CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week Five
Posted Oct 1, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate. CFN Rankings

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1. Ohio State (5-0)
W, at Iowa 38-17
next game: Bowling Green
The Buckeyes went into a tough situation at Iowa and played like a cool, calm, experienced team. Troy Smith is unflappable. The defense is making big play after big play, and the offensive line is dominating giving Smith plenty of time opening up holes, (especially on the left side) for Antonio Pittman. Until USC gets healthy and starts gelling, OSU is the number one team in America.

USC (4-0)
W, at Washington State 28-22
next game: Washington  
It’s a shame the Trojans aren’t 100% on both sides of the ball. The Washington State game showed that the team can handle adversity and can come through in tight games. At the moment, Ohio State is playing better than USC.

Auburn (5-0)
W, at South Carolina 24-17
next game: Arkansas
Don’t dismiss how tough the nationally televised win at South Carolina was. Steve Spurrier coached his tail off and made it far closer than many expected. This is still a nasty, balanced Tiger team that might be the best in the nation.

4. LSU (4-1)
W, Mississippi State 48-17
next game: at Florida
How amazing is LSU? If it had been able to pull out the controversial game at Auburn, this might be the number one team in America. However, there’s no running game, and all the big numbers have been put up against awful teams. Now the Tigers get to prove they’re legit with next week’s date at Florida.

Michigan (5-0)
W, at Minnesota 28-14  
next game: Michigan State
Is anyone, including Ohio State, playing any better at the moment? With Mike Hart healthy and rumbling and Chad Henne in total command, the Michigan offense is rolling up huge yards. If the team is the real deal, it puts away a dying Michigan State team in a hurry, even in a rivalry game.

6. Florida (5-0)
W, Alabama 28-13
next game: LSU
Everyone liked the win at Tennessee, but beating LSU would finally mean it’s time to start considering Florida as the nation’s number one team. If RB DeShawn Wynn is hurt and out for the LSU, it’s going to be a nasty obstacle to overcome.

Texas  (4-1)
W, Sam Houston State 56-3
next game: Oklahoma
Texas was able to flex its muscle in the scrimmage against Sam Houston State, and now it needs an impressive performance against Oklahoma to get back in the national title discussion. It Ohio State is the nation’s number one team, then it’s possible that Texas is number two.

Tennessee (4-1)
W, at Memphis 41-7
next game: at Georgia
The offense is getting better and better each week. Erik Ainge looks comfortable with a receiving corps that makes big play after big play. Considering how much Georgia is struggling, Tennessee needs to go into Athens and win handily to show it deserves to be in the BCS at-large mix (if it can’t win the SEC title).

California (4-1)
W, at Oregon State 41-13
next game: Oregon
Everything’s humming on all cylinders. This is the Cal team many expected coming into the season with speed, power, and explosiveness. Now it’s time to make a national splash with Oregon coming to town.

10. Louisville (4-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Middle Tennessee (Fri. Oct. 6)
The Miami win doesn’t look all that great considering how close Houston came to winning in the Orange Bowl. Louisville will beat Middle Tennessee, but don’t be shocked if the Blue Raider defense comes up with a nice game.

Notre Dame (4-1)
W, Purdue 35-21
next game: Stanford
Really, does anyone have a clear handle on this team? The offense can light up anyone like a Christmas tree, but the secondary couldn’t cover you on a deep pattern. Don’t just assume the Irish should move on up the rankings as it blows through the easy part of the slate.

12. West Virginia (4-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Mississippi State  
Don’t be stunned if Mississippi State’s run defense gives the Mountaineers a nasty time. It might be up to Pat White and the efficient passing game to come away with the win.

13. Clemson (4-1)
W, Louisiana Tech 51-0
next game: at Wake Forest
If Clemson was able to come up with the win at Boston College, you could make an argument that it belongs in the top three. The offense is playing at a scary-good level at the moment.

Oregon (4-0)
W, at Arizona State 48-13
next game: at California  
Oregon is absolutely the real deal, and now it gets a chance to show it off. Considering how hot Cal is, a win in Berkeley might put the Ducks into the top ten. A blowout win might mean top five.
15. Georgia Tech (4-1)
W, at Virginia Tech 38-27
next game: Maryland
All of a sudden, Georgia Tech joins Clemson as the favorite for the ACC title. Calvin Johnson is coming up with a magical year, while the defense is doing a great job. This is an experienced, talented team that’s getting better and better. 

16. Missouri (5-0)
W, Colorado 28-13
next game: at Texas Tech
The Tigers are balanced, tough, and playing very, very well. Beating Colorado was nice, but taking care of Texas Tech in Lubbock would be even better. It would officially announce Gary Pinkel’s team as a player in the Big 12 title race.

17. Oklahoma (3-1)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: vs. Texas
O.K. Oklahoma, now you get your shot to show off what you can really do. With two weeks off since obliterating Middle Tennessee, there’s no reason to not come out rolling against Texas. A win should probably put the Sooners into the top ten.

18. Nebraska (4-1)
W, Kansas 39-32 OT
next game: at Iowa State
Yeeesh. The secondary showed just how shaky it is against Kansas having a nightmare of a time with … Adam Barmann? The offense did a great job of getting up early and making several big plays, but the overall performance was too shaky.

