2014 Big 12 Schedule Breakdown

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Breakdowns, analysis and predictions for all the Big 12 schedules. - Baylor to Oklahoma

2014 Big 12 Schedules

Baylor to Oklahoma

Baylor | Iowa State | Kansas | Kansas State | Oklahoma
Oklahoma State | Texas | TCUTexas Tech | West Virginia

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Toughest Schedules
Based on home games as well as who the teams play. when. From toughest to easiest ...
1. West Virginia
2. Oklahoma State
3. Texas
4. Oklahoma
5. Kansas State
6. Iowa State
7. Texas Tech
8. Kansas
9. TCU
10. Baylor

Non-Conference Games: SMU, Northwestern State, at Buffalo
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 9-3

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: SMU, Northwestern State, at Buffalo, at Iowa State, TCU, at West Virginia, Kansas, Texas Tech

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Texas, at Oklahoma, Oklahoma State

Summary: Now the Bears are going to be the hunted instead of the hunter – this isn't your older brother's Baylor team. Even so, there shouldn't be any problems with the non-conference schedule starting out with a shootout against SMU before getting a scrimmage against Northwestern State before travelling to Buffalo for an odd non-conference road trip. Getting a week off after a 3-0 start should be a positive before diving into conference play.

Fortunately, two of the potentially easiest Big 12 games – Iowa State and West Virginia – are on the road, but that means there can't be a slip-up. Beat the Cyclones, and then it's up to the Texas road game as the key – if the Bears are good enough to beat the Longhorns on the road, they'll be good enough to beat TCU, West Virginia and Kansas to go 8-0 before going to Oklahoma. Getting Oklahoma State and Texas Tech at home after a week off is a major bonus.

2014 Schedule
8/30 SMU
9/6 NW State
9/13 at Buffalo
9/27 at Iowa State
10/4 at Texas
10/11 TCU
10/18 at West Virginia
11/1 Kansas
11/8 at Oklahoma
11/22 at Oklahoma State
11/29 Texas Tech (in Arlington)
12/6 Kansas State

Iowa State

Non-Conference Games: North Dakota State, at Iowa, Toledo
Realistic Best Case Record: 6-6
Worst Case Record: 2-10
Likely Finish: 3-9

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: North Dakota State, Toledo, West Virginia

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Kansas State, at Iowa, Baylor, at Oklahoma State, at Texas, Oklahoma, at Kansas, Texas Tech, at TCU

Summary: The Cyclones aren't going to be more talented than anyone else, so they have to catch teams napping. The big problem is the lack of sure-thing non-conference wins. North Dakota State – even with a coaching change – is hardly a layup, and Toledo should be among the best teams in the MAC. Throw in the road game at Iowa, and it wouldn't be a total shocker if Iowa State started out the season 0-3.

Can the Cyclones catch Kansas State napping? It's an early game in Jack Trice, and it might need to be a must-win – they can't give away home games. Will an open date help before facing Baylor? With Oklahoma State, Toledo and Texas to follow, it's a rough run before the next week off before dealing with Oklahoma. It's a long year, but there's another week off in mid-November before a manageable finishing kick with Texas Tech, West Virginia and TCU to close.

2014 Schedule
8/30 North Dakota State
9/6 Kansas State
9/13 at Iowa
9/27 Baylor
10/4 at Oklahoma State
10/11 Toledo
10/18 at Texas
11/1 Oklahoma
11/8 at Kansas
11/22 Texas Tech
11/29 West Virginia
12/6 at TCU


Non-Conference Games: SE Missouri State, at Duke, Central Michigan
Realistic Best Case Record: 5-7
Worst Case Record: 1-11
Likely Finish: 3-9

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: SE Missouri State, Central Michigan, Iowa State

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: at Duke, Texas, at West Virginia, Oklahoma State, at Texas Tech, at Baylor, TCU, at Oklahoma, at Kansas State

Summary: Normally, a non-conference game against Duke would be chalked up as a must-win, but not anymore. Starting out against SE Missouri State is good, facing Central Michigan at home is a positive, but if the Jayhawks can't win at Duke, it could be next to impossible to finish up bowl eligible.

Starting the season on September 6th is a problem – there's only one bye week. There isn't a break until late October, starting out with seven straight games, and it's going to be a rough run with back-to-back road games at Texas Tech and Baylor wrapped around a week off, and it stinks to close out the year on the road at Oklahoma and Kansas State. There are only two home games from October 11th on, and the KU has to take advantage of dates against Iowa State and TCU.

2014 Schedule
9/6 SE Missouri State
9/13 at Duke
9/20 Central Michigan
9/27 Texas
10/4 at West Virginia
10/11 Oklahoma State
10/18 at Texas Tech
11/1 at Baylor
11/8 Iowa State
11/15 TCU
11/22 at Oklahoma
11/29 at Kansas State

Kansas State

Non-Conference Games: Stephen F. Austin, Auburn, UTEP
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 6-6

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Stephen F. Austin, at Iowa State, UTEP, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Kansas

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Auburn, at Oklahoma, Texas, at TCU, at Baylor, at West Virginia

Summary: An SEC is going on the road to play a nasty non-conference road game against a BCS team? Auburn is coming into Bill Snyder Family for a huge, national-splash date after the Wildcats get a week off to prepare, but there's work to do before getting to the big showdown. Kansas State will be the FCSer this time around, starting out against Stephen F. Austin, and starts out the Big 12 season with a road game at Iowa State for the only road game until October 18th.

The second of three open dates comes at the right time with at Oklahoma, Texas, Oklahoma and at TCU in a rough mid-to-late season run before getting a week off to rest up for a three week final run of at West Virginia, Kansas and at Baylor, which doesn't seem that bad, but three of the last four games are away from Manhattan.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Stephen F. Austin
9/6 at Iowa State
9/18 Auburn
9/27 UTEP
10/4 Texas Tech
10/18 at Oklahoma
10/25 Texas
11/1 Oklahoma State
11/8 at TCU
11/22 at West Virginia
11/29 Kansas
12/6 at Baylor


Non-Conference Games: Louisiana Tech, at Tulsa, Tennessee
Realistic Best Case Record: 12-0
Worst Case Record: 8-4
Likely Finish: 10-2

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Louisiana Tech, at Tulsa, Tennessee, at West Virginia, at TCU, Kansas State, at Iowa State, Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma State

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Texas, at Texas Tech

Summary: It's an interesting non-conference slate if Louisiana Tech and Tulsa are better. If both are back to their 2012 form, they'll be more than just speed bumps before OU hosts a rejuvenated Tennessee in the first meeting since the 1968 Orange Bowl – a 26-24 Sooner win.

Facing the Vols is a tough enough test, and then OU is away from Gaylord Family for most of the next six weeks starting the Big 12 slate at West Virginia, at TCU and against Texas in Dallas. The off-weeks are well-timed with an open date before going to TCU and before the final month. Going to Iowa State and Texas Tech isn't that bad and getting Baylor and Oklahoma State at home should help late in the year. Three of the last four games are at home, making up for the one home date between September 13th and early November 8th.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Louisiana Tech
9/6 at Tulsa
9/13 Tennessee
9/20 at West Virginia
10/4 at TCU
10/11 Texas (Dallas)
10/18 Kansas State
11/1 at Iowa State
11/8 Baylor
11/15 at Texas Tech
11/22 Kansas
11/29 or 12/6 Oklahoma State