CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week Eight
Posted Oct 22, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. Ohio State (8-0)
W, Indiana 44-3
next game: Minnesota
The Buckeyes aren’t even being threatened at this point, but they also haven’t really beaten a team that was fully jelled. Considering Colt McCoy of Texas is far better now than he was when OSU won in Austin, it’s going to take a whole season before we finally see what they can do against a good team that can play both offense and defense.  

2. Michigan (8-0)
W, Iowa 20-6
next game: Northwestern
Isn’t it amazing that a double-digit win, thanks to a dominant defensive performance, can somehow be viewed as a disappointment? The Wolverines might not be playing as well as Ohio State, but the defense is the best in America.

3. Texas  (7-1)
W, at Nebraska 22-20
next game: at Texas Tech
The defense gave up a few too many big plays to the Huskers, and was a bit shaky on offense, but to win in Lincoln in a game like that might be among the five best victories this season. Colt McCoy is turning into a playmaker.

4. USC (6-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Oregon State    
O.K. USC, you’re here because of the win over Arkansas to start the season. Now that you’re rested, earn the spot by blowing out Oregon State.

5. West Virginia (7-0)
W, at Connecticut 37-11
next game: at Louisville (Nov. 2) 
Everyone will get all fired up about the Louisville game, but at the moment, that doesn’t appear to be anything more than a West Virginia blowout. The real test might come against Rutgers. Pat White should be getting more recognition in the Heisman race.

6. Arkansas (6-1)
W, Ole Miss 38-3
next game: UL Monroe
The running game was held in check by Ole Miss the Hogs still won in a blowout. The bad news for the SEC is that Mitch Mustain is starting to get better and better.

7. Auburn (6-1)
W, Tulane 38-13
next game: at Ole Miss
It was the perfect game against Tulane. Kenny Irons got to take the day off, Brandon Cox was perfect, and young playmakers got to see some quality time and get a big confidence boost.

8. Florida (6-1)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Georgia
If Georgia plays like it has over the last few weeks, a rested Gator team should win the Cocktail-Party-Not-A-Cocktail-Party by 25.

9. Tennessee (6-1)
W, Alabama 16-13
next game: at South Carolina  
The jury might be out on just how good the Vols really are. The win at Georgia might not have been that big a deal. South Carolina might not be Florida or Auburn, but it’s playing well enough to provide a tough test.

10. California (7-1)
W, Washington 31-24 OT
next game: UCLA (Nov. 4)
Cal survived a strange game against Washington needing a big late score and overtime to come away with the win. Marshawn Lynch was fantastic on two inured ankles, and now he gets two weeks off to rest before facing UCLA.

11. LSU (6-2)
W, Fresno State 38-6
next game: at Tennessee (Nov. 4)
Is LSU amazing at home because it hasn’t played anyone with a pulse (yes) or is it really a great team that just so happened to lose on the road to national title-caliber Florida and Auburn teams (yes). A win in Knoxville in two weeks is a must to get the true national respect this team probably deserves.

12. Boston College (6-1)
W, at Florida State 24-19
next game: Buffalo 
How good does that Clemson win look now? The Eagles are one last-gasp bomb from NC State away from being in the top five and in the thick of the national title chase. Few teams in America find ways to win like this one.

13. Clemson (7-1)
W, Georgia Tech 31-7
next game: at Virginia Tech (Oct. 26) 
Dominating Georgia Tech at home in the craziness of Death Valley is one thing, doing at Virginia Tech on a Thursday night is another. This is starting to become everyone’s darling team, and the love can be warranted with a big win over the Hokies.

14. Wisconsin (7-1)
W, at Purdue 24-3
next game: Illinois
This might sound crazy, but Ohio State might be getting a break not playing the Badgers right now, and not the other way around. Everything is clicking with the defense shutting down the high-octane Purdue offense and P.J. Hill carrying a surprisingly balanced (at times) offense.

15. Rutgers (7-0)
W, at Pitt 20-10
next game: Connecticut
Everyone wants to talk about West Virginia and Louisville, but this is the second best team in the Big East at the moment. The pass rush on Pitt’s Tyler Palko was tremendous, while Ray Rice is starting to show that he deserves a seat in New York on Heisman day. If there was just a little more pizzazz to the passing game, this might be a top ten team.

16. Notre Dame (6-1)
W, UCLA 20-17
next game: vs. Navy
Sorry, Notre Dame; UCLA isn’t that good. There’s no pass protection, the secondary still stinks, and now there’s no running game.

17. Louisville (7-0)
W, at Syracuse 28-13
next game: West Virginia (Nov. 2)
Possibly the nation’s most overrated team at the moment, the Cardinals aren’t nearly as explosive as everyone thinks they are. If they play against West Virginia like they’ve played over the last few weeks, they’ll get blasted by three touchdowns. Of course, a win in two weeks would mean a skyrocket up the charts.
18. Georgia Tech (5-2)
L, at Clemson 31-7
next game: Miami
Most teams would get crushed in the lion’s den that was Death Valley on Saturday night. Beating Miami might not seem like that big a deal anymore, but the Yellow Jackets can get back on everyone’s good side with an impressive win. 

