CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week Ten
Posted Nov 6, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. Ohio State (10-0)
W, at Illinois W 17-10
next game: at Northwestern
Every team needs a week off in a long season. Chalk up the awful performance against Illinois to a little bit of a letdown, but if there are problems at Northwestern, then it might be time to rethink the Buckeyes as the be all, end all number one team.

2. Michigan (10-0)
W, Ball State 34-26
next game: at Indiana
Yeeeeeesh. Is Michigan really that average or was it a case of looking ahead to Ohio State already? If the Wolverines play against Indiana like they played against Ball State, they could be in big, big trouble.

3. Texas  (9-1)
W, at Oklahoma State 36-10
next game: at Kansas State
No one wants to seem to give Texas any love. This is a much better offense than it was early in the season, while the defense showed against Oklahoma State that it can, on occasion, slow down and befuddle a great offense.

4. California (8-1)
W, UCLA 38-24
next game: at Arizona
The defense had a down game against UCLA, but the offense has the weapons to roll on anyone in America. Everything’s coming together just at the right time. Does the team have what it takes to get by USC? If so, this really might be the best of the one-loss teams.
5. Arkansas (8-1)
W, at South Carolina 26-20
next game: Tennessee
Even after beating South Carolina in Columbia, there’s still a major question mark about the Hogs. At this point in the season, if you don’t have your quarterback situation figured out, how can you be this high? Have you seen Darren McFadden and the running game?

6. Auburn (8-1)
W, Arkansas State W 27-0
next game: Georgia
Auburn had better be saving the good stuff on offense for someone special, or it probably shouldn’t be considered in the top ten, much less for the top five.

7. Florida (8-1)
W, at Vanderbilt 25-19
next game: South Carolina
It’s not sexy, but the defense is doing a great job of carrying the team to a national title caliber season. Now the offense has to start to play up to expectations.

8. USC (7-1)
W, at Stanford 42-0
next game: Oregon
Forget about the blowout win over Stanford; you and ten friends could hang 42 on the Cardinal. Even so, watch out for the Trojans down the stretch. With more big games left than anyone else, a few impressive performances will rocket them up the rankings.

9. LSU (7-2)
W, at Tennessee 28-24
next game: Alabama
LSU finally showed it can actually beat a big-time team. Now it needs to keep doing it, although, beating Alabama might not qualify anymore. The Arkansas game Is just around the bend.

10. Wisconsin (9-1)
W, Illinois 30-24
next game: Penn State
Very, very quietly, Wisconsin is steamrolling its way to an amazing season. The defense is playing as well as any in America, while the offense has a great mix of talents that are all coming together at the right time.

11. Tennessee (7-2)
L, LSU 28-24
next game: at Arkansas 
The Vols are roughly three plays against Florida and LSU from being unbeaten and in everyone’s number three spot. Until Erik Ainge is healthy, this probably isn’t a top ten team. One win over Arkansas can change that in a hurry

12. Louisville (8-0)
W, West Virginia 44-34
next game: at Rutgers
Sure, the offense can crank out a bazillion points on anyone in Papa John’s, but that defense leaves a lot to be desired. Call this a holding pen; a blowout win at Rutgers would finally prove that the team really is that good away from home. Then it’ll move up. Way up.

13. Notre Dame (8-1)
W, North Carolina 45-26
next game: at Air Force
The Irish might be really good, but no way, no how would the secondary have any prayer against Louisville or Tennessee.
14. Oklahoma (7-2)
W, at Texas A&M 17-16
next game: Texas Tech
Who’d have ever thought that the team would turn out to play even better without Adrian Peterson? The offensive line has jelled into something special.

15. Rutgers (8-0)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Louisville
Alright Knights, here’s your chance to show what you can do. Everyone’s in love with Louisville at the moment, but those affections can quickly change with a big win on Thursday night.

16. West Virginia (7-1)
L, at Louisville 44-34
next game: Cincinnati 
Now that everyone has jumped off the bandwagon and noticed how average the defense is, watch for the Mountaineers to lay low and creep up the rankings as the offense continues to rip through everyone in its path.

17. Georgia Tech (7-2)
W, at NC State W 31-23
next game: at North Carolina
Being the best team in the ACC this year isn’t exactly anything to brag about. It’s taking a little too much work to beat average teams.
18. Wake Forest (8-1)
W, Boston College 21-14
next game: at Florida State
At what point does everyone have to admit the team is the absolute real deal? Beating Boston College is more impressive than it might appear. Florida State might be down, but it’s still dangerous and is still a bit test. The Demon Deacons have to keep proving themselves over a tough finishing kick.

