Key Question No. 20 - What Can Louisville Do?
Posted Aug 23, 2013

Key Question No. 20 - What's the ceiling for Louisville?

20. What's the ceiling for Louisville?

Richard Cirminiello: The Cardinals are in a very strange position entering 2013. On the one hand, they boast the clearest path of any school to a BCS bowl game, courtesy of playing in the American Athletic Conference. On the other, a tissue-soft schedule will likely prevent them from climbing higher than the Orange or Sugar Bowl. Unless another American team, like Cincinnati or Rutgers, claws deep into the Top 25, even a 12-0 Louisville won't justify serious inclusion in the national championship discussion. It could finish No. 3 or No. 4, one painful year shy of the start of the four-team playoff.

FOLLOW! @PeteFiutak: 12-0 and a whole bunch of angst. First of all, don't just assume that it's Louisville who'll rip through the American Athletic. Rutgers is going to be tough and Cincinnati will get better and better as the season goes on. Remember, the Cardinals struggled to get by miserable FIU and Southern Miss teams last year and they only beat South Florida, Cincinnati and Rutgers by a grand total of eight points. They were blown out by Syracuse and lost to a mediocre Connecticut, and while it's a new year and a new team, there are still question marks. Ask Penn State what it's like to open the season up with Ohio. Kentucky is a big of an X factor, and, again South Florida, Rutgers and Cincinnati won't be pushovers. But let's say the Cardinals get through unscathed; what will it take to play for the BCS championship? First, there can't be any other unbeaten teams from BCS conferences. A one-loss SEC champion gets in over Louisville, and it might be possible for a one-loss Pac-12 or Big 12 team to get in depending on when and how the one defeat comes. Second, UofL has to drill everyone. There can't a slew of squeakers; this has to be a killer of a team to overcome the schedule factor. But in the end, if Louisville is the only unbeaten team in college football, it'll play for the national title.

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