CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week Seven
Posted Oct 15, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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One note: This is the week of adjustment. While the rankings are done based on how good the teams are at the moment, sometimes, to be fair, the puzzle has to be put together based on what has actually happened on the field. Sometimes, things don’t fit. Texas Tech beat Texas A&M, A&M beat Missouri, Missouri beat Texas Tech … that’s why most of the rankings still have to be based on how good the teams are overall. But the top ten is dead-on right with what has happened.

1. Ohio State (7-0)
W, Michigan State 38-7
next game: Indiana
Now it’s not even close. While teams are getting picked off left and right, and others are struggling, Ohio State is winning with ease week after week after week. The Iowa win doesn’t matter now, but the Texas win will get better and better as the year goes on. 

2. Michigan (7-0)
W, at Penn State 17-10
next game: Iowa
Outside of one big play from Tony Hunt, the Michigan defense dominated Penn State. Even so, Penn State isn’t 2005 Penn State, and it took a little too long to put the game away. All Michigan has to do is win five more games and it’s playing for the national title.

3. Texas  (6-1)
W, Baylor 63-31
next game: at Nebraska
The offensive line is crushing and killing, and it’s allowing Colt McCoy to kick back, have a sandwich, and find the open receivers. Much will be made out of Baylor exploding for several big plays, but Texas is way too athletic and way too good right now to fall to anyone. However, this week’s road game at Nebraska will show whether or not the team is for real.

4. USC (6-0)
W, Arizona State 28-21
next game: at Oregon State (Oct. 28) 
Call this a puzzle piece fit. USC is not playing like the fourth best team in America right now, but it did blowout Arkansas to start the season. The Hogs beat Auburn, which beat Florida, which beat Tennessee, which beat Cal. This is a concession to what USC has earned and now how well it’s playing.

5. West Virginia (6-0)
W, Syracuse 41-17
next game: at Connecticut 
The defense is no big deal and the offense still has yet to face a run defense with a pulse, but it’ll keep on rolling thanks to Pat White, Steve Slaton, and the marvelous offensive line. With Louisville looking like garbage, WVU is now the clear class of the Big East.

6. Arkansas  (5-1)
W, SE Missouri State 63-7
next game: Ole Miss
Fine, so Arkansas might not be the sixth best team in America, but it beat Auburn who beat, well, you know the drill. This is an innocent until proven guilty ranking. Arkansas, go out and earn this.

Auburn (5-1)
W, Florida 27-17
next game: Tulane
The defense finally started to play like the crushing and killing group we were all waiting for. Now it’s up to Kenny Irons and the offense to finally get going for the Tigers to get back into the national title picture.

8. Florida (6-1)
L, at Auburn 27-17
next game: Georgia (Oct. 28)
This probably isn’t fair, but it is what it is after the tough loss at Auburn. About 100 other teams would have at least three losses with the Gator schedule.

9. Tennessee (5-1)
Didn’t play this week
next game: Alabama  
Do you want to play the Vols right now? The Georgia win lost some of its luster this weekend, but the team really is playing well. If this is a true contender for big things, it blows out a mediocre Alabama after having two weeks to prepare.

10. California (6-1)
W, Washington State 21-3
next game: Washington
Cal proved it can win in breathtaking fashion, and now against Washington State, it proved it can win when it doesn’t get the home run ball. This might be everyone’s pick to win the Pac 10, but it’s still going to take a monumental effort to knock off USC in L.A.

11. Notre Dame (5-1)
Didn’t play this week
next game: UCLA
Basically, the belief is that the Notre Dame team that got whacked around for three quarters by Michigan State is the same one that would get its doors blown off by Cal, Tennessee, and everyone else ranked in the top ten, with the exception of Arkansas. The Irish caught a bigger break than you might think with the injury to Brian Madden making Navy a shadow of its former self for what was going to be a dangerous game two weeks from now.

12. LSU (5-2)
W, Kentucky 49-0
next game: Fresno State
It really is creepy how destructive the Tigers are at home. It would’ve been interesting to see where they’d be if they got Florida and Auburn in their house. It helps to play mediocre competition, but this really is a night-and-day different group in Death Valley.

13. Boston College (5-1)
W, Virginia Tech 22-3
next game: at Florida State 
The one loss came on a last second deep pass to NC State. Beating Clemson and Virginia Tech proves that BC is among the cream of the ACC crop, but if it’s the real deal, it beats an average Florida State in Tallahassee. Doesn’t it seem like every week is when BC is going to prove it’s really, really good? What does it have to do?

14. Clemson (6-1)
W, at Temple 63-9
next game: Georgia Tech 
The Georgia Tech game will go a long way to determining the ACC pecking order. The running game is there, but now the defense will have to prove it can keep Calvin Johnson in check.

15. Georgia Tech (5-1)
Didn’t play last week
next game: at Clemson
Sort of lying in wait after the opening night loss to Notre Dame, Georgia Tech can get into the top ten discussion with a win at Clemson. The Coastal Division is there for the taking. 

16. Oregon (5-1)
W, UCLA 30-20
next game: at Washington State 
Isn’t it amazing how everyone jumped off the bandwagon after getting blasted by a very, very good Cal team at home? The Ducks have balance and just enough defense to make more noise in the race. The number two spot is still within reach, but with a little luck, the Pac 10 title is still a possibility.