19. BYU (7-2)
W, at Colorado State 24-3 
next game: Wyoming
Everyone knows the offense rocks, and now the defense is killing everyone in the Mountain West. This is the league’s best team, and it’s not even close.

20. Texas A&M (8-2)
L, Oklahoma 17-16
next game: Nebraska
Roughly two plays away from being unbeaten, the Aggies have to prove that the first part of the season, with an easy schedule, wasn’t a fluke. Beating Nebraska is a must to be in the hunt for one of the league’s better bowls.

21. Boston College (7-2)
L, at Wake Forest 21-14
next game: Duke
Wake Forest has a brutal final few games, so BC can’t let down. It’s still in the race for the Atlantic Division title needing to beat Duke, Maryland and Miami and hope for help.

22. Oregon (7-2)
W, Washington 34-14
next game: at USC 
The running game is dominating while Dennis Dixon has been efficient. He’ll have to be special to beat USC this week.

23. Boise State (9-0)
W, Fresno State 45-21
next game: at San Jose State
Style points are everything now. No one will give any credit to a big win over San Jose State, but it’s not going to be a walk in the park.

24. Oregon State (6-3)
W, Arizona State 44-10
next game: at UCLA
The team is starting to roll thanks to improved play from QB Matt Moore. The number three spot in the league is still there for the taking, and with a little luck and a few USC losses, the second spot is possible.

25. Maryland (7-2)
W, at Clemson 13-12
next game: Miami 
All of a sudden, the Terps are in the thick of the ACC race. The destiny is in the team’s hands with Boston College and Wake Forest still ahead.

  1. Oklahoma State (5-4)
  2. Nebraska (7-3)
  3. Virginia Tech (7-2)
  4. Clemson (7-3)
  5. Hawaii (7-2)
  6. Missouri (7-3)
  7. Washington State (6-4)
  8. TCU (6-2)
  9. Texas Tech (6-4)
  10. Penn State (6-4)
  11. Florida State (5-4)
  12. Purdue (6-4)
  13. UCLA (4-5)
  14. South Carolina (5-4)
  15. Alabama (6-4)
  16. Kentucky (5-4)
  17. Minnesota (4-6)
  18. Indiana (5-5)
  19. Georgia (6-4)
  20. Miami (5-4)
  21. Vanderbilt (4-6)
  22. Kansas State (6-4)
  23. Iowa  (6-4)
  24. South Florida (6-3)
  25. Houston (7-3)
  26. Tulsa (7-2)
  27. Washington (4-6)
  28. Baylor (4-6)
  29. NC State (3-6)
  30. Wyoming (5-5)
  31. Navy (6-3)
  32. Pitt (6-3)
  33. Arizona State (5-4)
  34. Illinois (2-8)
  35. Mississippi State (3-7)
  36. Cincinnati (5-4)
  37. Kansas (5-5)
  38. New Mexico (5-4)
  39. East Carolina (5-4)
  40. Central Michigan (6-3)
  41. Air Force (4-4)
  42. Colorado State (4-5)
  43. Southern Miss (5-4)
  44. Nevada (6-3)
  45. Michigan State (4-6)
  46. Ohio (7-3)
  47. Syracuse (3-6)
  48. Ole Miss (3-7)
  49. Western Michigan (7-2)
  50. Arizona (4-5)
  51. Connecticut (3-4)
  52. Virginia (4-6)
  53. Colorado (1-9)
  54. Kent State (5-4)
  55. Northwestern (3-7)
  56. Utah (5-4)
  57. San Jose State (6-2)
  58. Northern Illinois (5-4)
  59. SMU (5-4)
  60. Akron (4-5)
  61. Duke (0-8)
  62. North Carolina (1-8)
  63. Tulane (3-6)
  64. Rice (4-5)
  65. UTEP (4-5)
  66. Army (3-7)
  67. Marshall (4-5)
  68. Idaho (4-5)
  69. UCF (2-7)
  70. Ball State (4-6)
  71. UAB (3-6)
  72. Troy (4-4)
  73. Iowa State (3-7)
  74. Toledo (3-6)
  75. UL Lafayette (4-4)
  76. New Mexico State (2-7)
  77. San Diego State (1-7)
  78. Louisiana Tech (3-6)
  79. UNLV (1-8)
  80. Stanford (0-9)
  81. Bowling Green (4-6)
  82. Florida Atlantic (3-6)
  83. Eastern Michigan (1-8)
  84. Middle Tennessee (6-3)
  85. Arkansas State (5-4)
  86. Memphis (1-8)
  87. Miami Univ. (1-9)
  88. Utah State (1-8)
  89. Fresno State (1-7)
  90. Buffalo (2-7)
  91. Temple  (1-9)
  92. North Texas (2-7)
  93. FIU (0-7)
  94. UL Monroe (1-7)