CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Nov. 19
Posted Nov 19, 2006

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. Ohio State (12-0)
W, Michigan 42-39
next game: Bowl Game
There’s absolutely no dogging the win over Michigan in any way. Sure the defense wasn’t great, but over 500 yards of offense and a phenomenal performance, at least in the first half, but Troy Smith made it a game, and this a team, to remember. Can it stay sharp with a 50 day layoff?

2. Michigan (11-1)
L, Ohio State 42-39
next game: Bowl Game
This isn’t the slam-dunk, number two team in the nation many think it is. The defense was awful once it had to play a real offense for the first time since the Notre Dame game. If Michigan is No. 2, USC is No. 2A.

3. USC (9-1)
W, California 23-9
next game: Notre Dame
Why is America dogging USC’s performance against Cal? The defense completely shut down one of the nation’s most explosive offenses, while John David Booty and the offense was solid in the second half. Beat Notre Dame, beat UCLA, play Ohio State.

4. Arkansas (10-1)
W, Mississippi State 28-14
next game: LSU
Arkansas beat a jacked up Mississippi State team even when the running game wasn’t quite working like it was supposed to. The trip to the SEC title game is locked up, but the win over LSU is a must going into the showdown with Florida.

5. Wisconsin (11-1)
W, Buffalo 35-3
next game: Bowl Game
This will be the best team that doesn’t play in the BCS. The Capital One Bowl will have to suffice with a chance for the program’s first 12-1 season. It’ll also be a shot to finally beat a team with a pulse.

6. Florida (10-1)
W, Western Carolina 62-0
next game: at Florida State
Oooooh, Western Carolina. The sad thing is that right now, it might be ooooo, Florida State. If the Gators have any national title aspirations, they’d better blow the Noles out of the water.

7. LSU (9-2)
W, Ole Miss 23-20 OT
next game: at Arkansas
Fine, so the Ole Miss win was hardly anything to jump up and down about, but it was still the team’s eighth home win of the season with a shot at getting a second straight double-digit year under Les Miles.

8. Notre Dame (10-1)
W, Army 41-9
next game: at USC
Here we go. Finally, Notre Dame enters the land of the living with a game against a real team. While the national title might be out of reach, finishing the second in the number two spot is still there for the taking by beating the Trojans and winning the bowl game.

9. Texas (9-2)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Texas A&M
The Longhorns had better beat A&M or the Sooners will end up in the Big 12 title game. Getting Colt McCoy back will help, but the secondary has to prove it can slow someone down.

10. Oklahoma (9-2)
W, at Baylor 36-10
next game: at Oklahoma State
The Sooners are turning the ball all over the place, but it doesn’t matter. The lines are playing well, and no team outside of Columbus appears to have more confidence.

11. BYU (9-2)
W, New Mexico 42-17
next game: at Utah
Unfortunately the Cougars have already locked up its spot in the Las Vegas Bowl. While they had no shot to get into the BCS, it would be nice to see what one of America’s hottest teams could’ve done against a truly big boy. Those close losses to Arizona and Boston College don’t look so bad now.

12. Louisville (9-1)
W, South Florida 31-8
next game: at Pitt
The Cardinals are in Big East’s spot in the BCS unless Rutgers beats West Virginia. If that doesn't happen, an at-large spot is still remotely possible with a little luck.

13. West Virginia (9-1)
W, at Pitt 45-27
next game: South Florida
West Virginia was overrated before, is underrated now. Pat White and Steve Slaton each deserve to be in New York for the Heisman ceremony, while the defense was fantastic in the second half against Pitt. No top team wants anything to do with the Mountaineers.

14. Auburn (10-2)
W, at Alabama 22-15
next game: Bowl Game
Fine, so the Tigers are here by record and reputation more than the performance of the team, but when the defense turns it on, this group can play with anyone. On the other hand, the offense ….

15. Tennessee (8-3)
W, Vanderbilt 39-10
next game: Kentucky 
Ahhhh. Life is back to Norman with Erik Ainge at quarterback. The Vols avoided the Vanderbilt letdown game and just need to beat Kentucky to likely take a firm grasp on a New Year’s Day bowl game.

16. California (8-3)
L, at USC 23-9
next game: Stanford (Dec. 2)
Where was the Cal offense against USC? Where was DeSean Jackson? Where was the consistency in the running game? The defense didn’t do a bad job, but the O was too lousy. Even so, a ten-win season is still possible.

17. Georgia Tech (9-2)
W, Duke 49-21
next game: Georgia
While Tech is generally acknowledged as the ACC’s best team at the moment, it’s by the slimmest of margins. An impressive performance against Georgia would be nice going into the ACC championship.

18. Boston College (9-2)
W, Maryland 38-16
next game: at Miami
The Eagles are still battling with an opportunistic defense and possible ACC Player of the Year Matt Ryan still playing at a high level. Beat Miami, cheer for Maryland to beat Wake Forest, go play Georgia Tech for the title.

