Final Thoughts - Bart Doan
Posted Aug 29, 2013

Bart Doan's Final Thoughts Before Week 1 Gets Rolling

By Bart Doan
Follow me @Bart_cfnUsing this Final Thoughts to talk just about this week what's going on on the field. I get it, Johnny Manziel parties (yawn), Les Miles eats grass and disciplines like one of the girls profiled in "Teen Mom," and Urban Meyer is now a big disciplinarian. There are finally games to talk about, and that seems vastly more interesting than the above.

All I'll say on the Johnny Manziel autograph ruling is that I was a little full of face palm at the reaction. Sports seems to be the only venue in the world where we want people convicted and punished without tangible, irrefutable evidence.

I'm not endorsing gambling (must...say...with...straight...face), but if you have a pile of cash lying around that you were going to spend on Miley Cyrus music, and don't have any outstanding bills, and have a good credit rating ... LSU -4 against TCU is almost free money.

There are two nights in college football more tortured and over-analyzed both live and right after more than any other. One is the BCS mythical national championship game. The other is the first night of the season. We're so starved for football that Vanderbilt-Ole Miss or USC-Hawaii are just combed over as if they mean a lot more than they do. Football truly has us eating out of its hand.

You probably don't know who Amara Darboh is, but Michigan losing the young WR recently for the season to injury was a huge blow. He was really progressing well, was set to start, and has that stretch-the-field ability that Michigan really has lacked really since Rich Rodriguez came around. Tough shake.

The BCS creates two things: odd bedfellows, as in rivals rooting for one another, and games where the teams playing have an impact on those they might never play that are in the national championship race. Week one has several of them, like...

Oklahoma State vs Mississippi State. The Pokes are considered a Big 12 favorite. MSU considered an also ran in the SEC. Okie State loses, and don't act like we won't be hearing about it later on when they're pushing for the conference crown and the Bulldogs are canvassing around for their seventh win or so.

Cincinnati vs Purdue. Cincy sets up as probably the most difficult test for #9 Louisville, who is stuck in schedule-strength-hell. If Purdue wins and finishes in the middle of the pack in the B1G while Cincy presses for 10 wins as can be expected in the AAC, expect the miserable argument otherwise known as the Property of Transitive Opponents to be used to vilify the 'Ville's abilities later in the season when they might be unbeaten and hunting for a title berth.

Conversely, if Cincy wins big and Purdue goes on to snag some highly ranked pelt in the B1G, it will be used as more "proof" of sorts (as far as college football voting logic goes) that should Louisville be unbeaten going into that game, Cincy provides a legit barometer with how to measure them against other teams in the top five. Oh, college football, you quagmire.

Toledo won't lose to Florida by 24 points. Terrance Owens, Rocket QB, should be able to move what looks to be a pretty good offense this season and they should contend for the MAC crown. Hard to know what you're getting out of Florida with so many injury issues. DE Jayrone Elliott, returning after a 6-sack season, should be sniffing for a big game.

The Lane Kiffin Road Show is off to a rough start. Of all the coaches that seem to need to just quit waffling and decide on a QB, it feels like he needs to the most. Marqise Lee, who seems like can catch a gnat in a wind storm, said it was "crazy" that Southern Cal hadn't picked a QB. Nothing like a little public discord going into a season. Reasonable to think that if it's being talked about publicly to the media, there's conversation among teammates in private concerned with the timetable.

At any rate, for the first time in months, the answer to "what are you doing tonight?" for the next several Thursdays and Saturdays will be "watching football." Enjoy the theater, and cheers.