SEC Roundup - Week Six Standings & More
Posted Oct 9, 2006

SEC conference roundup, standings, player and game of the week

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SEC Game of the Week
Tennessee 51 ... Georgia 33
Georgia got up 24-7 in the second quarter on two Brannan Southerland touchdown runs and an 86-yard punt return for a score from Mikey Henderson, and later got a 99-yard kickoff return for a touchdown from Thomas Brown, but it wasn't even close to being enough to stop the Tennessee onslaught in the highest scoring game ever between the two teams. The Vols went on a 44-9 run over the final 31 minutes with a 27-point fourth quarter with two of Arian Foster's three one-yard touchdown runs, a 15-yard Robert Meachem touchdown catch, and a blocked punt recovered by Antonio Wardlow for a score. Erik Ainge finished with two touchdown passes and ran for a score.

SEC Player of the Week
Arkansas RB Darren McFadden ran 28 times for 145 yards and a touchdown in the 27-10 win over Auburn.

East Conference Overall Home Away
Florida 4 0 98 50 6 0 174 57 Won 6 5 0 1 0
Georgia 2 1 65 60 5 1 161 85 Lost 1 3 1 2 0
Tennessee 1 1 71 54 5 1 211 116 Won 3 3 1 2 0
South Carolina 2 2 56 59 4 2 128 85 Won 1 2 2 2 0
Kentucky 1 2 55 64 3 3 169 166 Lost 1 3 1 0 2
Vanderbilt 0 3 39 51 2 4 127 101 Lost 1 2 1 0 3
West Conference Overall Home Away
Arkansas 3 0 72 52 4 1 106 102 Won 4 2 1 2 0
Auburn 3 1 75 47 5 1 153 68 Lost 1 3 1 2 0
Alabama 1 2 49 62 4 2 145 100 Won 1 4 0 0 2
LSU 1 2 61 47 4 2 200 60 Lost 1 4 0 0 2
Ole Miss 1 2 40 55 2 4 78 141 Won 1 2 2 0 2
Mississippi St. 0 3 17 97 1 5 76 181 Lost 2 0 4 1 1

