Key Question No. 22 - Top Conference Game
Michigan QB Devin Gardner
Michigan QB Devin Gardner
Posted Aug 23, 2013

Key Question No. 22 - Besides Alabama at Texas A&M, what's the biggest conference game?

22. Besides Alabama at Texas A&M, what's the biggest conference game?

Richard Cirminiello: Oregon at Stanford, Nov. 7. The ultimate study in contrasts pits the speed of the Ducks against the no-holds-barred toughness of the Cardinal … with a whole lot riding on the outcome. The winner probably locks up the Pac-12 North Division, but that's small potatoes in the big picture. There's also a pretty good chance that the survivor on this Thursday night will have a shot of going on to compete for a spot in the national championship game. This is the Pac-12's showcase game of 2013.

FOLLOW! @PeteFiutak: Ohio State at Michigan, Nov. 30. Texas vs. Oklahoma and Oregon at Stanford are also must-sees, but the best rivalry in all of sports is still the big one. While the Buckeye schedule isn't quite the layup everyone is suggesting, it's not exactly a killer with Wisconsin coming to Columbus and conference trips to Northwestern, Purdue and Illinois not that bad. On the flip side, Michigan has to deal with Notre Dame along with trips to Penn State, Michigan State, Northwestern and Iowa to go along with a rough battle with Nebraska. In other words, the Wolverines probably won't be unbeaten and the Buckeyes might be. With the two power programs taking the recruiting arms race to a whole other level, and with the two facing off as divisional foes starting next year, this will be meaningful one way or another.  

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