Crowley Sullivan - I Believe ...
Posted Aug 25, 2013

The beliefs and thoughts before the start of the 2013 season.

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"Practice, practice makes perfect
Perfect is a fault
And the fault lines change….."

I Believe…

The greatest American-influenced, alternative rock album of all time is R.E.M.'s 1986 release, "Life's Rich Pageant." The greatest song on that greatest album is "I Believe." Hard-charging, optimistically defiant, and emblematic of the college rock scene of that era, the tune still packs its original, powerful punch. Let's pay tribute.

I believe that Charlie Weis thinks he's smart and funny and good at being a head football coach.

I believe that the best quarterback nobody's really aware of right now is Vad Lee. Athleticism, smarts, and the best weapon he has in his arsenal – head coach Paul Johnson – all give the Georgia Tech sophomore as much under-the-radar potential as any of the autograph-signing stars across the country.

I believe that a year from now Lane Kiffin will make for a good interview subject as the running backs coach for an NFL team.

I believe that the conventional wisdom that says Barry Switzer is an idiot is off base. Not too long ago, I ate ribs with the bootlegger's son at Chicago's Twin Anchors. After a few sodas, I asked Switzer who the toughest coach to go up against was. His response: "The one with the best players." Dumb like a fox.

I believe that it's okay for me to bare my soul to the universe and admit that I have not ever watched one second of "Breaking Bad."

I believe that those TV stars that run around the country and do that flashy, six-hour pre-game show where everyone wears those Home Depot hats became caricatures a long time ago.

I believe that the most entertaining game of the year will take place on the night of Thursday, November 7th. Oregon visits The Farm that night and the game will feature two top five teams with contrasting styles in what is one of the most underrated rivalries going in the sport right now.

I believe that Notre Dame lived on smoke and mirrors last season. Sure, that defense is a top ten unit that will stymie opponents all season long once again. But Everett Golson performed more magic tricks last season than Golden Domers are willing to admit. He won't be able to turn busted plays into game-changing scores while sitting in the student lounge with Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Anthony Michael Hall, and the one who's related to Charlie and Martin Sheen.

I believe that the Arizona Wildcats will take a small step backwards this season after RichRod's strong rebirth in the desert last year. However, I also believe that Pac12 coaches are all trying their hardest to act like not they're not scared of what's coming out of Tucson.

I believe that Braxton Miller is all that.

I believe that more teams need to showcase Nike Pro Combat Uniforms in the way that I believe that Major League Baseball umpires should continue to believe that fans need to believe that they are what's holding the whole thing together.

I believe that the University of Iowa's Hawkeye Marching Band's Victory Polka is awesome.

In heaven there is no beer
That's why we drink it here.
And when we're gone from here
Our friends will be drinking all the beer…

It isn't brilliance in the "R.E.M." sort of way – but I believe it's precisely the sort of jam that puts the cherry on top of a bonanza win over a heated rival as dusk falls over Kinnick Stadium…

I will believe that someone other than Alabama will win the coveted silver football thing this season when I start to believe that Tiger Woods isn't a smug fraud who won't ever win a major ever again.

I believe that the absolute best of time of year is the period that starts on or around September 1st through the New Year. I now have to sort of qualify that belief due to the fact that the season now extends to some weird, inching-towards-the-middle-of-January Monday night rather than New Year's Day but you get the picture. My belief is that these next four months are as good as it gets.