andersen to walk into the plum gig. Throw in a not-that-bad schedule, and 10-2 is likely and 11-1 isn't out of the question – at least that's where the expectations need to be. 

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