Recruiting 2014 - SEC Team Rankings
LSU WR Malachi Dupre
LSU WR Malachi Dupre
Posted Feb 7, 2014

Ranking and analyzing all the SEC teams this 2014 recruiting season.

Recruiting 2014 

SEC Rankings

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1. Alabama | The Entire 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The Tide has to figure out how to deal with mobile quarterbacks, struggling against Johnny Manziel, Nick Marshall and Trevor Knight in two losses and a close call. The defense was its normal, dominant self against everyone's running game but Auburn's, but the secondary will receive special attention this offseason. The offense that has to replace AJ McCarron needs to convert better inside the red zone, coming away with points just 80% of the time.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. As if the class wasn't already one of the best in the Nick Saban era of tremendous recruiting hauls, there was a terrific little twist, stealing away No. 1 linebacker Rashaan Evans away from his hometown Auburn Tigers. The Tide came up with several players who would've been classmakers for just about anyone else, but they were just part of the haul for Saban. 

2. LSU | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The Tigers found something with the passing game last year – can the production continue without Zach Mettenberger and receivers Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Jr.? There were too many penalties and ramping up the offensive intensity for a full sixty minutes was a problem, but the defense has to go back to being a killer after allowing 44 points to Georgia and 38 to Alabama. The overall numbers were fine, but the defensive front has to be far stronger.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive backs. The Tigers stepped up late in the game to give an already great class a huge boost with DT Travonte Valentine and WR Malachi Dupre two of the best prospects in America in their respective positions coming in on Signing Day. Clifton Garrett is the nation's No. 1 middle linebacker prospect, and Jamal Adams is the top safety – both of them will be off to the NFL soon. Corner Edward Paris and safeties Devin Voorhies and John Battle are going to make an impact sooner than later. Of course, the class was made weeks ago holding on to RB Leonard Founette, the nation's No. 1 overall recruit, and getting QB Brandon Harris and TE Jacory Washington keeps the shelves stocked. 

3. Tennessee | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: There isn't a quarterback in the recruiting class, and now the Vols have to move on with a passing game that finished 109th in the nation overall and 111th in efficiency. The defense was fine considering the offense didn't provide much help, doing a great job against the pass to make up for a rocky run D. Even when the offense moved, there were problems putting up points scoring just 77% of the time in the red zone.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. The phenomenal class didn't pick up a quarterback, but it was epic everywhere else. The secondary is loaded with safeties Todd Kelly Jr., Cortez McDowell and twins Evan and Elliot Berry – Eric Berry's younger brothers – dominating the class, and with running backs Jalen Hurd and Derrell Scott along with receivers Josh Malone and JUCO transfer LaVon Pearson each big, talented targets. The anchor of the whopper of a haul is on the defensive front with Charles Mosley a huge defensive tackle prospect to work around, and ends Dewayne Hendrix and Derek Barnett two special talents for the outside. 

4. Texas A&M | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: While all the focus will be on the quarterback situation after the loss of Johnny Manziel, the key to the season is a defense that couldn't give up points and yards fast enough, finishing 109th in the nation in total D and 110th against the run. Manziel and the offense were able to bail out the team time and again, but the defense didn't hold up its end of the bargain early against Duke in the Chick-fil-A and in shootout losses to Alabama and Auburn. The D was an equal opportunity offender, giving up 222 rushing yards a game and 253 through the air.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... The passing game. Who doesn't want to be Kevin Sumlin's quarterback? He's trying to temper expectations, but Kyle Allen is the nation's best passing prospect, and Devonte Noil is the top receiver prospect. Add in Frank Ihenacho and Joshua Reynolds along with last year's great haul, and look out. Zach Ledwik will be the next great Aggie tackle with a little bit of time, and JUCO transfer Jermaine Eluemunor is good enough to push for time right away at guard. The defense was hardly ignored getting the nation's best defensive end, Myles Garrett, and Jarrett Johnson and Qualen Cunningham fast prospects who can do big things. The linebacking tandem of Otaro Alaka and Josh Walker can fly. Nick Harvey could be an SEC all-star corner. 