19. Georgia (5-0)
W, at Ole Miss 14-9
next game: Tennessee
The defense is good enough to win a national title with, but the offense might struggle in the Sun Belt. There’s no production from the receivers and no one other than Kregg Lumpkin is running well. A win over Tennessee would gloss over all the issues.

20. Virginia Tech (4-1)
L, Georgia Tech 38-27
next game: at Boston College (Oct. 12)
The Hokies finally played someone with a pulse and got blasted. Georgia Tech is great, but the Virginia Tech coaches can’t be happy with the way the team was outplayed in every phase.

21. Iowa  (4-1)
L, Ohio State 38-17
next game: Purdue
There’s no reason to drop Iowa too much, if at all, after losing to the nation’s number one team, but it didn’t look like a squad that could handle any of the big boys. It’ll be vital to come up with a convincing win over Purdue to get the confidence level back with Michigan coming up soon.

22. Boston College (4-1)
W, Maine 22-0
next game: Virginia Tech (Oct. 12)
Whoopee, a win over Maine. BC’s win over Clemson is looking better and better, and a win over Virginia Tech on national TV in two weeks would all but erase memories of the NC State loss.

23. Boise State (5-0)
W, at Utah 36-3 
next game: Louisiana Tech
You did it Boise State. Utah might not be a world beater, but that was a dominating win in Salt Lake City on both sides of the ball. Now it’s about maintaining focus, and unfortunately, winning big. Just getting by with wins in the WAC isn’t going to cut it when it comes to national respect.

24. Florida State (3-1)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at NC State
Can Florida State come out and look like Florida State at NC State this week? Georgia Tech and Clemson are clearly the favorites in the ACC title race, so it’s time for the Noles to make a statement.

Penn State (3-2)
W, Northwestern 37-7
next game: at Minnesota
Tony Hunt is running extremely well and Anthony Morelli looked more comfortable in the win over Northwestern, but that was Northwestern. The jury is still out on how good this team really is.

  1. BYU (3-2)
  2. Wisconsin (4-1)
  3. TCU (3-1)
  4. Pitt (4-1)
  5. Texas Tech (4-1)
  6. Arkansas  (3-1)
  7. Washington (4-1)
  8. Alabama (3-2)
  9. UCLA (3-1)
  10. South Carolina (3-2)
  11. Rutgers (5-0)
  12. Washington State (3-2)
  13. Miami (2-2)
  14. Arizona State (3-2)
  15. Arizona  (2-3)
  16. Texas A&M (4-1)
  17. Michigan State (3-2)
  18. Purdue (4-1)
  19. Utah (3-2)
  20. Minnesota (2-3)
  21. Tulsa (3-1)
  22. Wake Forest (5-0)
  23. Navy (4-1)
  24. Oregon State (2-2)
  25. Maryland (3-1)
  26. Houston (4-1)
  27. Iowa State (3-2)
  28. Southern Miss (3-1)
  29. Hawaii (2-2)
  30. NC State (2-2)
  31. Air Force (2-1)
  32. South Florida (3-2)
  33. Syracuse (3-2)
  34. North Carolina (1-3)
  35. Kansas (3-2)
  36. Oklahoma State (3-1)
  37. Illinois (2-3)
  38. Ole Miss  (1-4)
  39. Western Michigan (3-1)
  40. Kent State (3-2)
  41. Colorado State (3-1)
  42. Central Michigan (2-3)
  43. Nevada (3-2)
  44. Akron (2-3)
  45. Fresno State (1-3)
  46. Connecticut (2-2)
  47. Kentucky (3-2)
  48. Colorado (0-5)
  49. Cincinnati (2-3)
  50. Vanderbilt (2-3)
  51. Virginia (2-3)
  52. Baylor (2-3)
  53. Kansas State (3-2)
  54. East Carolina (1-3)
  55. New Mexico (2-3)
  56. Wyoming (1-4)
  57. Toledo (2-3)
  58. UTEP (2-2)
  59. Troy (1-4)
  60. Ohio (2-3)
  61. Memphis (1-3)
  62. Mississippi State (1-4)
  63. UCF (1-3)
  64. Northwestern  (2-3)
  65. SMU (3-2)
  66. San Jose State (3-1)
  67. UAB (2-3)
  68. Rice (1-4)
  69. San Diego State (0-4)
  70. Northern Illinois (3-2)
  71. Army (2-3)
  72. Marshall (1-3)
  73. Tulane (1-3)
  74. Indiana (2-3)
  75. Ball State (2-3)
  76. Bowling Green (3-2)
  77. New Mexico State (2-2)
  78. Idaho (2-3)
  79. Louisiana Tech (1-3)
  80. UNLV (1-3)
  81. UL Lafayette (2-2)
  82. Duke (0-4)
  83. Stanford (0-5)
  84. Eastern Michigan (0-5)
  85. MTSU (3-2)
  86. Arkansas State (2-2)
  87. North Texas (1-4)
  88. Miami Univ. (0-5)
  89. FIU (0-5)
  90. Florida Atlantic (1-4)
  91. UL Monroe (1-3)
  92. Buffalo (1-3)
  93. Utah State (0-5)
  94. Temple  (0-5)