3 Recruiting Q&As: Kansas, ECU, Miami Univ.

Posted Jan 21, 2014

3 Recruiting Q&As with Scout's Kansas, East Carolina, Miami University publishers

3 Recruiting Questions With Scout Publishers
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1) Does the Charlie Weis name and reputation carry any weight, or is it a burden after the lack of success?

Jimmy Chaves, Phog.net - I think it still carries some weight, but lack of success is probably starting to work against him. I would figure it would be my first point if I was recruiting against him. What he does have going for him is his brutal honesty. Kids love it. What you see is what you get. There are no mind games or misleading.

Above all though, I think he is one successful season away from gaining some serious traction because of all of the above. His name and reputation can really help him out, if he just has one tangible season to point and say "See!?! This is what we can accomplish." Kids will really buy in at that point.

2) How much has the success at Kansas State – again – put pressure on this recruiting season?

It'll always put pressure until Kansas stands up, fights back and starts winning. Until then, all Kansas is is talk. Meanwhile, you get to watch the Wildcats appear in postseason play and in the case of this year, come away victorious. On top of that, as long as Bill Snyder roams the K-State sidelines, you can count on consistency and reliability. Kansas must establish some continuity and consistency of their own. Problem is, historically when things have gotten going, they blow it apart. To be a serious player in football, they must emulate what Snyder has accomplished and build a tradition of their own.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to address?

I would think it's a tie. The Jayhawks need reliable, playmaking receivers, and they must establish a powerful and solid offensive line. Both units were the glaring weaknesses on last year's 3-9 team.

East Carolina
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1) Really, has being in the American Athletic for a recruiting cycle made any difference? Michael Clark, InsideECUSports.com - No doubt about it. While speaking with recruiting coordinator Donnie Kirkpatrick last week, he told me that ECU had more to sell in this particular recruiting cycle than any other one he's been a part of. This is due in large part to ECU's success on the field in 2013, which included wins against in-state opponents North Carolina and N.C. State, but upgrading a conference certainly makes the Pirates more appealing to higher-quality recruits.

2) Is Ruffin McNeill able to go head-to-head against the bigger boys for recruits?

I think he can. He has planted seeds in Florida and also has connections in the state of Texas. ECU's wins at UNC and N.C. State has made it more visible at home in N.C. recruiting. It will remain to be seen if McNeill can land larger recruits as the Pirates transition into the AAC.

3) What's the No. 1 need the team needs to address?

ECU will be losing three starting offensive lineman and three starters in the secondary. Those are the Pirates' primary concerns as they prepare for signing day and the spring session.

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1) Does the move to the Big Ten matter in any way this recruiting season?

Keith Cavanaugh, TerrapinTimes.com - Yes, it does, as the Terps were able to penetrate the Midwest with multiple commits for the first time in decades. There hasn't been such success since Ron Vanderlinden was the coach when he got guys like Kris Jenkins and others in his recruit classes. This year they got into Ohio with tight end Andrew Gray, and landed an OT from Texas, Brendan Moore, and were involved with others as they tried to tap into the market for the first time.

Dave Lomonico, TerrapinTimes.com - It does matter to a point. Most of the recruits Maryland has gotten or are going after cite the coaching staff, chance to play early, area, etc. as reasons for choosing/looking at the school. However, there are a couple, namely the Midwest guys like Andrew Gray, who want the chance to play in the Big Ten. It's always brought up and all the recruits do talk about it, but not many are picking Maryland just because of that.

2) What's Randy Edsall missing from his recruiting classes? Why hasn't Maryland turned the recruiting corner?

Keith Cavanaugh, TerrapinTimes.com - The Terps hope to finish strong with OT Damian Prince, who we still feel Maryland leads for, and they have indeed shored up their OL going forward into the BIG Ten with guys like Moore, Larry Mazyck, Derwin Gray and possibly Jared Cohen and Prince. The Terps still need to keep more locals home, and particularly galling was the loss of DB Jalen Tabor, who was seemingly a Terps verbal for six months and cheerleading on others to commit, only to commit to Arizona at the Under Armour Game only to flip to Florida a week later and completely drop the Terps. Hopefully the three new staff additions this month will enable the staff to recruit better as a whole.

Dave Lomonico, TerrapinTimes.com - Edsall doesn't like to play "the game" a whole lot with recruits. He takes a hard-line approach, lays it out there and you can take it or leave it. He needs to be a bit more energetic, fun, looser and i think that would play with more kids.

3) What's the No. 1 need the program needs to address with this recruiting class?

Keith Cavanaugh, TerrapinTimes.com - In their transition to the BIG Ten this June, Maryland needs to continue to address both lines in recruiting, as both still need elites and better depth, while they are pretty well set at the skill spots right now. Meanwhile, it would help to land an elite from states like Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey more regularly, as all are prime pickings for BIG Ten schools already, and Maryland has to do better in each.

Dave Lomonico, TerrapinTimes.com - Offensive line. UMD's line hasn't been good in years and moving to the Big Ten they need o-line depth in a big way. Right now, they're trying to get former commit Jared Cohen back on board and of course they're going hard after Damian Prince the four-star tackle.

Miami University
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1) How much did the midseason coaching change help with recruiting? Did it help to solidify things?

Adam Dietrich, RedHawksInsider.com - The midseason coaching change was good for recruiting because the interim coach, Mike Bath, is a charismatic Miami graduate. While he knew he likely wouldn't be involved in the new staff, his loyalty to his alma mater showed as he visited and re-secured many of the previous commits and even added a very impressive running back, Paul Moses from Central Catholic in Toledo.

2) The offense – is there ANY hope with this recruiting class?

It is very hard to recruit following an 0-12 season, but new head coach Chuck Martin, who served as Notre Dame's offensive coordinator in 2013, has done a good job at securing late targets and does have the opportunity to offer immediate playing time. Also, Martin did inherit a few commits that will address a critical need for the RedHawks - the offensive line. Expect Mack Duffin from Avon, IN and Mitch Palmer from St. Louis to add immediate depth on the offensive line as true freshmen this fall.

3) Besides the O in general, what's the No. 1 need the program needs to address with this recruiting class?

Unfortunately, the program has a lot of needs in 2014. The offensive line is probably the direst requisite for the RedHawks, and Martin has secured a few commits that look up to par there, but there are still numerous gaps across the depth chart. The defensive line and secondary graduated a few stalwarts so expect a few new faces taking on the potent MAC offenses next year. Given the late hire and Martin's emphasis on developing young talent, don't expect a major turnaround from the 2014 class, but a slow and steady improvement over the next few seasons.