3 Recruiting Q&As: Florida, Ga Tech & More

Posted Jan 20, 2014

The Scout publishers from Florida, Boise State, Arkansas, Ball State and Georgia Tech give the inside info on the recruiting season.

3 Recruiting Questions With Scout Publishers
- Alabama, Duke, Idaho
- Auburn, Hawaii, Illinois

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1) What is Will Muschamp doing this recruiting class to help out the offense?

Bob Redman, FightingGators.com - The main thing is speed. He is trying to add speed after a few years of making size the determining factor. The spread offense has now opened the door for more Florida-like talent and the recruiting in this area should be better. We are seeing some smaller receivers and running back, but the guys are really quick. And, we are seeing the staff go after a few athletes at quarterback, guys that may be run first, instead of the drop-back style of quarterback they have targeted.

2) Are recruits worried about Muschamp's hot seat status?

We have heard very little about that, and the one guy that actually mentioned it, Jalen Tabor, actually flipped to the Gators last week and is enrolled in classes already.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to fill?

The Gators need to fill up on the offensive line. They have only nine returning players up front and would like 16 to 17 on roster. They have done a good job so far with five commitments, and three already enrolled after graduating mid-semester. They would like to get a few more in this class.

Boise State
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1) Did the program need a fresh approach, and has new head coach Bryan Harsin been able to hit the ground running?

Kevin Hiatt, BroncoCountry.com - I think it was simply time for a change. An analogy - when you reach a plateau in your workouts, the only way to break through is to change up your routine and do something new, physically, as a shock to the system that can propel you further. Boise State had reached an incredible plateau with success, wins and name recognition, but it was a plateau all the same. The influx of new coaches, new energy, new blood has caused a shock to the system that has the entire fan base and the city of Boise electric with new energy. Coach Harsin came in fired up and the momentum has only grown. He brought in a group of coaches that are mostly former players, and their commitment to the program is evident in their excitement. It's all snowballed into one of the most hyped off-seasons in recent Boise State history.

2) Even with all the success, is Boise State getting a better class of player than it did five years ago? Ten years ago?

Unquestionably yes. The class of player Boise State has been able to go after and land has never been better. Boise State's 2014 recruiting class has its first Top-100 commit in Dylan Sumner-Gardner, and even with the loss of former commits to schools like USC and Oklahoma, the caliber of recruit the coaches are openly pursuing has never been higher.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to fill?

Quarterback. Boise State only has two QB's that have taken D-I snaps - Grant Hedrick, Nick Patti - and only one – Hedrick - that has meaningful time behind center. One backup with very limited snaps - Nick Patti - and one QB coming off a redshirt season lost to injury - Ryan Finley. With only three scholarship QB's and no committed QB's, it is the main focus of both the coaches and fans.

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1) Is Bret Bielema getting the Hogs he needs up front to be the SEC version of Wisconsin?

Clay Henry, HawgsIllustrated.com - There seems to be a steady diet of talented offensive linemen in three straight classes, his first with Denver Kirkland and Dan Skipper. He has done it again this year with Brian Wallace, Sebastian Tretola and Jovan Pruitt. The 2015 class already has Zach Rogers and Colton Rogers in the offensive line.

2) At Wisconsin, Bielema was famous for "recruiting to a type," is he doing that, or is he getting SEC-caliber talents and athletes?

I don't get what "recruiting to a type" might mean. He does seems to be getting SEC-caliber athletes. 3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to fill?

The last needs that need filling in this class are linebackers and safeties. Arkansas has been void at those two spots of late and that has to be addressed with numbers and quality at the end.

Ball State
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1) How much have rumors about head coach Pete Lembo leaving hurt, or have they?

From Andrew Thorpe, BallStateInsider.com - At this point, they haven't hurt. I think, to a degree, the kids at the "mid-major" level know that head coaches, if successful, are likely to move up the ranks. With that being said, though, I think there could be longer term effects as the kids in future classes see this happen each year and begin to wonder about the commitment to the program that the head coach has.

2) Does a true freshman QB have a shot to fill in for Keith Wenning?

Not a true freshman, but a redshirt. All reports out of practice this fall are that Jack Milas, a true freshman who was redshirting and leading the scout team during the past season, has been looking very, very good and should be considered the front runner for the starting spot next season.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to fill?

I think the No. 1 need is the defensive line. The Cardinals are losing three starters in All-MAC DE Jon Newsome, All-MAC DT Nathan Ollie, as well as DT Joel Cox. There is some returning talent in DE Nick Miles - who will be a three-year starter next season - as well as DT Darnell Smith, but finding a capable DT & DE along with filling out the depth at these four spots will be crucial. I expect to see a lot out of redshirt freshmen Anthony Winbush and Daniel Garces at that hybrid RUSH OLB/DE spot that Newsome occupied along with Indiana transfer Adam Kranda at DE. In the middle, DT Carlu Zaramo will be slotted to start, but there is not a lot of tested depth after that. Hopefully the staff can add a late JUCO to the mix for depth.

Georgia Tech
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1) How has Paul Johnson's recruiting changed, if at all, from when he first started? Are recruits interested in playing in this attack?

Jonathan Leifheit, GoJackets.com - Coach Johnson has made some changes. First, there are more internal staff now than previously to help with recruiting. That was done last year, and the early returns are promising, but not concrete. Second, there has been a shift to try and pick up more recruits nationally. Georgia Tech has an outstanding reputation academically and the program is intending to capitalize on that. This shift has been gradual but it has paid some dividends - particularly in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

2) Has recruiting been easier or harder after a few years with Johnson's system? How much has the track record of NFL drafted receivers helped?

The difficulty hasn't really changed all that much. The track record of NFL receivers doesn't seem to have helped as much as you might expect, but it has given the staff concrete evidence that you can get to the NFL.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to fill?

Offensive line is the top priority and we see that reflected with a large number in this class - with 5-6 of the present commits slated for that position.

3 Recruiting Questions With Scout Publishers
- Alabama, Duke, Idaho
- Auburn, Hawaii, Illinois