Final Thoughts - Crowley Sullivan

Posted Aug 29, 2013

Crowley Sullivan's Final Thoughts Before Week 1 Gets Rolling

Campus Insiders

I know, even the thought of someone beating an SEC team in a non-conference season opener means 500 extra years in purgatory for me. I'm willing to take the risk. Tajh Boyd didn't stick around for giggles, and even though Clemson lost some offensive weaponry to the NFL, it's not like this program has ever lacked talent. Georgia will be having nightmares of Boyd hooking up with Sammy Watkins for months. Brent Venables' defense is going to be one of the big surprises of the 2013 season. Week 1 kicks off with – GASP – an SEC big boy going down. And the seat under Mark Richt's fanny will be white hot.

I promise I'm not picking on these SEC guys, but Auburn better be careful in its Saturday matinee. Wazzu won't end up in the Rose Bowl, but this could be trickier than they think down there on The Plains. Mike Leach might actually wear an eye patch and have a parrot sit on his shoulder for this one. His Air Raid offense is quirky enough to keep the Auburn defense on its heels, and if the Cougars can manage to get an early lead, things at Jordan-Hare will be uncomfortably uncomfortable.

Just to prove that I'm not picking a fight, I was devouring my weekly rib dinner at Chicago's Twin Anchors when I heard some fellas discussing the upcoming weekend of games. One of the gents, dressed in Hawaiian shorts and a Blackhawks jersey, guaranteed to his chums that Virginia Tech would beat Alabama. I immediately motioned to Laura, my usual server. I told her what I heard Stan Mikita over there say, told her that I would be leaving immediately due to the fact that I don't like being surrounded by ignorance, and I said that I'd expect her to charge my entire dinner to Mikita and his pals. Laura said, "But you haven't even finished your Old Style…" I said, "Good point." So, I drank the rest of my beer, calmly stood up, and walked out. Laura said, "See ya next week…"

I see where the experts think that LSU and TCU might find themselves in a dogfight. I think that had I stuck around to finish my ribs at Twin Anchors, I might have heard Mikita say that TCU would beat LSU. Had I made the mistake of hanging around to hear that, I'd have been inclined to throw all of my ribs at Mikita's face. LSU in a romp.

By the end of the day on Saturday, Rutgers is going to be wishing they were in the middle of a Big Ten season right now. Fresno State will do all they can this year to bust through the BCS door, starting with a whooping of the Scarlet Knights.

Bill O'Brien did a nice job under difficult circumstances last season. But can we please cease with the melodramatic stories focused on the way in which he's, apparently, saved the world? He's a football coach. And his predecessor was, as it turns out, less than that.

At this very moment, I'm looking at a schedule that actually says "Presbyterian at Wake Forest." I'm even using a magnifying glass to make sure I'm reading this correctly. To the person that delivered this schedule to me: GO BLUE HOSE.

Northwestern is going to don white helmets for their opener at Cal. Wow. Exciting. What actually IS exciting is watching Kain Colter play football. Cal will try to contain the guy, but Colter is as slippery as a very, very wet salamander. And his brain is a lot bigger than a salamander's (dry salamander or wet salamander). Pat Fitzgerald will have everyone ga-ga-ing over him after this one. Calm down everyone, it's a long season and while Northwestern is primed for a good year, let's not award Fitz with the Presidential Medal of Freedom just yet.

Bob Stoops and the Sooners are out of view right now. The punditry likes to refer to this as being "under the radar." I think Big Game Bob is a little tired of people saying his copyright on that nickname has run out. Louisiana-Monroe is a tune-up for what's going to be a rebirth season for Oklahoma. Big 12, I'd be a little twitchy about what's going to come out of Norman. That includes you, Mack Brown.

An entire college football piece without any mention of Johnny Manziel. He was left out of the first half.

Charlie Weis, Brady Hoke, and Phil Fulmer walk into a bar. Well, they tried to walk into a bar. See, none of them could decide on who would walk through the door first and they all sort of ended up trying to walk through all at the same time and they ended up getting stuck in the doorway. To the person that delivered this bad line: GO BLUE HOSE.

Recommendation of the week: go out and get yourself a copy of "Instructions for American Servicemen In Britain, 1942." The original transcript was written and published by the US War Department and handed to our soldiers on their way to fight alongside our allies in Great Britain. A good buddy gave me a version recently while the two of us were stuffing our faces with Lou Malnatti's pizza on State Street. The book will take you all of about 30 minutes to read and if it doesn't make you proud to be an American, nothing will. And, as we kick off yet another season of this sport that provides us with the color, pageantry, tradition, excitement, thrills, and drama that fill us up with such passion and fervor, let's remember that they aren't doing this stuff over in Egypt….

God bless America, folks. And God bless college football. Let's savor every bit of these next four months…

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