2006 Preseason All-Americans - Punters
Baylor P Daniel Sepulveda
Posted Aug 26, 2006

2006 CFN All-America Punters  

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2006 CFN Preseason First Team All-American
Daniel Sepulveda, Sr. - 62 punts, 2,863 yards, 46.2 yards per kick, 13 inside the 20
Named the nation's best punter last year winning the Ray Guy Award, Sepulveda has to come back healthy after injuring his knee playing basketball. He's a big bomber with a career average of 44.85 yards per kick on a whopping 211 boots, and he has put 62 inside the 20. As long as his knee is fine, which it's supposed to be, he'll be one of the nation's best.

Preseason 20 Best Punters
1. Daniel Sepulveda, Sr. Baylor
Ken DeBauche, Jr. Wisconsin
Eric Wilbur, Sr. Florida
4. Adam Graessle, Sr. Pitt
5. Kody Bliss, Sr. Auburn
6. Adam Podlesh, Sr. Maryland
Nic Schmitt, Sr. Virginia Tech
8. Jimmie Kaylor, Jr. Colorado State
9. Kyle Tucker,. Jr. Kansas
Brandon Fields, Sr. Michigan State
Michael Gibson, Sr. Memphis
12. Brendan Carney, Sr. Syracuse

13. Sean Douglas, Sr. Washington
14. Jeremy Kapinos, Sr. Penn State

Colby Smith, Sr. MTSU
16. Jared Scruggs, Sr. RIce
17. Jay Ottovegio, Soph. Stanford
18.  Blake McAdams, Soph. Mississippi State
Ryan Dougherty, Sr. East Carolina
20. Britton Colquitt, Soph. Tennessee

2006 CFN Preseason Second Team All-American
Ken DeBauche, Jr. - 57 kicks, 2,555 yds, 44.8 yards per kick, 22 inside the 20
DeBauche is a big 6-2 and 221 pounds with a consistently big leg. He has averaged 43.3 yards per kick over the last two years while putting 39 kicks inside the 20.

2006 CFN Honorable Mention All-Americans

(in alphabetical order)
Kody Bliss, Sr. - 44 punts, 1,975 yards, 44.9 average, 7 FC, 14 inside the 20
Bliss will be in the hunt for many preseason All-America honors after leading the SEC in punting. He's not all that big, but he gets a ton of blast on his kicks while also showing good accuracy and consistency averaging 43.3 yards per boot in his three years putting 52 kicks inside the 20.

Brandon Fields, Sr. - 40 punts, 1,664 yds, 41.6 yards per kick, 11 inside the 20
At some point, Fields is going to put it all together. He was one of the nation's best punters as a sophomore, but he often outkicked his coverage. Last year he lost some of the blast on his kicks in an inconsistent season. Even so, he has NFL potential and could easily bounce back and be a threat for the Ray Guy Award.

Adam Graessle, Sr. - 60 kicks, 2,532 yds, 42.4 ypc, 18 inside the 20
Graessle bombed the ball and was great at pinning teams inside the 20. Now he has to work more with the return team that allowed a ridiculous 17.1 yards per return.

Jimmie Kaylor, Jr. - 52 kicks for 2,400 yds, 45.3 average, 12 inside the 20
One of the best in the Mountain West earning first-team all-conference honors, Kaylor averaged 45 yards or more per punt in six games. He has a big leg, but it might be too good with 11 touchbacks. To nitpick, he'll occasionally outkick the coverage, but the Rams will take that if he'll keep blasting the ball like he does.

Adam Podlesh, Sr. - 44 punts, 1,918 yds, 43.6 yards per kick, 17 inside the 20
Podlesh has been tremendous over the last three seasons averaging 43.2 yards per kick with 60 put inside the 20. He's consistent and can do it all from deep bombs to putting it away deep.

Nic Schmitt, Sr. - 52 kicks, 2,244 yds, 43.2 yards per kick, 15 inside the 20
Schmitt bombed away last year with one of the best punting seasons in the program's history. It would help if he worked a little better with the coverage unit to improve the overall net, but that's nitpicking.

Kyle Tucker, Jr. - 66 punts, 2,832 yds, 42.9 yards per kick, 19 inside the 20
Tucker should once again be one of the nation's best punters with range, accuracy, and the leg to bomb it when he needs to. He was a semifinalist for the Ray Guy Award, but he'll have a hard time getting first team All-Big 12 honors in a conference with Baylor's Daniel Sepulveda.

Eric Wilbur, Sr. - 59 punts, 2,459 yds, 41.7 yards per kick, 22 inside the 20
Arguably the best punter in the school's history, Wilbur will be on the short list for the Ray Guy Award after a brilliant freshman season. He can do it all from blasting the ball to pinning teams deep. He worked extremely well with the coverage team helping the Gators finish ninth in the nation in net punting.