19. Nebraska (6-2)
L, Texas 22-20
next game: Oklahoma State
The Huskers threw their haymakers and gave Texas their best shot. Many assume that there will be a rematch in the Big 12 title game, but don’t assume a win over Missouri.

20. Texas A&M (7-1)
W, at Oklahoma State 34-33 OT
next game: at Baylor
A&M is here because it has to be thanks to the win over Missouri. The performance against Oklahoma State was a bit too shaky to truly consider the Aggies a threat for the Big 12 title. Watch out for Baylor and its hot passing game this week.

21. Missouri (7-1)
W, Kansas State 41-21
next game: Oklahoma
This is one of the 15 best teams in America, but it can’t be ranked ahead of Texas A&M at the moment thanks to the loss in College Station two weeks ago. No one wants to believe it, but the Tigers are probably going to be playing in the Big 12 title game.

22. Washington State (5-3)
W, Oregon 34-23
next game: at UCLA 
The three losses came at Auburn and against USC and Cal. No shame there. The Cougars have quickly turned into the Pac 10’s third best team, and can cement the spot with a win over UCLA.

23. Wake Forest (6-1)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at North Carolina
In case you forgot, the one loss was a tough fourth quarter collapse against a Clemson team that just obliterated Georgia Tech.

24. Oklahoma (5-2)
W, Colorado 24-3
next game: at Missouri
The defense stepped up its play and Allen Patrick was solid against Colorado in place of Adrian Peterson. To win at Missouri, the passing game has to start winging it around effectively.

25. Boise State (8-0)
W, Idaho 42-26
next game: Fresno State (Nov. 1)
If you want to argue that the Broncos probably belong around the 40ish range, there won’t be any argument. It took way, way, way too long to put away Idaho.

  1. BYU (5-2)
  2. Oregon (5-2)
  3. Pitt (6-2)
  4. Alabama (5-3)
  5. Hawaii (5-2)
  6. Virginia Tech (5-2)
  7. Iowa  (5-3)
  8. Penn State (5-3)
  9. Washington (4-4)
  10. UCLA (4-3)
  11. Georgia (6-2)
  12. South Carolina (5-2)
  13. Tulsa (6-1)
  14. Arizona State (4-3)
  15. Texas Tech (5-3)
  16. Maryland (5-2)
  17. Baylor (4-4)
  18. Wyoming (4-4)
  19. Purdue (5-3)
  20. NC State (3-4)
  21. Miami (5-2)
  22. Vanderbilt (3-5)
  23. Colorado State (4-3)
  24. Navy (5-2)
  25. TCU (4-2)
  26. Oregon State (4-3)
  27. Florida State (4-3)
  28. Oklahoma State (4-3)
  29. Cincinnati (4-4)
  30. Colorado (1-7)
  31. Kentucky (3-4)
  32. Southern Miss (4-3)
  33. Kent State (5-2)
  34. Indiana (4-4)
  35. Kansas (3-5)
  36. East Carolina (3-4)
  37. Central Michigan (5-3)
  38. Air Force (3-3)
  39. Kansas State (4-4)
  40. Nevada (4-3)
  41. Michigan State (4-4)
  42. Syracuse (3-5)
  43. Ole Miss  (2-6)
  44. South Florida (5-3)
  45. Minnesota (3-5)
  46. Ohio (5-3)
  47. Western Michigan (5-2)
  48. Arizona  (3-5)
  49. Akron (3-4)
  50. Connecticut (3-4)
  51. UL Lafayette (4-2)
  52. New Mexico (4-4)
  53. Illinois (2-6)
  54. Houston (5-3)
  55. Utah (4-4)
  56. Iowa State (3-5)
  57. Northern Illinois (5-3)
  58. UTEP (4-3)
  59. Virginia (3-5)
  60. Troy (2-4)
  61. Mississippi State (2-6)
  62. Northwestern  (2-6)
  63. SMU (4-4)
  64. San Jose State (4-2)
  65. Duke (0-7)
  66. North Carolina (1-6)
  67. San Diego State (1-5)
  68. Army (3-5)
  69. Marshall (2-5)
  70. Rice (3-5
  71. Tulane (2-5)
  72. Idaho (4-3)
  73. UCF (2-5)
  74. Ball State (3-5)
  75. UAB (3-5)
  76. Bowling Green (4-4)
  77. Toledo (2-6)
  78. New Mexico State (2-5)
  79. Louisiana Tech (2-5)
  80. UNLV (1-6)
  81. Stanford (0-8)
  82. Eastern Michigan (1-6)
  83. Middle Tennessee (4-3)
  84. Arkansas State (5-2)
  85. Memphis (1-6)
  86. North Texas (2-5)
  87. Miami Univ. (1-7)
  88. Utah State (1-7)
  89. Fresno State (1-6)
  90. FIU (0-7)
  91. Florida Atlantic (2-5)
  92. UL Monroe (1-6)
  93. Buffalo (1-6)
  94. Temple  (0-8)