CFN 2013 Final Rankings - The Bottom 25
Posted Jan 12, 2014

Which teams had the best seasons and who deserves to be ranked where? Forgetting the opinion side of the equation, here's our annual ranking of the teams based on the CFN Season Ranking Formula. We start off with the bottom 26 teams. Next week ... the 2011 Pre-Preseason Rankings.

CFN 2013 Final Rankings

No. 101 to No. 125

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The Formula's Components: 
1. Wins. - If you win, everything else falls into place. Each win counts as 1.
2. Quality Wins - The number of wins over teams that finished with a winning record. Each win counts as 1.
3. Elite Wins - The number of wins over teams that finished with two losses or fewer. Each win counts as 1 with a road win over an Elite team getting an extra 0.5. Also counting as 1 is a road win over a team that finished with three losses or fewer (but the extra 0.5 isn't added). A win over a team that finishes with three losses in a bowl game counts as one.
4. Bad Loss - The number of losses to teams that finished with three wins or fewer or a loss to a FCS (DI-AA) team. Each loss counts as minus-1. Take away an additional 0.5 for a Bad Loss at home.
5. Bad Win - The number of wins to teams that finished with three wins or fewer, or a win over a D-IAA team. Each win counts as minus 0.25. 
6. Elite Loss - The number of losses to teams that finished with two losses or fewer. Each loss counts as 0.25.
7. Point Differential - Points for minus points against divided by 100. 
8. Winning Percentage - To take losses into account, winning percentage is in the mix. Total wins is the tie-breaker followed by winning percentage.

Remember, these rankings are based on how good the seasons were overall, and NOT based on how good the team might have been.

125. Georgia State (0-12)
2013 CFN Season Score: -6.40
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 125
2012 CFN Season Ranking: Not Ranked

The Panthers got better as the year went on, and played a few tough games, but losses to Samford, UT-Chattanooga and Jacksonville State early on were season killers. Close didn't count late in close losses to Texas State and Arkansas State, but the offense started to work better.

124.FIU (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -5.94
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 115
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 103

The one-point win over a miserable Southern Miss team was the lone highlight for a team that got mercy ruled in a 72-0 loss to Louisville and got blown out by double digits by everyone but USM and UAB. The offense only scored more than 13 points twice – against USM and UAB.

123.Miami University (0-12)
2013 CFN Season Score: -5.11
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 118
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 90

The season was a total disaster from the start and didn't get any better, firing Don Treadwell after an 0-5 start. Only FIU was as bad at scoring with the RedHawk attack never coming up with more than 17, and now the program is on a 16-game losing streak. Why isn't the ranking lower? Only two bad losses with one to Kentucky and the other to UMass.

122. Southern Miss (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -2.98
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 111
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 124

It'll be interesting to see what kind of an attitude the team has going forward. The offense was among the worst in the country all year long before exploding in a cathartic 62-27 win over UAB to close out the year and end a 23-game winning streak. The once-dominant Conference USA star lost at home to FIU, and didn't come close against anyone else but Texas State in the opener. The D gave up 55 points or more five times.

121. Massachusetts (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -4.48
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 122
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 117

It's a process under Charley Molnar has he tries to make UMass a MAC power by building from the ground up. Along the way, it's a difficult fight losing to Maine at home and with the lone win coming against a woeful Miami University. The home loss to Western Michigan was particularly galling, but the biggest overall issue was an offense that managed just 35 points over the first five games.

120. Idaho (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -3.85
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 124
2012 CFN Season Ranking:121

The season in independent purgatory before going off to the Sun Belt was a rough one, but there were moments. The win over Temple wasn't anything to get excited about, but the Vandals gave Northern Illinois a battle. The 80-14 loss to Florida State was bad, but the season-finale loss to New Mexico State was a disaster for a team with the nation's worst scoring D. Idaho gave up 40 points or more in every game but three.

119. UTEP (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -3.44
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 112
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 106

The Miners were supposed to be in for a rough season, and things were even tougher than expected with the lone wins coming against New Mexico State and FIU and with bad losses at home to New Mexico and Tulsa. Going on the road for five of the final six games didn't help the cause, but there weren't any out-of-the-blue good wins for a team whose offense went dead cold – scoring seven points or fewer over a stretch of four games in five – over the second half of the year.