5. Georgia | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: Injuries kept the team from reaching its full potential. With all the problems keeping everyone in one piece, the problems coming up with takeaways were understandable. The passing game was great, and the offense did its part when Todd Gurley was close to full-tilt, but there defense didn't hold up its end of the bargain. The normally terrific Bulldog return game was a disaster averaging a pathetic 2.92 yards per punt return an 18.6 yards per kickoff return.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Landing DE Lorenzo Carter was a terrific Signing Day get to boost up a relatively soft class of defensive linemen, but the other side of the line is stronger landing guard Isaiah Wynn out of Florida and OT Kendall Baker and Dyshon Sims for the outside. A factor for running backs, Sony Michel is the next great one, and 6-3, 200-pound Jacob Park out of South Carolina is the main man for the near future. Jeb Blazevich has next level tight end potential. 

6. Florida | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: Staying healthy is Job One. If everyone can stay in one piece, all of a sudden things could be night-and-day different. Of course, the offense is going to get the most attention after the passing game went completely in the tank and the O averaged just 317 yards per game. Penalties are always an issue for Florida, and last year's team couldn't afford the almost 7.5 sins per game for 59 yards.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive back. The Gator defense will be stocked with DE Gerald Willis from New Orleans a next-level talent and with a terrific group of corners coming in led by Jalen Tabor our of Washington DC and Treon Harris, J.C. Jackson and Duke Dawson all very fast and very physical. 6-2, 323-pound Khairi Clark will clog up the interior. QB Will Grier might be needed sooner than later, but the rest of the skill prospects are just okay. OT David Sharpe out of Jacksonville might be the team's best offensive pickup.

7. Auburn | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The secondary has to be better. It was a disaster all season long, allowing 259 yards per game, and suffering late in the national championship loss to Florida State. The defense gave up too many first downs, and while it was great at times when it had to be, quarterbacks were able to do just about anything they wanted. Will defenses start to figure out the running game with an offseason to prepare? Nick Marshall needs the passing game to pick up the slack at times.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive line. Getting the nation's best guard – Braden Smith out of Kansas – sort of makes up for the embarrassing gaffe of losing out on local product, LB Rashaan Evans, to Alabama, but there were more than enough good parts to the puzzle to bring together a nice haul. Racean Thomas is the next great Tiger running back, and JUCO transfer D'haquille Williams will soon be the team's best target. It would've been nice to get Evans to pair up with Tre Williams, but the D should get along fine. JUCO transfer Derrick Moncrief will help out the secondary right away, and he'll be helped by a boosted up line led by JUCO transfers Davonte Lambert for the outside and Devaroe Lawrence for the interior. Ends Justin Thornton and Andrwe Williams are great pass rushing prospects.   

8. Kentucky | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The O has to do more to stay on the field, and the D has to do more to get off of it. The Wildcats went through some growing pains on offense averaging just 341 yards per game and scoring 17 points or fewer in each of the last four games. Moving the chains was next to impossible, converting a mere 31% of the time on third downs and holding on to the ball for just 28 minutes a game. The defense needs to get far tougher against the run.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive linemen. There aren't any big holes in the class – there's a little something for everywhere. An outstanding class was strongest up front on D where 340-pound Matthew Elam and JUCO transfer Cory Johnson could form the cornerstone of the line. DE Denzel Ware was a good pickup out of Florida, and Tymere Dubose should be a good pass rusher with a little bit of time. It's a big class with Drew Barker the quarterback of the near future and WR Thaddeus Snodgrass a terrific name with a better game. 

9. Ole Miss | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The youth has to mature. The Rebels were fine, but the offense sputtered in the red zone coming away with points just 74% of the time, and the defense that improved as the season went on could stand to stiffen a bit when teams get deep into territory. The team has too much speed and athleticism to not come up with more pop in the return game, coming up with just seven yards per punt return and 19.44 yards per kickoff return.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive line. It's not the whopper of a class like last year's, but it's still impressive with JUCO transfer Christian Russell at middle linebacker and the secondary loaded up with safety C.J. Hampton and corner Kendarius Webster. JUCO transfer Tee Shepard will get the call right away at corner – he's too good to keep off the field. As if getting Robert Nkemdiche last year wasn't enough, this year Hugh Freeze loaded up with tackles Breeland Speaks and Chris Williams for the interior and Garrald McDowell for the pass rush. Roderick Taylor is a keeper at guard – he'll be a starter soon – and JUCO transfer Akeem Judd will quickly be a part of the running back rotation. 

