2014 Big 12 Schedule Breakdown - OSU to WVU

Posted Feb 12, 2014

Breakdowns, analysis and predictions for all the Big 12 schedules. - Oklahoma State to West Virginia

2013 Big 12 Schedules

Ok State to WVU

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 Oklahoma State

Non-Conference Games: Florida State, Missouri State, UTSA
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 6-6
Likely Finish: 8-4

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Missouri State, UTSA, Texas Tech, Iowa State, at Kansas, at TCU, West Virginia, Texas

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Florida State, at Kansas State, at Baylor, at Oklahoma

Summary: Yippee – a rebuilding Cowboy team has to open the season with the defending national champions. Starting out against Florida State might be rough, but playing Missouri State and UTSA is an easy way to get into the rest of the season, getting a week off before diving into Big 12 play against Texas Tech on a Thursday night.

Considering the game against the Seminoles is in Arlington, OSU doesn't play a true road game until mid-October, and while three road dates in four weeks might seem rough, the stretch starts off against Kansas and TCU. There's a week off after going to Kansas State, and the Cowboys will need it with Texas, at Baylor and at Oklahoma to close things out, meaning they'll finish the season playing five road games in the final seven.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Florida State
9/6 Missouri State
9/13 UTSA
9/25 Texas Tech
10/4 Iowa State
10/11 at Kansas
10/18 at TCU
10/25 West Virginia
11/1 at Kansas State
11/15 Texas
11/22 at Baylor
11/29 or 12/6 at Oklahoma


Non-Conference Games: North Texas, BYU, UCLA (in Arlington)
Realistic Best Case Record: 10-2
Worst Case Record: 7-5
Likely Finish: 9-3

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: North Texas, BYU, at Kansas, Baylor, Oklahoma, Iowa State, at Texas Tech, West Virginia, TCU

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: UCLA, at Kansas State, at Oklahoma State

Summary: Which Texas team will show up under Charlie Strong? Who knew the Longhorns would be so miserable against BYU? They'll get their shot in the rematch in Austin after starting out the year against North Texas, and then comes the real test facing a loaded UCLA team in Arlington.

It would've been nice to get a week off somewhere in the middle of the season, but instead Texas gets a break after UCLA and before a layup at Kansas. Baylor comes to Darrell K. Royal and Iowa State is part of the first part of the Big 12 slate, but with the showdown against Oklahoma in Dallas, there are only two home games between October 4th and Thanksgiving weekend. Three road games come in four weeks – going to Kansas State, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State – before getting a week off to rest up for TCU.

2014 Schedule
8/30 North Texas
9/6 BYU
9/13 UCLA (in Arlington)
9/27 at Kansas
10/4 Baylor
10/11 Oklahoma (Dallas)
10/18 Iowa State
10/25 at Kansas State
11/1 at Texas Tech
11/8 West Virginia
11/15 at Oklahoma State
11/27 TCU


Non-Conference Games: Samford, Minnesota, at SMU
Realistic Best Case Record: 9-3
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 6-6

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Samford, Minnesota, at SMU, Texas Tech, at Kansas, Iowa State

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Oklahoma, at Baylor, Oklahoma State, at West Virginia, Kansas State, at Texas

Summary: It's a ragged start to the season with Samford to kick things off before getting a week off to get ready for Minnesota. That's followed up by an unnecessary off-week before a big run of eight straight games without a break starting with a short trip to SMU.

The Horned Frogs don't leave the state of Texas until November 1st, getting three Big 12 home games in the first four starting with Oklahoma and hosting Oklahoma State and Texas Tech wrapped around a road game at Baylor. However, that's followed up by three road games in the next four, going to West Virginia, Kansas and Texas – but with a week off to rest up for the Thanksgiving weekend game against the Longhorns. A win against Iowa State at home to close things out shouldn't be a problem.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Samford
9/13 Minnesota
9/27 at SMU
10/4 Oklahoma
10/11 at Baylor
10/18 Oklahoma State
10/25 Texas Tech
11/1 at West Virginia
11/8 Kansas State
11/15 at Kansas
11/27 at Texas
12/6 Iowa State

Texas Tech

Non-Conference Games: Central Arkansas, at UTEP, Arkansas
Realistic Best Case Record: 8-4
Worst Case Record: 5-7
Likely Finish: 6-6

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Central Arkansas, at UTEP, West Virginia, Kansas, Oklahoma, at Iowa State

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Arkansas, at Oklahoma State, at Kansas State, at TCU, Texas, Baylor

Summary: It's not going to be like years past when the Red Raiders could load up early and hang on late unless they can get by Arkansas at home. Starting out against Central Arkansas and UTEP should be good warm-ups, but the Hogs are much stronger this year. There's a week off after dealing with Bret Bielema's club, and Tech is going to need it.

The Big 12 schedule starts out at Oklahoma State on a Thursday and is followed up by Kansas State. On the plus side, that gets two road games out of the way with just two true road games – TCU and Iowa State – the rest of the way. However, the season finale against Baylor is in Arlington. Getting Texas and Oklahoma in back-to-back November games, and wrapped around a week off, should be interesting, but the date with the Sooners on November 15th is the last one in Lubbock.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Central Arkansas
9/6 at UTEP
9/13 Arkansas
9/25 at Oklahoma State
10/4 at Kansas State
10/11 West Virginia
10/18 Kansas
10/25 at TCU
11/1 Texas
11/15 Oklahoma State
11/22 at Iowa State
11/29 Baylor

West Virginia

Non-Conference Games: Alabama (in Atlanta), Towson, at Maryland
Realistic Best Case Record: 6-6
Worst Case Record: 1-11
Likely Finish: 4-8

Pre-Preseason Projected Wins: Towson, Kansas, TCU, Kansas State

Pre-Preseason Projected Losses: Alabama (Atlanta), at Maryland, Oklahoma, at Texas Tech, Baylor, at Oklahoma State, at Texas, Kansas State, at Iowa State

Summary: Yeeesh?! Who wants to be the team that faces Alabama team looking to get back on the field after a rough Sugar Bowl performance? West Virginia will be the sacrificial lamb, and after getting a win over Towson, there's a possible make-or-break game against the Big Ten's Maryland on the road. Lose that, and there's a real problem with Oklahoma up to open the Big 12 season.

The Mountaineers get a week off before hosting Kansas as part of a run of three home games in the first four Big 12 dates, and the road games are spread out without two coming in a row. However, they have to go to Oklahoma State and Texas. Baylor has to come to Mountaineer Field, and so does Kansas State after WVU gets a week off. It's likely the road game at Iowa State to close out the year will matter in the bowl picture.

2014 Schedule
8/30 Alabama (in Atlanta)
9/6 Towson
9/13 at Maryland
9/20 Oklahoma
10/4 Kansas
10/11 at Texas Tech
10/18 Baylor
10/25 at Oklahoma State
11/1 TCU
11/8 at Texas
11/20 Kansas State
11/29 at Iowa State