Week 8 - Iowa State at Baylor

Posted Oct 18, 2013

Week 8 Fearless Prediction & Preview - Iowa State at Baylor

- TCU at Oklahoma State | Texas Tech at West Virginia
- Oklahoma at Kansas | Iowa State at Baylor

Iowa State (1-4) at Baylor (5-0) Oct. 19 7:00, ESPNU

Why You Should Give A Hoot: Baylor is still undefeated. The Kansas State win might have been rocky, but it was still a double-digit win against a fired up and desperate team on the road. Just because it wasn't a 70-point performance, that doesn't mean this is a weakening team by any stretch. With Iowa State this week and Kansas up next, be shocked if the Bears aren't 7-0 before the sports world focuses on Waco for the Oklahoma showdown on Thursday, November 7th. First, Iowa State isn't going to go down quietly. The Cyclones had Texas in big trouble and lost by seven at Texas Tech, but they're 1-4. They're better than 1-4, with all four losses winnable, but they're still 1-4. It's possible for this to be the Big 12 Game of the Week if ISU doesn't get blown away early on.

Why Iowa State Might Win: Everyone is going to hold the ball longer than Baylor, but Iowa State really, really has to control the clock and the tempo. The defense doesn't have the talent to keep up with Baylor or slow down the offense on a regular basis, but the offense is grinding. The O doesn't turn the ball over, it's good at milking the clock when needed, and it's not bad when it comes to going on the long drive to make up for problems on the other side of the ball. However …

Why Baylor Might Win: That didn't mean a whole heck of a lot against Texas Tech. The Red Raiders actually won the time of possession and cranked up the yards and points – Iowa State was still in for the fight, though. Iowa State just doesn't have the firepower to keep up, and it certainly doesn't have the defense to keep the Bears in check. Last in the Big 12 in total defense, the Cyclones aren't slowing anyone down, much less the nation's No. 1 attack. Baylor might have a quick strike attack, but it can keep things moving by hitting third down play after third down play, too.

Who To Watch Out For: Bryce Petty has still only thrown one interception. The Baylor quarterback has thrown for 312 yards or more in every game, that 312 was the low mark against Wofford when he wasn't needed for most of the 69-3 blowout. Hitting 70% of his passes and averaging a ridiculous 14.8 yards per attempt, he has been as efficient and as effective as any quarterback in college football. Soon, the world will start paying more attention.

What Will Happen: Being plucky won't be enough for Iowa State. Baylor will fire at will with yet another offensive explosion.

Prediction: Baylor 52 … Iowa State 27
Line: Baylor -31.5 o/u: 75
Must See Rating: (5 Bad Grandpa – 1 Vanilla Ice Goes Amish) … 2.5
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