10. South Carolina | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: Everything about the punting game needs an upgrade. The Gamecocks averaged a woeful 34 yards per punt and an equally bad 3.77 yards per punt return. The kickoff return game wasn't a plus, either, averaging under 20 yards per try. The offense had a hard time putting together a full sixty minutes on a regular basis – kickoff to horn production each and every week would be nice.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive back. There isn't a Jadeveon Clowney, but there are several nice parts. The Gamecocks rallied late in the game with Signing Day pickups of corners Chris Lammons and Wesley Green, along with LB Bryson Allen-Williams and DT Dexter Wideman, to upgrade the class. Along with Green and Lammons, safety D.J. Smith was a good get out of Georgia, and Al Harris and Darin Smalls are solid speedsters. OG Donell Stanley is the best offensive recruit, but WR Shaquille Davidson might not be far behind. 

11. Missouri | The 2014 Recruiting Class 

Team Concerns For 2014: The secondary was talented enough, but it allowed way too many yards. The run defense was the issue against Auburn, but that was an anomaly – giving up 265 yards per game through the air was the biggest issue for a D that gave up 418 yards per outing. Even with the great pass rush, the secondary struggled and allowed too many first downs. The punt return game could stand to be a bit stronger.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Wide receivers. The Tigers came up with a few good, late signings to help improve, considering the great 2013 season, a relatively underwhelming class. The receiving corps looks like a Mizzou receiving corps with lots of size and lots of talent for the high-octane passing attack. 6-3, 210-pound Nate Brown out of Georgia is terrific, and there's a boatload of other good options to play around with. The secondary is the strength of the defense with Raymond Wingo a big shutdown corner out of St. Louis and JUCO transfer Kenya Dennis ready to step in and provide instant dept at one safety spot. 

12. Arkansas | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The Hogs have to get the offense rolling. The running game was fine, but there wasn't any semblance of a passing attack averaging just 149 yards per game and not generating much of anything down the field. The defense got picked apart time and again, giving up big play after big play – the offense couldn't bail the team out. The Hogs finished 102nd in the nation in first downs, coming up with just 222 – big part of the nine-game losing streak to close things out.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Offensive linemen. Getting CB JoJo Robinson on Signing Day didn't exactly save Bret Bielema's class, but it provided a big boost. It's all relative – this was a great haul of talent, but it just doesn't compare to several other great classes in the SEC West. The defensive front landed an anchor in 6-2, 330-pound space-eater Bijhon Jackson, but the secondary is the strength of the D with Robinson the best of a talented and promising lot. Bielema got his running backs last year, and now he's loading up on blockers to pave the way with tackles Brian Wallace and Jovan Pruitt for the outside and 6-6, 285-pound Frank Ragnow a blaster for the interior. 

13. Mississippi State | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The Bulldogs have to start scoring on a more consistent basis. The quarterback situation is now firmly settled, and the production ash to come after almost never coming up with the same performance week in and week out. The punt return game has to help out Dak Prescott and the O after averaging just 3.63 yards per pop, but more than anything else, the points have to come after scoring fewer than 28 eight times.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Running back. The quarterback situation of the future is being addressed with Elijah Staley a 6-7, 205-pound passer and Nick Fitzgerald a potentially good backup option, and the receiving corps is getting help with Jamoral Graham leading the way, but the running backs are the stars led by Areis Williams, a 6-0, 208-pound workhorse leading the way. Dan Mullen landed a nice group of linebackers getting Gerri Green and Deshon Cooper on the outside, and JUCO transfer Will Coleman will see time early on at one end. 

14. Vanderbilt | The 2014 Recruiting Class

Team Concerns For 2014: The Commodores didn't get enough on the ground under James Franklin, averaging just 139 yards per game and not doing enough to control games with the offensive front. That proved to be a problem with way too many third-and-long situations and not enough conversions, moving the chains just 33% of the time. The return game was a disaster, averaging just 3.83 yards per punt return and 19.38 yards per kickoff try.

The 2014 Class Is Heavy On ... Defensive line. The Commodores rallied late with a huge signing of Nifae Lealao out of Sacramento for the defensive front and Sekou Clark for the outside, but it was a rough session with James Franklin working his recruits to get them to Happy Valley. Bruno Reagan committed just before Signing Day, giving Vandy another good defensive tackle prospect. Safety Emmanuel Smith is the star of the class with next-level speed and great size, leading a deep group of defensive backs. New head coach Derek Mason signed three quarterbacks led by Ronald Monroe out of Texas.