CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week Nine
Posted Oct 29, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. Ohio State (9-0)
W, Minnesota 44-0
next game: at Illinois
It might be easy to overlook how easy Ohio State is making this look. While top teams are struggling left and right (Auburn vs. Ole Miss), the Buckeyes are getting stronger and stronger while not letting inferior teams breathe. 

2. Michigan (9-0)
W, Northwestern 17-3
next game: Ball State
Doesn’t it seem like Michigan’s offense is having problems getting going every week? It’s effective, and it doesn’t take many chances with a defense that’s not allowing a thing, but it would be nice if the attack blew up soon. If it doesn’t hang 40 on Ball State, it’ll be time to be concerned.

3. Texas  (8-1)
W, at Texas Tech 35-31
next game: Oklahoma State
Is Texas growing into a mentally tough team that can handle adversity, like getting down 21 against Texas Tech, or is it really that average? It’s a little of both. One rocky outing against Oklahoma State next week and an impressive win by West Virginia over Louisville means a change in the top three.

4. West Virginia (7-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Louisville (Nov. 2) 
Here we go. This is perfect for West Virginia. Louisville isn’t playing well, so there’s a chance the Mountaineers can win in a blowout and get everyone buzzing, and with the USC loss, can cement a place in the national title game by winning out.

5. Arkansas (7-1)
W, UL Monroe 44-10
next game: at South Carolina
This might seem high, and the Hogs have fattened up on some bad teams, but the ground game continues to be dominant and the team is able to get better week after week. Now we get to see if it’s for real with a trip to South Carolina this week.

6. Auburn (7-1)
W, at Ole Miss 23-17
next game: Arkansas State
Eeeeeesh. The offense rolled on Ole Miss, but there were several mistakes. This didn’t look like a team worthy of playing for the national title. The Arkansas State game has to be a sharp blow out; the team needs to be tuned up for the finishing kick.

7. Florida (7-1)
W, Georgia 21-14
next game: at Vanderbilt
Many might dog the Gators for having problems putting away a lousy Georgia team, but the defense was tremendous. When all is said and done, we’re going to be debating Florida vs. West Virginia for the second spot in the BCS championship game.

8. Tennessee (7-1)
W, at South Carolina 31-24
next game: LSU  
Even though the South Carolina win wasn’t a thing of beauty, it was a road win in a hostile environment against a jacked up team. Beat LSU, move up. It’ll be that simple.

9. California (7-1)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: UCLA
Cal sort of needed USC to keep winning to up the chances to play for the national title. Now the Bears have to start crushing and killing to get into the discussion.

10. USC (6-1)
L, at Oregon State 33-31
next game: at Stanford
The Trojans are probably better than tenth (and don’t just assume they’ll lose the big games late), but the shaky wins followed up by the bad performance (by everyone other than Steve Smith) in the loss to Oregon State moves them way down. Maybe this will be the game that brings everything together for the stretch run.

11. LSU (6-2)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Tennessee (Nov. 4)
It’s time LSU beats a team with a pulse. Tennessee at Tennessee certainly qualifies.

12. Boston College (7-1)
W, Buffalo 41-0
next game: at Wake Forest 
Boston College at Wake Forest for the ACC title?! Yup. BC isn’t flashy and doesn’t get the juiced flowing, but it wins and is one miracle play against NC State away from being unbeaten.

13. Wisconsin (8-1)
W, Illinois 30-24
next game: Penn State
The Illinois game was way too close. With P.J. Hill banged up, the Badgers had a hard time closing it out and had to survive a scare. Penn State’s defense is playing just well enough to make next week’s showdown an honest chance to see if Bret Bielema’s team is for real.
Clemson (7-2)
L, at Virginia Tech 24-7
next game: Maryland 
All the “Clemson is the best ACC team” talk is gone now. Chalk up the loss to Virginia Tech to running into a buzzsaw on the road five days after the Georgia Tech win. To stay in the top 15, the jets have to be turned back on against a resurgent Maryland team.

Notre Dame (7-1)
W, Navy 38-14
next game: North Carolina
Ooooooh, another win over Navy (without its starting quarterback). Washington State just blasted the same UCLA team Notre Dame had so many problems with last week.

Rutgers (8-0)
W, Connecticut 24-13
next game: Louisville (Nov. 9)
The offense doesn't have any sort of a passing game to rely on if Ray Rice and the running game are shut down, like they were against Connecticut. The defense and special teams were able to pick up the slack, but the O had better be far more effective with the big boys coming up.

17. Louisville (7-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: West Virginia (Nov. 2)
All the average games and close calls over the last few weeks can be brushed aside with a win over West Virginia this week. An impressive performance gets the national title talk really rolling.
18. Georgia Tech (6-2)
W, Miami 30-23
next game: at NC State
Miami gave Tech its best shot, and had all the momentum early, but Reggie Ball and the offense came through. Expect a 10-2 record (with a win over Georgia) on the way to the ACC Championship game. A spot in the BCS is there for the taking. 

