Bart Doan - I Believe ...
Posted Aug 26, 2013

The beliefs and thoughts before the start of the 2013 season.

By Bart Doan
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I believe...

You should enjoy the BCS this one last time. In the spring of 1998, we thought something, anything would be better than what we had then. In the spring of 2013, after that change, we're back to thinking the same thing. Be careful what you wish for.

...Michigan will beat Ohio State twice. Expect Urban Meyer to ban students with natural blue eyes from campus, forcing them to transfer. No, really, Michigan will ride Devin Gardner to a B1G title and two wins over their rival in back-to-back games.

...Voters shouldn't hold Johnny Manziel's off season fun against him if he has another good season (and he will). Lot of glass house going on in the media, unless all these people apparently didn't party in college.

...Alabama finishes the regular season unbeaten ... but loses in the SEC title game. Chaos, wailing, and gnashing of BCS teeth will follow.

...College football will have to re-introduce itself to Miami being on the national stage. They'll beat Florida as their "press conference" of sorts to announce that they're back.

...Mike Leach will have his Washington State Cougars bowling in his second year. The schedule is arduous, but they'll find the 6 wins they need in the second year in his system.

...The Pac 12 will finish the season with more teams in the top 25 than any other. Good things are going on out West, where all 12 look like they'll either stay as good as they were, or improve.

...Louisville will need help getting to the title game even if they go unbeaten. It's unfathomable to think that the #9 ranked team in the nation could go undefeated but not play in the title game and get jumped by a 1-loss team, but it's probably reality in this convoluted system of perception over reality.

...Platooning QBs is like being engaged to two girls at the same time. Reminds me of "The Roommate Switch" episode of Seinfeld, coaches thinking they can be the one that wins a national title with this format. Coaches with teams that have a shot to be national players, like Mike Gundy or Lane Kiffin would be wise to just pick one. George Costanza they are not.

...Dana Holgorsen will find his seat to be white, scorching hot if he doesn't lead the Mountaineers to a bowl game. Team has regressed since he took the program over. That's surprising to type.

...Utah State will be the final non-AQ team to play in a BCS bowl. The way the system is set up almost assures there will be one. USU will carry on the positive strides made by Gary Andersen, now departed to Wisconsin.

...Bret Bielema will have a losing record in his first year at Arkansas. He thought it was mean and nasty when Ohio State continued recruiting his committed players at Wisconsin? In the SEC, that's called "Tuesday."

...Conversely, Auburn will finish with a winning record and go bowling under Gus Malzahn and at least give Alabama a game. Quietly, this was arguably the best hire of the off season.

...The Hoosiers of Indiana will be one of the biggest surprises of the 2013 college football season, led by a host of talented pass catchers. Kevin Wilson has quietly been fashioning a rebuilding project in Bloomington. He's this year's Hugh Freeze.

...Jameis Winston will be this year's Johnny Manziel. Jameis Football doesn't quite have the same ring to it, and no, he won't win the Heisman, but the redshirt frosh will be a player you absolutely have to watch because of his talent, and he'll lead FSU to a top 10 finish.

...Oregon-Stanford on Nov. 7 will be the biggest college football game of the season. For so many reasons, that game will wind up deciding their fates ... and those of many others.

...Bill Snyder doesn't get the credit he deserves. What he's accomplished at Kansas State … who was basically embalmed before he took the helm in 1989 ... is legendary, yet it feels like when talk of the greatest coaches in college football come up, he's never as high as he should be.

...The media wasted time whining about Manziel daily and completely turned a blind eye to actual atrocities by college football student-athletes, specifically the Jeremy Hill situation at LSU, which was abhorrent in its finality, and the pending rape investigation at Vanderbilt. Be better, national media.

...The off season seems like it adds another month every year. Last off season seemed like the longest in history. This year somehow seemed longer. I believe no matter what happens, you should sit down on the couch, grab a few cold ones, and enjoy it. We will see too few of these in our natural lives ... college football season ... and that'd be the case even if we all lived to be 120-years-old. Cheers, to another year.