118. Western Michigan (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -3.36
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 100
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 101

Out of all the tough first years by several new head coaches, no one had a rougher go than P.J. Fleck, with a non-existent defense and a floundering offense. The hindsight highlight was giving Michigan State a rough time in the season opener, but all the hopes were wiped away immediately with a home loss to Nicholls State. The lone victory over UMass helped a little bit, but that was blown away the week after with a loss to Eastern Michigan. Three of the losses were by five points or fewer.

117. New Mexico State (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -2.84
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 123
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 123

The program is in a building period, not a rebuilding one, but closing out the season with a win over Idaho, and with a decent showing against Boston College in early November, there's a little bit of promise. The bad losses to UTEP, New Mexico hurt, and the two wins coming against miserable teams – Abilene Christian and Idaho – a problem, but the offense got better as the year went on and the team became more competitive.

116. Temple (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -2.42
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 98
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 97

Life in the American/Big East hasn't been good over the last two years. The season ended on a high note with a win over Memphis, and it took a late desperation drive for UCF to get out of Philadelphia with a 39-36 victory, but a home loss to Fordham and losses to Idaho and UConn were all winnable games that could've changed the season. There were several tight games with four games decided by four points or fewer, but it wasn't the stepping stone year expected.

115. Eastern Michigan (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -2.24
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 121
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 115

The wins came over Howard in the opener and late against a one-win Western Michigan team – that's only part of the reason why Ron English isn't the head coach at EMU anymore. The defense was a nightmare, giving up 42 points or more in nine games and 50 or more six games. All ten losses were by 18 points or more including a 50-25 bad loss to Army.

114. Louisiana Tech (4-8)
2013 CFN Season Score: -2.02
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 90
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 37

It was one of the biggest drops of any team, going from a terrific 2012 under Sonny Dykes to a miserable first year under Skip Holtz. And why? The offense was a shadow of its former self, and while there was some rebuilding to do, the O should've been better than scoring 16 points or fewer in eight games. All four wins were against the miserable, beating Lamar, UTEP and one-loss FIU and Southern Miss teams. The bad losses to NC State, Kansas, Army and Tulsa killed the season score.

113. UAB (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.93
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 114
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 107

The Blazer offense was okay, but the defense was a nightmare allowing 52 points or more six times and giving 63 to East Carolina and 62 to Southern Miss in the final three weeks. The two lonely wins came against Northwestern State and a one-win FIU, but the offense helped save the ranking from dropping into the abyss. On the positive side, three of the losses to decent teams – Troy, Rice and Middle Tennessee – were each by three points.

112. Connecticut (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.91
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 64
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 77

A complete and utter disaster under Paul Pasqualoni, the Huskies were blown out by Towson 33-18 at home to open things up, and it didn't get any better. The late choke against Michigan turned out to be the highlight until Pasqualoni was fired, and then the team found its groove late winning its last three games. Out of the nine losses, the Michigan and South Florida games were the only ones closer than double digits.

111. California (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.42
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 70
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 96

The Sonny Dykes offense was like a big budget film with a plot that went nowhere. The O put up a ton of yards per game, but they didn't result in enough points in blowout after blowout. The defense couldn't stop anyone, and the team got stuck in blowout after blowout – the win over Portland State and the 33-28 loss to Arizona were the only two games decided by fewer than 14 points. However, the schedule wasn't a walk in the park with eight losses to teams that finished with winning records and five of those to teams that finished with double-digit win totals.

110. Purdue (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.19
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 58
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 80

Northwestern might have been the Big Ten's biggest clunker, but Purdue had the worse season with the lone win against Indiana State a 20-14 dogfight and nine of the 11 losses – the 31-24 loss to Notre Dame and 20-16 loss to Illinois the exceptions – turning into ugly blowouts. The offense scored a grand total of seven points in the month of October and was shut out by Ohio State to start November. There weren't any bad losses, and nine of the defeats came to teams that finished with seven wins or more.

