Really, Just How Good Is ... Baylor?
Posted Oct 7, 2013

The unknown & unheralded unbeatens ... how good is Baylor?

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Fourteen times last year, Baylor's basketball team would have been happier with 73 points in a game rather than what they had. That 73 is how much the Bears scored against West Virginia, who is not exactly an FCS school.

In four games, the Bears have scored an astonishing 282 points. Their stats read of a teenager sitting in his basement on Friday night playing NCAA Football 2013 versus the easiest mode. But how good are the Bears?

Truth is, Baylor smells like a religious version of Oregon, with as fast of a pace as ever seen at the collegiate level. Baylor does it a bit differently though, eschewing the more run-based offense that the Ducks perfected and being far more pass oriented. The question really is, can they hold up to the same pitfalls that have plagued the Ducks in their quest for their first school football national championship?

The honest truth is that the jury is still out on these Baylor Bears, a jury that doesn't expect to reconvene until Nov. 7 ... a night that is shaping up to be the biggest of the year in college football ... against Oklahoma. That will be the first even remotely elite defense they'll be tested against. Not to rain on the parade, but the slate of Wofford, Louisiana-Monroe, Buffalo, and West Virginia leaves a lot to question in terms of the national arc of where Baylor can be. Conversely, what more could they honestly do? Would (insert your favorite national championship team here) be more impressive? It's worth pointing out that before Baylor tapped the breaks and let West Virginia pile up points, they were hopelessly ahead.

It was 56-14 at the half, with the Bears well on their way to breaking the single-game record for yards in a contest with 864 of those puppies.

But as the venerable Bill Belichick once said, "statistics are for losers," and every game starts out with a 0-0 score, and 0 total yards. Baylor can't roll its achievements over to the next game, so the odds are that in a watered-down Big 12, we won't know much about what the team can really do until after Halloween.

Yes, the Bears look the part. They're the pretty girl you glance at wondering if she can carry a conversation farther than five minutes. The book on them is an inconclusive one. At some point, she'll be forced to go out to lunch, and we'll find out if that short skirt and heels has any substance to it. Today, tomorrow, and the next week probably aren't going to be the time, however.