2006 CFN All-MAC Team & Top 30 Players

Posted Dec 7, 2006

2006 CFN All-MAC Team, Top 30 Players, Top Position Players & Players of the Year.

MAC Bests, Worsts, and CFN's Team MVP Choices
MAC Player of the Year

LB Ameer Ismail, Sr. Western Michigan
Ismail was an unstoppable pass rushing blur throughout the season finishing with 17 sacks and 25.5 tackles for loss. He was also solid against the run getting in on 86 tackles looking like a true defensive playmaker instead of a running back, which he was, playing linebacker. In a two week span he cranked out six sacks against Ball State and three against Eastern Michigan. .

Offensive Player of the Year - RB Kalvin McRae, Jr. Ohio
Oh sure, NIU's Garrett Wolfe made more of a national splash, Central Michigan QB Dan LeFevour led his team to the MAC title, and even Toledo RB Jalen Parmele finished with more yards, but McRae was amazing in MAC play rushing for over 100 yards in seven of the nine games. He tore off seven straight 100-yard days over the second half of the season to get Ohio on a roll into the MAC title game.

2006 Collegefootballnews.com All-MAC Team
QB - Dan LeFevour, Fr. CMU
RB - Kalvin McRae, Jr. Ohio
RB - Garrett Wolfe, Sr. NIU
WR - Bryan Anderson, Fr. CMU
WR - Ryne Robinson, Sr. Miami 
TE -  Chris Hopkins, Sr. Toledo
OL - Matt Coppage, Sr. Ohio
OL - Doug Free, Sr. NIU
OL - John Greco, Sr. Toledo
OL - Kory Lichtensteiger, Jr. BG
OL - Joe Staley, Sr. Central Mich.
PK - Brian Jackson, Sr. Ball State
KR - David Harvey, Fr. Akron
DL - Dan Bazuin, Sr. CMU
DL - Larry English, Soph. NIU
DL - Dan Muir, Sr. Kent State
DL - Devon Parks, Sr. BGSU
LB - Mike Alston, Sr. Toledo
LB - Ameer Ismail, Sr. W. Michigan
LB - Matt Muncy, Sr. Ohio
DB - Andre Kirkland, Sr. KSU
DB - T.J. Wright, Sr. Ohio
DB - Londen Fryar, Jr. WMU
DB - Joey Card, Sr. Miami Univ.
P - Chris Miller, Jr. Ball State
PR - Chris Garrett, Fr. Ohio
Top 30 players regardless of position
Based on the season the player had

1. LB Ameer Ismail, Sr. WMU
2. RB Kalvin McRae, Jr. Ohio
3. RB Garrett Wolfe, Sr. NIU 
4. QB Dan LeFevour, Fr. CMU
5. LB Matt Muncy, Sr. Ohio
6. WR Ryne Robinson, Sr Miami 
7. OT Doug Free, Sr. NIU
8. TE Chris Hopkins, Sr. Toledo
9. QB Julian Edelman, Soph. KSU
10. LB Mike Alston, Sr. Toledo
11. FS Andre Kirkland, Sr. KSU
12. CB T.J. Wright, Sr. Ohio
13. DE Devon Parks, Sr. BGSU
14. DE Dan Bazuin, Sr. CMU
15. TE Darius Hill, Jr. Ball State
16. WR Bryan Anderson, Fr. CMU
17. OT Joe Staley, Sr. Central Mich.
18. DE Dan Muir, Sr. Kent State
19. WR David Harvey, Fr. Akron
20. OG Kory Lichtensteiger, Jr. BG
21. DE Larry English, Soph. NIU 
22. CB Londen Fryar, Jr. WMU
23. FS  Joey Card, Sr. Miami Univ.
24. WR Eric Deslauriers, Sr. EMU 
25. OT John Greco, Jr. Toledo
26. WR Najah Pruden, Kent State
27. FS Dustin Utschig, NIU
28. P Chris Miller, Jr. Ball State
29. QB Nate Davis, Fr. Ball State
30. RB Jalen Parmele, Jr. Toledo

Top Quarterbacks
1. Dan LeFevour, CMU
2. Julian Edelman, KSU 
3. Nate Davis, Ball State 
4. Ryan Cubit, WMU 
5. Luke Getsy, Akron 

Top Running Backs
1. Kalvin McRae, Ohio
2. Garrett Wolfe, NIU 
3. Jalen Parmele, Toledo 
4. Mark Bonds, WMU 
5. Dennis Kennedy, Akron 

Top Wide Receiver
1. Ryne Robinson, Miami 
2. Bryan Anderson, CMU
3. David Harvey, Akron
4. Eric Deslauriers, EMU 
5. Najah Pruden, Kent St

Top Offensive Linemen
1. Doug Free, NIU
Joe Staley, Central Mich.
Kory Lichtensteiger, BG
John Greco, Toledo
Matt Coppage, Ohio

Top Defensive Linemen
1. Devon Parks, BGSU
2. Dan Bazuin, CMU 
3. Dan Muir, Kent State 
4. Larry English, NIU 
5. Jason Jones, EMU

Top Linebackers
1. Ameer Ismail, WMU
2. Matt Muncy, Ohio 
3. Mike Alston, Toledo 
4. Red Keith, CMU
5. Tyler Russ, Ohio 

Top Defensive Backs
1. Andre Kirkland, KSU
2. T.J. Wright, Ohio
3. Londen Fryar, WMU 
4. Joey Card, Miami Univ.
5. Dustin Utschig, NIU

Top Kickers
1. P Chris Miller, BSU
2. PK Brian Jackson, BSU
3. PK Chris Nendick, NIU
4. PK Andrew Wellock, EMU 
5. P Brett Kern, Toledo

  MAC Bests, Worsts, and CFN's Team MVP Choices