109. South Florida (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.11
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 71
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 91

Willie Taggart's first season was even worse than Skip Holtz's 2012. The Bulls started out bad with a tone-setting 53-21 loss to McNeese State at home, and the offense didn't get appreciably better scoring under 20 points in seven games. The win over Cincinnati was the big positive shocker, followed up by a win over UConn, but there wasn't any momentum going forward with a six-game losing streak to close things out. There's hope – the Bulls pushed UCF in a 23-20 loss, but there wasn't any consistency.

108. Army (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.11
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 113
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 116

The Rich Ellerson came to a close with an offense that couldn't come up with enough steady points and couldn't crank out the wins, beating Morgan State in the opener and only getting by woeful Louisiana Tech and Eastern Michigan squads. Losing to Temple, Air Force and Hawaii was bad, but getting blown out by Navy 34-7 was the nail in the coffin. Seven of the losses were by double digits.

107. Air Force (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: -1.03
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 87
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 86

Almost every year, we predict that Air Force is going to take a step back with all the changes in personnel and all the turnover, and almost every year, we get yelled at for not realizing how the program reloads under Troy Calhoun. Not this season. Struggling too much against Colgate – in a 38-13 win that was closer than the final score – should've been the tip-off. The defense was a disaster, and the offense sputtered after quarterback Jaleel Awini was suspended. The win over Army was the long bright spot.

106. Hawaii (1-11)
2013 CFN Season Score: -0.28
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 91
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 108

It's not going well for the Norm Chow era. The saving grace this year was an offense that kept games close, but there wasn't much to get excited about going 0-11 before beating Army in the season finale. The defense gave up 30 points or more in every game, with the best outing coming in the opener against USC. The hard luck Warriors lost five games by a touchdown or less.

105. Iowa State (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: 0.41
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 68
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 61

It seems like every year, Iowa State comes up with a few shocking wins it shouldn't to get into bowl contention. It had one on the doorstep against Texas, but a bad call kept the season from taking a big turn early on. Instead, it sparked a run of seven straight losses with a 71-7 squeaker to Baylor and a 41-7 nail-biter against Kansas State along the way. An opening day loss at home to Northern Iowa started things off with a thud, but the Cyclones closes well with the offense ripping up Kansas and West Virginia.

104. Kansas (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: 0.52
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 69
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 114

After losing a slew of close games in 2012, Kansas was supposed to be on the right side of more games in the second year of the Charlie Weis era. Instead, after a 2-1 start, the offense crashed and the defense couldn't pick up the slack with only a win over West Virginia the rest of the way. The program is 2-40 in its last 42 Big 12 games, and unlike last year, this time around, there weren't any close losses getting blasted by double digits except for the nine point loss to Rice.

103. Memphis (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: 1.14
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 105
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 99

The Tigers suffered from bad losses to Temple and Connecticut in the final two games to kill what was growing into a promising season. They pushed Louisville in a seven point loss, they battled well in a 24-17 loss to UCF, and loses to Duke and Cincinnati didn't seem too bad in hindsight. Beating Arkansas State 31-7 was the highlight, but that was early on. There's hope, even with the dud of a finish.

102. Kentucky (2-10)
2013 CFN Season Score: 1.39
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 57
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 100

Mark Stoops was able to come up with a win over a winless Miami University, and beat Alabama State, and … that's about it. It wasn't an easy slate with nasty games against Louisville, South Carolina, Alabama and Missouri, but there weren't even any close calls with the exception of a 28-22 battle against Mississippi State. Was the season a dud because the Wildcats played in the SEC? Maybe, but there's hope with a strong recruiting class on the way.

101. New Mexico (3-9)
2013 CFN Season Score: 1.55
2013 CFN Preview Preseason Ranking: 108
2012 CFN Season Ranking: 102

Bob Davie's team didn't make any improvement after a promising 4-9 2012. The defense fell apart, giving up a whopping 513 points including 66 to Colorado State and 69 to Fresno State in back-to-back weeks, and allowed 35 or more in every game but two – the opener against UTSA and the 66-17 win over New Mexico State. There might not have been any bad losses, but all three wins were against the two-win teams.