CFN Rankings - Preseason No. 110-119
Posted Aug 26, 2006

The Bottom Ten These teams will have a hard time against just about everyone

There's one very important distinction in the CFN preseason rankings: these are based on how good the teams are going into the season and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate. Going into the year, these are how good the teams appear to be from No. 1 through 119. The predicted finishes don't take into account possible bowl games or conference championships.

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119. Temple  
Predicted Finish:
0-12  2005 Predicted Finish: 1-10   2005 Record: 0-11
Like all new coaching staffs and new eras, Al Golden and his young group comes in bringing a new energy with big ideas and bigger dreams. Give Golden this; he's not afraid to take on a challenge. His first goal is the change the mindset of Temple football taking this city college that has no interest in football and coming up with something to get excited about before becoming a full blown member of the MAC. Winning a few games would be a big first step.
Relative Strengths: wide receivers, offensive line    Relative Weaknesses: defensive line, special teams

118. Florida Atlantic   
Predicted Finish:
1-11   2005 Predicted Finish: 0-11   2005 Record: 2-9
The 2007 Owls will have experience and depth to burn just about everywhere. The 2006 Owls have to find some semblance of a pass rush after generating six sacks. They have to get a more consistent passing game going despite losing the top two receivers and leader Danny Embick at quarterback. They have to navigate their way through a brutal first half of the season with a defensive front seven that's among the smallest in the country, an offensive line with little depth, and special teams that were a nightmare last season and are in total disarray going into this year.
Relative Strengths: secondary, running back    Relative Weaknesses: special teams, defensive line

117. Buffalo  
Predicted Finish:
2-10  2005 Predicted Finish: 3-8   2005 Record: 1-10
Built to be a good defensive program under former head coach Jim Hofher, the Bulls have never been able to do much offensively averaging a mere 15.3 points per game over the last seven seasons. There are plenty of young prospects for new head man Turner Gill to work with led by a decent group of quarterbacks, a good backfield with four nice options, and tight end Chad Upshaw leading a promising receiving corps. The offensive line is big and bigger, and now it needs to use its bulk to shove someone around.
Relative Strengths: secondary, linebackers    Relative Weaknesses: offensive line, special teams

116. New Mexico State   
Predicted Finish:
3-9  2005 Predicted Finish: 2-10   2005 Record: 0-12
Things can't be worse than last year, and they won't be with enough experienced players to expect better overall production and a quarterback in Chase Holbrook who should be far, far more efficient than Royal Gill and Joey Vincent were last year. It's also a plus to play in the WAC where immediate results can come right away with just a little bit of better overall play.
Relative Strengths: wide receivers, running backs    Relative Weaknesses: secondary, defensive line

115. UL Monroe   
Predicted Finish:
2-10  2005 Predicted Finish: 6-5   2005 Record: 5-6
This is the fourth year under head coach Charlie Weatherbie and it's a transition season. It's going to be at least a year before the Warhawks will field the strongest team over the last several years, so Weatherbie and his staff will have a tricky task of blending the young backups with the decent veterans. With only six senior starters, every game has to be about improving with an eye towards the future.
Relative Strengths: secondary, offensive line    Relative Weaknesses: defensive line, linebackers

114. San Jose State   
Predicted Finish:
2-10  2005 Predicted Finish: 1-10   2005 Record: 3-8
In the WAC, you have to be prepared to get involved in some firefights, and the Spartans are better equipped. The offense should be appreciably better with one of the best lines the program has had in several years along with a solid backfield with several good options. The quarterback situation will work itself out and the receiving corps shouldn't be too bad after a little bit of time. The defense, well, the offense should be better.
Relative Strengths: offensive line, special teams    Relative Weaknesses: linebackers, secondary

113. FIU  
Predicted Finish:
5-7  2005 Predicted Finish: 3-8   2005 Record: 5-6
Things are on the upswing after a strong finish to the 2005 season. Quarterback Josh Padrick should grow into the role as the league's best quarterback and needs to carry the offense on his back using his experience and live arm to make the attack more productive. The defense will be a work in progress, but it has two sure-thing All-Sun Belt stars to work with in linebacker Keyonvis Bouie and defensive end Antwan Barnes.
Relative Strengths: quarterback, linebackers   Relative Weaknesses: special teams, offensive line

112. Utah State  
Predicted Finish:
1-11   2005 Predicted Finish: 2-10   2005 Record: 3-8
With only one winning season since 1993, the Aggies don't have to do too much to have one of their best seasons in recent years. But with only a few seniors in the two-deep depth chart, this might be a stepping stone to 2007. The passing game should be better with the return of All-WAC candidates Kevin Robinson and Tony Pennyman at receiver and Leon Jackson III at quarterback.  Robinson and Pennyman are two of the nation's better return men.
Relative Strengths: wide receiver, return game  Relative Weaknesses: offensive line, defensive line

111. Army   
Predicted Finish:
4-8  2005 Predicted Finish: 3-8   2005 Record: 4-7
This year's team has some fantastic pieces to build around with the potential for its strongest, most efficient passing attack in years. All five starters return to the offensive line and everyone is back in the linebacking corps. The kicking game is sound, the receiving corps could be the strength of the team, and safety Caleb Campbell will once again be among the nation's most productive safeties. However, the weaknesses are major.
Relative Strengths: linebackers, special teams    Relative Weaknesses: running backs, defensive line

110. Rice 
Predicted Finish: 0-12  2005 Predicted Finish: 4-7   2005 Record: 1-10
For this year, it's all about just getting from phase one to phase two and getting the team in line with what Todd Graham and the new coaching staff wants to do. The previous regime made a passing nod to throwing it more when it tried to implement a bit of a spread offense in an effort to save a sinking ship, but Rice still finished dead last in the nation in passing. Graham has to make the square pegs fit into the round holes.
Relative Strengths: running backs, secondary    Relative Weaknesses: defensive line, quarterback