SEC Roundup - Week Four Standings & More
Posted Sep 25, 2006

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SEC Game of the Week
Arkansas 24 ... Alabama 23 2OT
Arkansas got an 11-yard Ben Cleveland touchdown catch in the second overtime, and won on the Jeremy Davis extra point. Alabama scored on a one-yard touchdown run on its possession in the second overtime, but Leigh Tiffin missed the extra point on his fourth wide-right miss of the game. Alabama had a chance to win in the first overtime following an interception of Arkansas QB Mitch Mustain, but Tiffin missed from 37 yards out. Tiffin was able to connect on a 46-yard field goal on the last play of the first half for a 10-7 lead, but Arkansas took the lead in the third quarter on a three-yard Darren McFadden touchdown run and a 39-yard fumble recovery for a score from Randy Kelly. Alabama answered with two of John Parker Wilson's three touchdown passes. Wilson also connected with D.J. Hall on a 78-yard touchdown in the second quarter.

SEC Player of the Week
South Carolina WR Sidney Rice caught nine passes for 161 yards and five touchdowns in the 45-6 win over Florida Atlantic

East Conference Overall Home Away
Florida 2 0 47 27 4 0 123 34 Won 4 3 0 1 0
Georgia 1 0 18 0 4 0 114 25 Won 4 3 0 1 0
South Carolina 1 1 15 18 3 1 87 44 Won 2 2 1 1 0
Kentucky 1 1 38 40 2 2 107 106 Lost 1 2 0 0 2
Tennessee 0 1 20 21 3 1 119 76 Won 1 3 1 0 0
Vanderbilt 0 2 29 34 1 3 74 70 Won 1 1 1 0 2
West Conference Overall Home Away
Auburn 2 0 41 3 4 0 119 24 Won 4 3 0 1 0
Arkansas 2 0 45 42 3 1 79 92 Won 3 2 1 1 0
Alabama 1 1 36 34 3 1 102 58 Lost 1 3 0 0 1
LSU 0 1 3 7 3 1 142 20 Won 1 3 0 0 1
Ole Miss 0 1 14 31 1 3 52 117 Lost 3 1 1 0 2
Mississippi St. 0 2 0 49 1 3 45 91 Won 1 0 3 1 0

