Tuesday Question - The nat'l title will be ..

Posted Oct 31, 2006

Tuesday Question - The national championship matchup will be ...

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Pete Fiutak       
Q: The national championship matchup will be...?

A: Ohio State vs. West Virginia ... Realizing that Louisville can make me look extremely silly in a few days, and bunkering down against the e-mail barrage that will come from Cardinal fans if Brian Brohm and the boys pull of the win, I think West Virginia is going to tag Louisville with a big enough win to get the voters all juiced up. That will be enough to keep the Mountaineers up high in the rankings and in range just ahead of the one-loss SEC champion.

I'm actually less sold on Ohio State being in Arizona. I'm not hating on the Buckeyes, I'm loving the Wolverine defense. The more I watch Michigan, the more I believe its defense is something beyond special, and the more I believe it has something up its sleeve for Ohio State. Even so, I'm not selling out on the Buckeyes quite yet.

Richard Cirminiello  
Q: The national championship matchup will be...?

A: Ohio State vs. Florida – A million things are going to happen from now until early December, however, the Big East delivering an unbeaten team won’t be one of them, which means there’ll be a free-for-all to face the Michigan-Ohio State winner.  Louisville will beat West Virginia at home Thursday night before getting dumped by Rutgers in Piscataway the following Thursday.  From there, all hell will break loose from a BCS perspective.  For a change, the presence of a league championship game will actually help the SEC with Florida emerging as the top one-loss team after beating the West winner on Dec. 2.  No matter what happens, it’s going to be very tight between two or three teams, including Michigan, which will watch for two weeks as teams fall around it.  Don’t sleep on the Wolverines, who will still have a legit crack at making it to Glendale as long as they show well in Columbus and the Big East’s depth results in a cannibalization among the conference’s ranked teams.                

John Harris     
Q: The national championship matchup will be...?

A. All year long, I’ve said Ohio State would be one of the two teams in the national championship game.  I do think that even though Michigan is playing well, I don’t know if they can beat Ohio State with Mario Manningham not at full strength.  So, the Buckeyes are in…went out on a limb with that one, huh?

The other, oh boy.  I think that if West Virginia wins handily over Louisville and Rutgers, they’ll be the other team without much debate.  I do believe that for as much as voters will say that last year doesn’t matter much, the win over Georgia in the Sugar Bowl will matter for a lot, only because it’s Florida that’ll trail them.  The argument that a one loss team from the SEC (Florida) is better than an undefeated West Virginia team doesn’t hold much water considering what WVU did to Georgia last year in the Sugar Bowl.  Is either 2006 Florida a different team than 2005 Georgia?  Sure, but there’s no way of directly comparing the two, so perhaps voters will vote on what happened when WVU did play an SEC team.  As such, I don’t think that if WVU wins out that Florida will jump them to number two.

I think if Louisville beats WVU and Rutgers, it’s going to have to be convincing in both cases to go to Tempe.  Sure, they’ll have beaten an 11-1 and a 10-2 team, along with Miami, but the Cardinals needed Miami to win out and go to the ACC championship game to have some cache with voters.  As a result, they’ve got to decisively handle WVU and Rutgers to get there, or else a one loss Florida team (albeit with only one loss at season’s end) will jump into the number two spot. 

The only other one loss team that could be in, and don’t think it can’t happen – Oklahoma lost in their championship game and still went to the Sugar Bowl in 2003 – the Michigan/Ohio State loser.  I do think that voters will move the loser down perhaps one spot more than usual to ensure that we don’t get a rematch, but a nailbiting close win for either, who knows what voters will do?

In order of what I think we could/will see in Tempe.
1.  Ohio State – West Virginia
2.  Ohio State – Florida
3.  Ohio State – Michigan (the rematch)
4.  Ohio State – Louisville

Matthew Zemek    
Q: The national championship matchup will be...?

A: Sticking with Ohio State and Louisville, the pick from two weeks ago.

Everyone but Ohio State will lose, and human beings will save the world--well, the college football world, anyway--by voting the unbeaten Big East team No. 2 on Nov. 19. That team is going to emerge from this upcoming Thursday's showdown, and because of West Virginia's utter lack of a proven passing game, the choice--in a toss-up game--is the homestanding Cards.