19. Oklahoma (6-2)
W, at Missouri 26-10
next game: at Texas A&M
Does anyone play better when its back is against the wall? Missouri is a great team, and the Sooners went into Columbia and dominated. Paul Thompson is playing extremely well, and the defense is doing a fantastic job.

20. Texas A&M (8-1)
W, at Baylor 31-21
next game: Oklahoma
Here we go with the real stretch run facing Oklahoma, Nebraska, and a road trio to Texas. Win those three, and win the Big 12 title game, and the Aggies could come from out of nowhere to be a fringe national title team.

21. Missouri (7-2)
L, Oklahoma 26-10
next game: at Nebraska
It’s a shame the Tigers keep beating themselves. Oklahoma dominated Missouri, but Gary Pinkel’s club did its share to help the cause. Even so, a win at Nebraska likely means the Big 12 North title.

22. Washington State (6-3)
W, at UCLA 37-15
next game: Arizona 
Is this the most underrated team in the country? The Cougars went on the road and waxed a UCLA team that came within a few seconds of beating Notre Dame in South Bend.

23. Wake Forest (7-1)
W, at North Carolina 24-17
next game: Boston College
7-1 Wake Forest. Let that sink in. 7-1 Wake Forest. A win against Boston College might finally get people thinking an ACC title is possible.

24. Boise State (8-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Fresno State (Nov. 1)
In case you forgot, that Oregon State team that beat USC got absolutely obliterated by Boise State. Watch out for that Nevada game at the end of the year.

25. Oregon State (5-3)
W, USC 33-31 
next game: Arizona State
The three losses came to Boise State, Cal, and Washington State. The loss to the Broncos wasn’t pretty, but there’s no shame in the other two.

  1. Virginia Tech (6-2)
  2. BYU (6-2)
  3. Oregon (6-2)
  4. Pitt (6-2)
  5. Alabama (6-3)
  6. Hawaii (6-2)
  7. Oklahoma State (5-3)
  8. Iowa  (6-3)
  9. Nebraska (6-3)
  10. Penn State (6-3)
  11. UCLA (4-4)
  12. Georgia (6-3)
  13. South Carolina (5-3)
  14. Tulsa (7-1)
  15. Arizona State (5-3)
  16. Texas Tech (5-4)
  17. Maryland (6-2)
  18. Washington (4-5)
  19. Baylor (4-5)
  20. TCU (5-2)
  21. Purdue (5-4)
  22. NC State (3-5)
  23. Miami (5-3)
  24. Indiana (5-4)
  25. Wyoming (4-5)
  26. Vanderbilt (4-5)
  27. Navy (5-3)
  28. Florida State (4-4)
  29. Cincinnati (5-4)
  30. Kentucky (3-5)
  31. Kansas (4-5)
  32. New Mexico (5-4)
  33. East Carolina (4-4)
  34. Central Michigan (5-3)
  35. Air Force (3-4)
  36. Colorado State (4-4)
  37. Southern Miss (4-4)
  38. Kansas State (5-4)
  39. Colorado (1-8)
  40. Nevada (5-3)
  41. Michigan State (4-5)
  42. Ohio (6-3)
  43. Syracuse (3-6)
  44. Ole Miss  (2-7)
  45. South Florida (5-3)
  46. Minnesota (3-6)
  47. Kent State (5-3)
  48. Western Michigan (6-2)
  49. Arizona (3-5)
  50. Connecticut (3-5)
  51. Illinois (2-7)
  52. Houston (6-3)
  53. Utah (5-4)
  54. Northern Illinois (5-4)
  55. UTEP (4-4)
  56. Virginia (4-5)
  57. Mississippi State (2-7)
  58. Northwestern (2-7)
  59. San Jose State (5-2)
  60. SMU (4-4)
  61. Akron (3-5)
  62. Iowa State (3-6)
  63. Duke (0-7)
  64. North Carolina (1-7)
  65. Tulane (3-5)
  66. Army (3-6)
  67. Marshall (3-5)
  68. Rice (3-5)
  69. Idaho (4-4)
  70. UCF (2-6)
  71. Ball State (4-5)
  72. UAB (3-5)
  73. Troy (3-4)
  74. Toledo (3-6)
  75. UL Lafayette (4-3)
  76. New Mexico State (2-6)
  77. San Diego State (1-6)
  78. Louisiana Tech (2-6)
  79. UNLV (1-7)
  80. Stanford (0-9)
  81. Bowling Green (4-5)
  82. Florida Atlantic (3-5)
  83. Eastern Michigan (1-7)
  84. Middle Tennessee (5-3)
  85. Arkansas State (5-3)
  86. Memphis (1-7)
  87. Miami Univ. (1-8)
  88. Utah State (1-7)
  89. Fresno State (1-6)
  90. Temple  (1-8)
  91. North Texas (2-6)
  92. FIU (0-7)
  93. UL Monroe (1-7)
  94. Buffalo (1-7)