2006 CFN All-SEC Team & Top 30 Players

Posted Dec 12, 2006

2006 CFN All-SEC Team, Top 30 Players, Top Position Players & Players of the Year.

SEC Bests, Worsts, and CFN's Team MVP Choices

SEC Player of the Year

Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas
Was there a more breathtaking player in college football? McFadden did a little bit of everything rushing for 1,558 yards and 14 touchdowns, catching 11 passes for 149 yards and a score, returning eight kicks with a touchdown against Mississippi State and completing six of eight passes for 72 yards and three touchdowns with an interception. He changed around the SEC and national title race with a brilliant 145-yard, one score day in the win over Auburn, and finished up with four 180-plus-yard rushing games.

Defensive Player of the Year - Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis
Finally getting the national recognition he deserved last year, Willis had another phenomenal season leading the SEC in tackles helped by a whopping 87 solo stops. While he was good against the pass and occasionally got into the backfield, but his real worth was against the run with double-digit tackles against everyone but Georgia.


2006 Collegefootballnews.com All-SEC Team
QB - JaMarcus Russell, Jr. LSU
RB - Felix Jones, Soph. Arkansas
RB - Darren McFadden, Soph. Ark.
WR - Keenan Burton, Kentucky
WR - Robert Meachem, Jr. Tenn.
TE - Jacob Tamme, Jr. Kentucky
OL - Ben Grubbs, Sr. Auburn   
OL - Daniel Inman, Sr. Georgia
OL - Stephen Parker, Sr. Arkansas
OL - Arron Sears, Sr. Tennessee
OL - Tony Ugoh, Sr. Arkansas
PK - John Vaughn, Sr. Auburn
KR - Tristan Davis, Soph. Auburn
DL - Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
DL - Glenn Dorsey, Jr. LSU  
DL - Quentin Groves, Jr. Auburn
DL - Charles Johnson, Sr  Georgia
LB - Jasper Brinkley, Jr. So. Car.
LB - Quinton Culberson, Sr. MSU
LB - Patrick Willis, Sr. Ole Miss
DB - Tra Battle, Sr. Georgia
DB - Jonathan Hefney, Jr. Tenn.
DB - LaRon Landry, Sr. LSU
DB - Reggie Nelson, Jr. Florida
P - Britton Colquitt, Soph. Tenn.
PR - Derek Pegues, Soph. Miss St
Top 30 players regardless of position
Based on the season the player had

1. RB Darren McFadden, Soph. Ark.
2. LB Patrick Willis, Sr. Ole Miss 
3. WR Robert Meachem, Jr. Tenn. 
4. OT Arron Sears, Sr. Tennessee 
5. SS Reggie Nelson, Jr. Florida
6. QB JaMarcus Russell, Jr. LSU
7. DT Glenn Dorsey, Jr. LSU
8. DE Quentin Groves, Jr. Auburn
9. LB Jasper Brinkley, Jr. So. Car.
10. QB Andre Woodson, Jr. Kent.
11. DE Jamaal Anderson, Jr. Ark.
12. QB Erik Ainge, Jr. Tennessee 
13. S LaRon Landry, Sr. LSU
14. WR Keenan Burton, Jr. Kent. 
15. OT Tony Ugoh, Sr. Arkansas
16. WR Earl Bennett, Soph. Vandy
17. LB Quinton Culberson, Sr. MSU
18. DE Charles Johnson, Sr.  Ga
19. WR D.J. Hall, Jr. Alabama
20. DT Turk McBride, Sr. Tennessee
21. QB Chris Leak, Sr. Florida
22. WR Marcus Monk, Jr. Arkansas
23. S Jonathan Hefney, Jr. Tenn.

24. RB Felix Jones, Soph. Arkansas
25. LB Wesley Woodyard, Jr. Kent.
OT Daniel Inman, Sr. Georgia
27. WR Dwayne Bowe, Sr. LSU
28. RB B. Green-Ellis, Jr. Ole Miss
29. QB Chris Nickson, Soph. Vand.
30. DE Titus Brown, Jr. Miss State

Top Quarterbacks
1. JaMarcus Russell, LSU
2. Andre Woodson, Kentucky 
3. Erik Ainge, Tennessee 
4. Chris Leak, Florida 
5. Chris Nickson, Vanderbilt

Top Running Backs
1. Darren McFadden, Arkansas
2. Felix Jones, Arkansas
3. BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Ole Miss 
4. Kenny Irons, Auburn
5. Cory Boyd, South Carolina

Top Wide Receivers
1. Robert Meachem, Tennessee
2. Keenan Burton, Kentucky 
3. Earl Bennett, Vanderbilt 
4. D.J. Hall, Alabama 
5. Marcus Monk, Arkansas

Top Offensive Linemen
1. Arron Sears, Tennessee
2. Tony Ugoh, Arkansas
3. Daniel Inman, Georgia 
4. Ben Grubbs, Auburn 
5. Stephen Parker, Arkansas 

Top Defensive Linemen
1. Glenn Dorsey, LSU
2. Quentin Groves, Auburn
3. Jamaal Anderson, Arkansas
4. Charles Johnson, Georgia
5. Turk McBride, Tennessee

Top Linebackers
1. Patrick Willis, Ole Miss
2. Jasper Brinkley, South Carolina 
3. Quinton Culberson, Miss State 
4. Wesley Woodyard, Kentucky 
5. Earl Everett, Florida

Top Defensive Backs
1. Reggie Nelson, Florida
2. LaRon Landry, LSU
3. Jonathan Hefney, Tennessee
4. Tra Battle, Georgia
5. Simeon Castille, Alabama

Top Kickers
1. P Britton Colquitt, Tennessee
2. PK John Vaughn, Auburn
3. PK James Wilhoit, Tennessee
4. P Eric Wilbur, Florida
5. PK Ryan Succop, South Carolina

SEC Bests, Worsts, and CFN's Team MVP Choices