Key Question No. 14 - Clowney & The Heisman
Posted Aug 24, 2013

Key Question No. 14 - Where will South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney finish in the Heisman race?

14. Where will South Carolina DE Jadeveon Clowney finish in the Heisman race?

Richard Cirminiello: He'll get to New York City as a finalist, but leave empty-handed. While Clowney will take home a lot of hardware before taking off for the riches of the NFL. Is he the most outstanding player in college football entering 2013? That argument can certainly be made. However, winning the Heisman from the defensive side of the ball requires greatness plus a little extra hook. Charles Woodson contributed on offense and special teams for a national champ, and 2012 runner-up Manti Te'o was the central figure in Notre Dame's perfect regular season.

FOLLOW! @PeteFiutak: He won't. The problem will be the unquantifiable issue of what he does to make everyone else better. No, he's not going to get 20 sacks, and no, he's not going to come up with highlight reel hits every other game, and why? Teams won't let him. The SEC has some pretty decent tackles with several likely to play on Sundays, and no, coaches aren't dumb enough to try dealing with No. 7 with a mere chip from the running back. Others on the Gamecock defensive front should shine with all the attention paid to Clowney, and that'll end up being the real factor. Of course, it's hard to put that on a stat sheet, even though NFL scouts will be sure to notice. The other problem could be the timing. To have any prayer of winning, he'll have to roar out of the gate against North Carolina and then Georgia. Will South Carolina be on anyone's radar again until the Florida game in mid-November? During that time several offensive contenders should start to shine.

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