March Madness Is Better than Football Playoff

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Posted Mar 11, 2014

March Madness will be better than College Football Playoff.

Fiu: College Football Playoff will be better than March Madness

By Ken Bikoff
Basketball's March Madness Beats College Football Playoff

Check out Ken's work during the most important time of the hoops season

College football may be king when it comes to collegiate sports, but nothing in sports -- and I mean NOTHING -- matches the fun and excitement of March Madness.

There's a reason national production drops during the NCAA Tournament. Everyone wants to know what's going to happen next, and for a country as dedicated to reality television as we are, there is nothing more realistic than an unscripted drama that can fit into a three-hour window.

The Big Dance hooks 'em and by the time the Final Four rolls around, everyone wants to know how the story is going to end. Casual fans want to know how their office pools will play out. Die-hard fans want to break down every aspect of the teams to figure out who will come out on top.

Everyone is invested, and it has been that way for decades.

The Cinderella teams that sometimes manage to work their way to the final weekend bring along their own pack of rooters who love underdogs. They want to see someone upset the natural order of things just once.

Just a little chaos for a few extra days.

None of those positives will come across in a college football Final Four. More fan bases will get to root for their team to win, and others will root against the teams that made it. Others will argue that they should have made the Final Four and won't watch any of it in protest.

But the only ones interested will be the fans of the teams that are involved and your normal college football fans. Your mother and grandmother and hipster cousin won't suddenly jump on board to watch the college football Final Four, especially when there are weeks between semis and the finals.

College basketball needs just three days to wrap things up. College football will need a week.

Let's face it. It's also tough to put together a quality office pool when there are four teams involved, and any friendly wagers on the title game have already been part of the equation for years.

Oh ,and the Cinderella aspect of the Final Four in college basketball won't be part of the mix. Every now and then a program from a non-BCS conference would make a major bowl, and that can still work out under the new system, but that team won't come out of nowhere. It will take months of earning a spot, not a few weeks of getting hot at the right time.

Part of the Final Four's charm is the surprises it can bring, but the football version won't have any of that.

All of that said, it's unquestionably a better way for college football to decide a champion. The BCS system was wildly flawed, and a playoff should have been instituted years ago. I'm glad the powers-that-be finally came to their senses and followed a better example -- that of the Big Dance.

Fiu: College Football Playoff will be better than March Madness


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