Conference Roundup
Alabama … Certain to be known as the Leigh Tiffin game, Alabama has to quickly put the devastating loss to Arkansas in the past as soon as possible with a trip to Florida coming up next week. On the positive side, John Parker Wilson was fantastic throwing the deep ball (the long scoring strike to D.J. Hall was a thing of beauty, and he also showed he can be effective and efficient in a pressure packed situation on the road. The offensive line continues to struggle to get a push for the running game.
Arkansas … Give Arkansas credit for coming through against Alabama when given the opportunities. Mitch Mustain continues to play like a rookie quarterback who's far from polished, but he threw the big pass for a game winning touchdown when he had to. Even though Darren McFadden is the marquee man in the running game, Felix Jones needs the ball more than just four times. Yes, the Hogs dodged a bullet, and now they'll need to play better, especially in the passing game, to have a chance at Auburn next week.
Auburn … Auburn took the Buffalo game off, and there's nothing wrong with that. There was never any question the Tigers were going to win, so it was a great chance to get Kenny Irons some rest and get the backups some meaningful work before diving back into the SEC schedule. The coaching staff will be certain to get on the team's first half effort since this should've been over in the first half, and it's not going to be happy with the seven penalties. In the end, it's hard to argue with an easy win, 7.2 yards per carry, and a ten of 14 day from the quarterbacks.
Florida … Florida's offense wasn't exactly humming against Kentucky, but the defense made sure there wouldn't be any glimmer of an upset hope. For the first time all year, the pressure and the sacks came getting to Andre Woodson five times killing momentum on drive after drive. The real find continues to be the running game as DeShawn Wynn was the steadying force for the offense for the second straight week. When Chris Leak is off, like he was against the Wildcats, the Gators have the luxury of Wynn, and relief pitcher extraordinaire, Tim Tebow, to pick up the slack. It's simple; when Tebow is in, he runs. Defenses can't seem to figure that out.
Georgia … Georgia needed to be pushed a little bit, but the Colorado game exposed the team's lack of a steady running game and opened up a big question mark at quarterback. Matthew Stafford wasn't bad; Joe Cox was better. Cox was crisper in his decision making and got rid of the ball much quicker. The big problem, though, is the running game. With one of the most talented group of backs in the nation, there's no excuse to only net 54 yards and average two yards per carry. That has to change in a big way against Ole Miss or there will be big problems against Tennessee in two weeks.
Kentucky … Kentucky didn't play all that poorly in the loss to Florida, but it needed more weapons, particularly RB Rafael Little, and the offensive line struggled in pass protection. The defense came up with a nice game from the secondary and showed that this isn't the same old Kentucky that'll get pushed around by the big boys. Of course, the run D got pushes around, but the team stayed in it until late. There can't be a letdown next week against Central Michigan in a must win to keep bowl hopes alive.
… LSU got over the Auburn heartbreak in a big hurry with a dominating performance against Tulane. The Tigers have been fantastic at home so far and should easily get to 4-1 next week against Mississippi State before the showdown at Florida. JaMarcus Russell has taken his game to another level, and if he keeps playing like this, LSU will beat the Gators. The running game was fine thanks to some big runs from Charles Scott, but the overall consistency still isn't there. That means it's Russell or bust on offense against the big boys.
Ole Miss … Things have gone from bad to worse for the Ole Miss offense. If it can't run on a mediocre Wake Forest defense, how's it going to do anything against Georgia next week? Brent Schaeffer, who was yanked, is regressing in his passing and isn't getting the offense moving nearly enough to help out the defense. The offensive line isn't providing any help with no holes opening up for BenJarvus Green Ellis and the ground game. There won't be any wins coming with a 0.8 yard per carry average.
Miss State … Finally, the long, ugly start of the season is over and the Bulldogs have their first win. Omarr Conner wasn't always great against UAB, but he was great when he had to be coming up with a key fourth down run for the first touchdown and getting into the end zone in overtime to get the win. After the strange loss to Tulane when the team came out flat, MSU needed something positive to happen considering the almost certain losses to LSU and West Virginia are coming up. The defense needs to play like it did against the Blazers, and there needs to be more pop to the passing game to not get obliterated over the next few weeks.
South Carolina … Finally, Sidney Rice blew up and looked like the All-America talent he is. Yeah, it came against an awful Florida Atlantic team that's done nothing all season long, but this still might be the wake-up call the offense needed going into the Auburn battle. Everything clicked for an offense that sputtered and coughed way too often over the first four games, while the defense came up with a great performance a week after almost blowing the Wofford game. If nothing else, this game will force Auburn to spend half of this week worrying about stopping Rice, which means things might open up for the rest of the USC passing attack.
Tennessee … Tennessee rebounded from the tough Florida loss with a wonderful performance in a possible letdown game against Marshall. Erik Ainge found his accuracy, and there were more than enough big running plays to go around with LaMarcus Coker showing off some big-time flash with Arian Foster out with an ankle injury. The defense showed some tremendous pop led by Jonathan Hefney and Jerod Mayo, who were both all over the field. This game showed that this really isn't last year's Tennessee team, and now the momentum has to continue against Memphis before the showdown with Georgia.
Vanderbilt … Vanderbilt needed an easy win after struggling through two tough, close losses over the last two weeks. Chris Nickson made a few key throws against Tennessee State, but there's still not quite enough coming from the passing game to take the heat off Cassen Jackson-Garrison and the ground attack. The passing game needs to start to take flight next week against a woeful Temple team before dealing with Ole Miss. This is a great chance for Vandy to go on a run and get to .500 before facing Georgia.

 Saturday, September 23

 12:30 PM

Georgia 14 ... Colorado 13
CFN Prediction: UGA 26-6  UGA 26.5

 2:30 PM

Auburn 38 ... Buffalo 7
CFN Prediction: Auburn 45-6   Aub -42

 3:30 PM

Arkansas 24 ... Alabama 23  2OT
CFN Prediction:
Bama 13-10   Ark -2

 4:00 PM

Tennessee 33 ... Marshall 7
CFN Prediction:
Tenn 35-13   Tenn. -22.5

 6:00 PM

Wake Forest 27 ... at Ole Miss 3
CFN Prediction:
WF 27-23   Miss -3

 7:00 PM

UAB 16 ... Mississippi State 10 OT
CFN Prediction: UAB 21-19  UAB -10

 7:00 PM

Vanderbilt 38 ... Tennessee State 9
CFN Prediction: Vandy 35-17

 7:00 PM

South Carolina 45 ... Florida Atlantic 6
CFN Prediction:
USC 40-7   USC -30

 7:45 PM

Florida 26 ... Kentucky 7
CFN Prediction: UF 41-20  UF -23.5

 8:00 PM

LSU 49 ... Tulane 7
CFN Prediction:
LSU 49-10  LSU -36.5

Past SEC Games of the Week
Sept. 3 - Alabama 25 ... Hawaii 17
Sept. 9 - Tennessee 31 ... Air Force 30
Sept. 16 - Auburn 7 ... LSU 3
Sept. 23 - Arkansas 24 ... Alabama 23 2OT

Past SEC Players of the Week
Sept. 3 - Tennessee WR Robert Meachem
Sept. 9 - Tennessee QB Erik Ainge
Sept. 16 - Kentucky QB Andre Woodson
Sept. 23 - South Carolina WR Sidney Rice