17. Wisconsin (6-1)
W, Minnesota 48-12
next game: at Purdue
No one played Michigan tougher than the Badgers, and now the offense has a passing game to rely on. If Wisconsin is worthy of a top 15 spot, or even higher, it’ll come out of West Lafayette with a blowout win next week. No one in America is running better right now than P.J. Hill.

18. Louisville (6-0)
W, Cincinnati 23-17
next game: at Syracuse
Yup … Louisville sank like a stone. The Miami win now appears to be slightly more impressive than beating Miami University, and there have been absolutely no other wins of note. A national title-caliber team, at home, doesn’t let Cincinnati have a shot at the end zone to win the game.

19. Texas A&M (6-1)
W, Missouri, 25-19
next game: at Oklahoma State
Missouri is absolutely that good, and Texas A&M was able to take care of business at home. Don’t be the slightest bit shocked if Oklahoma State boots A&M right out of the Top 25 next week.

20. Missouri (6-1)
L, at Texas A&M 25-19
next game: Kansas State
What has to be most frustrating for Missouri is that it knows in its heart of hearts that it’s better than Texas A&M, but didn’t bring anything close to its A game to College Station. There are chances against Oklahoma and Nebraska coming up to get the groove back.

21. Nebraska (6-1)
W, at Kansas State 21-3
next game: Texas
Even after seven games this is still a mystery team. It would be nice to see the attack open things up a little bit, but just getting out of next week with a win over Texas would be enough.

22. Oklahoma (4-2)
W, Iowa State 34-9
next game: Colorado
It might not seem cruel to ask, but is Oklahoma a top 25 team without No. 28? Probably not.

23. Boise State (7-0)
W, at New Mexico State 40-24
next game: Idaho
The Utah win now looks like it might as well have been against Utah State, however, the wins over Wyoming and Hawaii are better than you think.

24. Pitt (6-1)
W, at UCF 52-7
next game: Rutgers
Don’t forget about this bunch down the stretch. It’s starting to hit its stride at just the right time and gets the big boys, Louisville and West Virginia, at home.

25. Rutgers (6-0)
W, at Navy 34-0
next game: at Pitt
Much will be made out of keeping the Navy running game under wraps, but that was mostly due to knocking out Midshipman QB Brian Madden. A win at Pitt would show everyone that Rutgers deserves to be considered a Big East title contender.

  1. Wake Forest (6-1)
  2. BYU (4-2)
  3. NC State (3-3)
  4. Alabama (5-2)
  5. Hawaii (4-2)
  6. Georgia (5-2)
  7. Virginia Tech (4-2)
  8. Iowa  (5-2)
  9. Florida State (4-2)
  10. Penn State (4-3)
  11. Washington (4-3)
  12. UCLA (4-2)
  13. South Carolina (4-2)
  14. Tulsa (5-1)
  15. Washington State (4-3)
  16. Arizona State (3-3)
  17. Purdue (5-2)
  18. Texas Tech (4-3)
  19. Miami (4-2)
  20. Vanderbilt (3-4)
  21. Minnesota (2-5)
  22. Air Force (3-2)
  23. Colorado State (4-2)
  24. Navy (5-2)
  25. TCU (3-2)
  26. Maryland (4-2)
  27. Southern Miss (4-2)
  28. Oregon State (3-3)
  29. South Florida (5-2)
  30. Syracuse (3-4)
  31. Iowa State (3-4)
  32. Kansas State (4-3)
  33. Oklahoma State (4-2)
  34. Baylor (3-4)
  35. Colorado (1-6)
  36. Kentucky (3-4)
  37. Wyoming (3-4)
  38. Kent State (5-2)
  39. Indiana (4-3)
  40. Kansas (3-4)
  41. Arizona  (3-4)
  42. Central Michigan (4-3)
  43. Utah (4-3)
  44. Nevada (3-3)
  45. Michigan State (3-4)
  46. Cincinnati (3-4)
  47. Ole Miss  (2-5)
  48. North Carolina (1-5)
  49. Ohio (4-3)
  50. Western Michigan (4-2)
  51. Akron (2-4)
  52. Connecticut (3-3)
  53. UL Lafayette (3-2)
  54. East Carolina (2-4)
  55. UCF (2-4)
  56. New Mexico (3-4)
  57. Northern Illinois (4-3)
  58. Houston (4-3)
  59. UTEP (4-2)
  60. Virginia (2-5)
  61. Troy (2-4)
  62. Mississippi State (2-5)
  63. Illinois (2-5)
  64. Northwestern  (2-5)
  65. SMU (4-3)
  66. Toledo (2-5)
  67. San Jose State (4-1)
  68. San Diego State (0-5)
  69. Army (3-4)
  70. Marshall (1-5)
  71. Tulane (2-4)
  72. Idaho (4-3)
  73. Rice (2-5)
  74. Ball State (3-4)
  75. UAB (3-4)
  76. Bowling Green (4-3)
  77. New Mexico State (2-4)
  78. Louisiana Tech (1-5)
  79. UNLV (1-5)
  80. Duke (0-6)
  81. Stanford (0-7)
  82. Eastern Michigan (0-6)
  83. Middle Tennessee (3-3)
  84. Arkansas State (4-2)
  85. Memphis (1-5)
  86. North Texas (2-4)
  87. Miami Univ. (1-6)
  88. Utah State (1-6)
  89. Fresno State (1-5)
  90. FIU (0-7)
  91. Florida Atlantic (2-4)
  92. UL Monroe (1-5)
  93. Buffalo (1-5)
  94. Temple  (0-7)