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Tuesday Question - Rematch?
Posted Nov 21, 2006

Should there be a rematch between Michigan and Ohio State in the BCS Championship?

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Pete Fiutak       
Q: Rematch?

A: I go through this with ten reasons why there shouldn't be a rematch in this week's Cavalcade of Whimsy. I'm a firm believer that rematches are awful for sports and shouldn't be in college football national title games, so to take the other side for a moment and play devil's advocate, the only reason there should be one is for flat-out fun. The first game was, arguably, the most entertaining of the year, and I do want to see what would happen after the defensive coordinators got 50 days to try to sort out the issues. Yeah, I do believe Michigan is the second best team in America so it ... I can't do it. No rematch. Let's see someone else get a shot.

Richard Cirminiello      
Q: Rematch?

No thank you.  I’ve gotten my heaping serving of Michigan-Ohio State, and it was delicious, but now I’m ready for a different dish.  Michigan was terrific, even valiant, in defeat Saturday, but I’m not yet convinced that it’s so head and shoulders above USC or the Florida/Arkansas winner to suggest that a sequel of Saturday’s game is warranted.  Didn’t the Wolverines just allow six touchdowns, 503 yards and 24 first downs in their biggest game of the year?  If USC can beat Notre Dame and UCLA to match the Wolverines’ 11-1 record, the Trojans belong in Glendale with a shot at the Buckeyes in the desert version of the Rose Bowl.  They’ll have played nine teams that are bowl eligible, beating Arkansas, Nebraska, Cal and the Irish, which is enough to avoid a rematch of a game we’ve already seen once.  Same goes for the SEC champion if it can get through this week’s regular season finale with just a single loss.  Notre Dame?  Forget it.  The Irish are disqualified no matter what happens this week in the Coliseum, courtesy of its to 47-21 loss to the Wolverines back on Sept. 16.  Postseason rematches are generally awful, so selfishly, I don’t want to see the game, but it’s also not necessary if there’s a comparable one-loss program to face the Buckeyes.  Michigan had its opportunity to beat Ohio State already.  It’s time to give another program a shot.                                             

John Harris         
Q: Rematch?

A. I don’t think, at this point, a rematch is a lock or should be guaranteed.  Should it be?  Take a look at the following and you decide:

1.  As it pertains to playing non-conference BCS teams, Michigan beat Vanderbilt (4-7) and Notre Dame (10-1) and Ohio State beat Texas (9-2), Cincinnati (6-5).  The remaining Big Ten teams beat Syracuse, Iowa State and Pitt, a combined 14-20, so dominating a relatively weak conference tells us what exactly?  Take Ohio State and Michigan out of the equation and the rest of the Big Ten was 3-6 against non-conference foes, beating one potential bowl team.  As a comparison, the Big East was 11-7 against non-conference BCS foes, beating three potential bowl teams.

2.  If USC beats Notre Dame, the Trojans will have beaten the Big 12 North champ, who ironically enough beat Michigan in the Alamo Bowl last year, the SEC West champ, who could be 11-1 and a 10-1 Notre Dame team.

3.  If Florida runs the table, they’ll have finished 12-1 as the SEC champ, playing 13 games against 10 potential bowl teams – in arguably the toughest conference in the nation.  Michigan will have finished 11-1 playing 12 games against 7 potential bowl teams.  Not to mention the fact that the Gators will have beaten Tennessee, Alabama, LSU, Georgia and Arkansas.

4.  If Arkansas runs the table they’ll have beaten Auburn (#15), LSU (#8), Tennessee (#20) and Florida (#4).  Michigan will have beaten Notre Dame (#5) and Wisconsin (#9).

If Michigan is given the rematch, it validates that the only good football played this year was in the Big Ten.  The facts above do not prove that to be true.  I do believe that Michigan is that good this year, but you can’t argue with facts.  As such, I want to see the rest of this season play out before I agree that a rematch is the right answer.

Matthew Zemek       

A: For the love of God, please, no rematch.

Value of the regular season? Gone.

Value of a conference title? Gone.

Value of The Game? Gone.

Value of USC's non-conference schedule? Gone.

If OSU and Michigan played a bowl game and/or a semifinal and then won their way back into a rematch, it would be very different. But not a rematch in consecutive games. No way.