19. Rutgers (9-1)
L, at Cincinnati 30-11
next game: Syracuse
Rutgers was the feel-good story of the season and then … thud. The passing game was awful against Cincinnati and the defense didn’t do nearly enough to come up with a big stop, but the Big East title and a spot in the BCS is still possible by beating Syracuse and West Virginia.

20. Nebraska (8-3)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Colorado
Can the Huskers show some fire in a meaningless game against Colorado? Going into the Big 12 title game on a high note would be nice.

21. Virginia Tech (9-2)
W, at Wake Forest 27-6
next game: Virginia  
Are the Hokies the best team in the ACC at the moment? The defense has fully jelled into a killer, while the offense, well, the defense has fully jelled into a killer. The win at Wake Forest proved that this is still one of the league’s to teams.

22. Maryland (8-3)
L, at Boston College 38-16
next game: Wake Forest
The Terps fought back well against Boston College, but too many mistakes and miscues killed their chances early. While they’re all but out of the ACC title hunt, they can make it interesting with a win over Wake Forest next week.

23. Wake Forest (9-2)
L, Virginia Tech 27-6
next game: at Maryland
The Virginia Tech loss was absolutely meaningless. All Wake Forest has to do is beat Maryland and it’s in the ACC title game.

24. Boise State (11-0)
W, at Utah State 49-10
next game: at Nevada
It’s this simple: beat Nevada and go to the BCS. The Broncos did what they’re supposed to do blowing out Utah State, but the Wolf Pack is red hot.

25. Texas A&M (8-3)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Texas  
O.K. A&M, it’s time to show that you’re a good team. If Kansas State can beat Texas, you should, too, but the Longhorns are going to be rested and ready with Colt McCoy coming back.

  1. Hawaii (9-2)
  2. UCLA (6-5)
  3. TCU (8-2)
  4. Texas Tech (7-5)
  5. Clemson (8-3)
  6. Oregon State (7-4)
  7. Arizona (6-5)
  8. Missouri (7-4)
  9. Oklahoma State (6-5)
  10. Kentucky (7-4)
  11. Georgia (7-4)
  12. Oregon (7-4)
  13. Penn State (8-4)
  14. Kansas (6-5)
  15. Kansas State (7-5)
  16. Cincinnati (6-5)
  17. Purdue (8-4)
  18. South Carolina (6-5)
  19. Alabama (6-6)
  20. South Florida (7-4)
  21. Arizona State (6-5)
  22. Minnesota (6-6)
  23. Vanderbilt (4-8)
  24. Florida State (6-5)
  25. Indiana (5-7)
  26. Iowa  (6-6)
  27. Houston (9-3)
  28. Southern Miss (7-4)
  29. Washington (5-7)
  30. Navy (7-3)
  31. Washington State (6-6)
  32. Mississippi State (3-8)
  33. Miami (5-6)
  34. Rice (6-5)
  35. Central Michigan (7-4)
  36. Connecticut (4-5)
  37. Air Force (4-6)
  38. East Carolina (6-5)
  39. Nevada (8-3)
  40. Pitt (6-5)
  41. Tulsa (7-4)
  42. Wyoming (6-6)
  43. Michigan State (4-8)
  44. San Jose State (6-4)
  45. New Mexico (5-6)
  46. Ohio (8-3)
  47. Ole Miss (3-8)
  48. Utah (7-4)
  49. Western Michigan (7-4)
  50. Virginia (5-6)
  51. Colorado (2-9)
  52. Syracuse (4-7)
  53. Kent State (6-5)
  54. North Carolina (2-9)
  55. Iowa State (4-8)
  56. NC State (3-8)
  57. Northern Illinois (6-5)
  58. Northwestern (4-8)
  59. Baylor (4-8)
  60. SMU (6-5)
  61. Illinois (2-10)
  62. Colorado State (4-6)
  63. Akron (5-6)
  64. Duke (0-11)
  65. Marshall (5-6)
  66. Tulane (4-7)
  67. UTEP (5-6)
  68. UCF (3-8)
  69. Toledo (4-7)
  70. Ball State (5-6)
  71. UAB (3-8)
  72. Army (3-8)
  73. Fresno State (3-7)
  74. Stanford (1-10)
  75. San Diego State (2-8)
  76. Idaho (4-6)
  77. Louisiana Tech (3-8)
  78. UNLV (1-10)
  79. Miami Univ. (2-9)
  80. Middle Tennessee (7-4)
  81. Bowling Green (4-7)
  82. Eastern Michigan (1-10)
  83. Arkansas State (6-5)
  84. Troy (5-5)
  85. Memphis (1-10)
  86. Florida Atlantic (4-7)
  87. North Texas (3-8)
  88. UL Lafayette (5-5)
  89. New Mexico State (2-8)
  90. UL Monroe (2-8)
  91. Buffalo (2-9)
  92. Temple  (1-11)
  93. Utah State (1-10)
  94. FIU (0-10)