Week 11 - Kansas at Oklahoma State

Posted Nov 7, 2013

Week 11 Big 12 Fearless Predictions & Preview - Kansas at Oklahoma State

Kansas (2-6) at Oklahoma State (7-1) Nov. 9 4:00, FOX Sports 1

Why You Should Give A Hoot: That's the Oklahoma State team everyone has been waiting for. The passing game is still a bit of a question mark, but the offense has kicked things into high gear after a sluggish first half of the season, ripping up Iowa State for 58 points and shocking Texas Tech in a 52-34 win for two straight key road wins. Now it's time for a bit of a breather before making one big final push for the Big 12 title. Win out – beating Texas, Baylor and Oklahoma in a brutal finishing kick – and it's on to Tempe.

Kansas is looking for something positive – anything positive – and it needs to at least come close and be more competitive. The Jayhawks haven't come within double digits of anyone over the last five games, with the win over Louisiana Tech seeming like it came a lifetime ago. Fortunately, the relatively light portion of the Big 12 schedule is up next, but going to Stillwater could finally put an end to the pie-in-the-sky bowl dreams.

Why Kansas Might Win: The Oklahoma State secondary can be beaten, but on short-to-midrange shots. Kansas doesn't throw the forward pass with any semblance of skill, but it has to try with the Cowboys getting lit up from time to time, allowing 425 yards to TCU last week and giving up 190 yards or more in every game this season except for the with win over Lamar. With nothing to lose, the Jayhawks have to start taking some more chances and more shots down the field. This is the game to do it. KU hasn't thrown a pick in any of the last three games, but …

Why Oklahoma State Might Win: The offense has no chance to keep up with the Oklahoma State attack. Kansas might try to take a few chances, but that might not matter much for an offense that struggles way too much to crank up 300 yards. The Jayhawk O just can't seem to function down the field and doesn't have the ability to take the deep shots needed against a Cowboy secondary that gives up lots of yards, but not deep. A few early scores in the first quarter could and should take KU out of its comfort zone, but just about everything pushes this O out of that. The Jayhawks have no ability to come back.

Who To Watch Out For: Does Kansas have any targets left? Leading receiver, Tony Pierson is trying to get past a concussion, while Andrew Turzilli is out. Tre Parmalee is also out and Rodriguez Coleman is trying to get over a knee injury. Jake Heaps is having enough problems making the KU offense go, but last week against Texas was his first without a touchdown pass – he might have a tough time cranking up anything great.

What Will Happen: Oklahoma State can call its shot and should be able to coast in the second half on the way to another blowout, easy win. However, the quarterback play still won't be quite how it's supposed to look.

Prediction: Oklahoma State 52 … Kansas 17
Line: Oklahoma State -31 o/u: 54
Must See Rating: (5 The Wolf of Wall Street – 1 Ass Backwards) … 1.5
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