Conference Roundup
Alabama … The win over Duke was hardly confidence inspiring. The defense turned it up when it had to against a bad offense, and Ken Darby ran as well as he had all season long, but it took way too gone to put the game away. Penalties, ineffectiveness on third downs, and not nearly enough big plays until the second half made it more interesting than it should've been. On the plus side, D.J. Hall once again showed why he deserves to be considered among the SEC's best receivers with a nice seven-catch day. Now comes a walk in the park against Ole Miss. If the Tide doesn't turn the ball over, it'll be 5-2 going into the showdown at Tennessee.
Arkansas … Wow, have things changed in a real hurry in the SEC West race. The Arkansas lines dominated the Auburn fronts, Mitch Mustain was steady, and for the second straight game, Auburn was outcoached. Houston Nutt and his staff did a fantastic job with both sides of the ball, and Darren McFadden and Felix Jones were Darren McFadden and Felix Jones. Arkansas gets Tennessee at home and has to go to South Carolina, but all of a sudden, things open up in a big way until the regular season finale against LSU. This might be known as the statement, program-changing win for the young team as Mustain and the offense continue to grow.
Auburn … It almost seemed like Auburn panicked against Arkansas. Once the Hog running game started to work, the Tigers pressed a little too much on both sides of the ball and abandoned Kenny Irons. Give the Arkansas defense credit for keeping Irons under wraps, and for controlling the game with the ground game, but Auburn needed to get the ball more to its star, and it needed a better game from its offensive line. Brandon Cox was under too much pressure and Irons didn't get enough room. Now the team needs to gear the emotion back up with Florida coming to town next week.
Florida … There wasn't a running game against LSU and Chris Leak, while solid, didn't get much going down the field, but the Gators took advantage of every LSU mistake, and there were plenty of them, and Tim Tebow went from cult hero to full-blown superstar. All the running the freshman has done has opened up the passing game and forced safeties to cheat up. The Gator coaching staff caught LSU twice for two Tebow touchdown passes, and now it should work in the reverse; things will open up for the ground game with defenses worried about getting burned for the big play.
Georgia … There are positives out of getting blasted by Tennessee. Joe Tereshinski wasn't afraid to throw it deep, Kregg Lumpkin ran well yet again, and the return game was unbelievable ... that's about it. The total breakdown on defense in the second half exposed the secondary against the first real passing game it faced all season long. Once the floodgates opened, Georgia needed to get the running game going and control the ball and the clock a little more. Fortunately, games against Vanderbilt and Mississippi State over the next two weeks should help work the kinks out.
Kentucky … UK might not have beaten South Carolina, but it hung around and stayed in the game late even though the running game wasn't working and the passing attack was less than effective. Andre Woodson continues to play well, but it would be nice if Rafael Little could finally get healthy and play like the do-it-all star of last year. Converting more third down chances will be key to stay with LSU next week.
… LSU should be happy it only got blasted 23-10 by Florida. The Tigers didn't play like a polished team with mistakes in just about every phase. With no running game to speak off, it was up to JaMarcus Russell to press a bit against the jacked up Gator D, and he threw three picks, lost a fumble, and should've been intercepted two other times. LSU is now 0-2 against good teams, but it isn't out of the SEC title hunt thanks to Auburn's loss to Arkansas. There's no margin for error the rest of the way if the Tigers have BCS hopes.
Ole Miss … It took five turnovers, a game-sealing, last-second interception, and a 101-yard day from BenJarvus Green-Ellis to barely get by Vanderbilt. Brent Schaeffer, once again, was awful, and the team only cranked out 179 yards of total offense. A win is a win, and the Rebels desperately needed one with at Alabama, at Arkansas, and Auburn ahead, but it masked a ton of big problems. If the defense isn't forcing mistake after mistake, Ole Miss can't win.
Miss State … MSU had no prayer of slowing down the West Virginia running game, and it couldn't muster up any consistent offense to keep up the pace; that's going to be a problem for the rest of the year unless someone starts carrying the running game. Michael Henig didn't play well when he got his chance proving that Omarr Conner is still the best option at quarterback if the team wants to try to be competitive. For the future, which is what MSU has to look to now, the passing game has to take even more shots deep just to see what it can do. Fortunately, Jacksonville State is up next to give the attack to try out some new wrinkles before dealing with Georgia.
South Carolina … It has to be a bit of a concern that South Carolina needed some razzle dazzle to get by Kentucky. The running game worked well, and Syvelle Newton threw well enough to keep the chains moving, but ten penalties proved costly and UK was able to hang around way too late. Even so, this was a dangerous game that the Gamecocks were able to get through before dealing with Tennessee, Arkansas and Florida. With Middle Tennessee down the road, a win next week at Vanderbilt will all but assure a bowl bid.
Tennessee … Even when everything was going Georgia's way early on and even when it looked like Tennessee was going to have problems, the team didn't panic and then blasted the Bulldogs with a frightening mix of offensive balance and big plays from the defense. Even though Georgia ran well and wasn't afraid to push the ball deep, Tennessee always had an answer keeping the Dawg offense from getting into the end zone in the second half. Erik Ainge solidified himself as the SEC's best player over the first half of the season and Robert Meachem was once again brilliant. The Vol backfield, with a great game from Arian Foster, showed once again that it has weapons to spare.
Vanderbilt … It would've been interesting if Chris Nickson could've played the entire game against Ole Miss. On fire to start completing 11 of13 passes for 95 yards with a touchdown, Nickson went out with an ankle injury and Mackenzi Adams couldn't come up with the win despite leading the team on a good last drive to get close. Turnovers, missed opportunities, and the lack of a clutch stop early when the mistakes were happening all contributed to the loss, and now the team has to get its focus back with a bowl shot all but gone. Vandy needed this win, and it gave it away.

12:00 Arkansas 27 ... at Auburn 10
CFN Prediction:
Auburn 34-14  Aub -16

2:00 Ole Miss 17 ... Vanderbilt 10
CFN Prediction: Vandy 20-17  VU -1.5

2:30 West Virginia 42 ... at Mississippi State 14
CFN Prediction:
WVU 38-16   WVU -25

3:30 Florida 23 ... LSU 10
CFN Prediction:
LSU 16-13  Florida -1.5

7:00 Alabama 30 ... Duke 14
CFN Prediction: Alabama 45-13   Bama -28.5

7:00 South Carolina 24 ... at Kentucky 17
CFN Prediction:
UK 24-22   USC -7

7:45 Tennessee 51 ... at Georgia 33
CFN Prediction: Tennessee 19-15   UT -2.5

Past SEC Games of the Week
Sept. 3 - Alabama 25 ... Hawaii 17
Sept. 9 - Tennessee 31 ... Air Force 30
Sept. 16 - Auburn 7 ... LSU 3
Sept. 23 - Arkansas 24 ... Alabama 23 2OT
Sept. 30 - Auburn 24 ... South Carolina 17
Oct. 7 - Tennessee 51 ... Georgia 33

Past SEC Players of the Week
Sept. 3 - Tennessee WR Robert Meachem
Sept. 9 - Tennessee QB Erik Ainge
Sept. 16 - Kentucky QB Andre Woodson
Sept. 23 - South Carolina WR Sidney Rice
Sept. 30 - Tennessee QB Eric Ainge
Oct. 7 - Arkansas RB Darren McFadden