Bonnie Bernstein - I Believe ...
Posted Aug 25, 2013

The beliefs and thoughts before the start of the 2013 season.

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I believe... giving football and basketball players stipends is opening a Pandora's Box. And the bottom of said box would fall out. Real. Quick.

I believe... student-athletes SHOULD be able to make money off their name and/or likeness. Sell your autograph. Sell your jersey. Sell your smelly, used socks from the big rival game. Knock yourself out.

I believe... a school not named Alabama will win the BCS Championship.

I believe… nearly every college football fan in America will be glad when the BCS Championship is buried on some dusty, dirty back shelf at NCAA headquarters. Right next to the leather helmets.

I believe… Ricky Williams will be a good running backs coach. And that you'd never heard of University of the Incarnate Wood, either.

I believe… Big Ten + 2012 = no place to go but up.

I believe… Auburn's Kiehl Frazier voluntarily moving from QB to safety is all kinds of awesome. Total team player. (Friendly reminder: Pronunication? "KYLE," as in Chandler. Not "KEEL," as in the face lotion in my bathroom cabinet). #BBCares

I believe... Jameis Winston is a rock star in the making at Florida State, and that he'll never suffer from Manziel Disease.

I believe… fans being victimized by Manziel Disease is a load of crap. Schools banning little kids and legit supporters from getting autographs? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Each fan gets one John Hancock apiece. It's supervised. C'mon folks. This isn't rocket science.

I believe... preseason polls are a total waste.