Stream of Consciousness Notes - Fiesta Bowl
Posted Jan 1, 2007

Boise State and Jared Zabransky appeared to choke away the Fiesta Bowl in the final minutes, but they came back to beat Oklahoma in 43-42 in an overtime thriller. Check out Pete Fiutak's Stream of Consciousness Notes for one of the most exciting games of all-time.

By Pete Fiutak
Welcome again to my pretentious, goofy and self-serving stream-of-consciousness thoughts and notes on the big games, the broadcasts, the ads and the teams for the attention deficit disordered. E-mail me with your own thoughts and notes and what you'd like to see. 


- Please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck.

- You have $25 million in this suitcase. If you run for 150 yards and two scores against Boise State, you might be able to up that to $40 million. Or, if you choose one of the wrong cases among the leggy-hot models, and there's a Willis McGahee 2003 Fiesta Bowl image in it, you'll lose millions. Adrian Peterson ... Deal ... or No Deal?

First Quarter
Oklahoma on its own 26

- Please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck
Peterson gets the first carry, and the second carry. Bob Stoops is going to do everything humanly possible to get him the OU rushing record. He needs 151 yards to be the school's all-time runner.
- Peterson gets the third carry. This plays into Boise State's hands. It can handle OU's running game as long as there's no real threat of the passing attack. Everyone's expecting OU to run; it should try to go vertical right off the bat. One home run ends this.
- There's 12:40 left in the first quarter, and Boise State is still standing.

Boise State on its own 29

- I like how everyone's making this sound like Boise State is a high school team. It's 12-0, it blew out an Oregon State team that beat USC, a Nevada team that hung with Miami, and beat Hawaii. This team can actually play.
- The Broncos have to play like it believes its even with OU. If it tries to play it like an underdog, that won't work. BSU should be able to run a bit.
- First down BSU.
- Jared Zabransky went deep to Legedu Naanee and missed, but it was a big play; it showed Zabransky could get time.
- Zabransky gets more time and hits his tight end, Derek Schouman on a juggling catch.
- If you could read thoughts, that's the entire Sooner nation collectively thinking, Uh oh, these guys don't suck.
- The play was reviewed and the spot stands. Let's see how much mileage the whiny segment of Sooner fans get out of this.
- Zabransky gets a little time bombs away ...
- Touchdown?! Drisan James is wide open for a who score.

- Please don't suck ... please don't suck ... please don't suck (the other way)
Boise State 7 ... Oklahoma 0

Oklahoma on its own 11

- Fumble .... Boise State football. Unbelievable.
- Oh no. I forgot. This is post-Mike Stoops Oklahoma in a BCS game. Please don't quit, please don't quit, please don't quit.

Boise State on the OU 9
- Ian Johnson has room to rumble and gets down to the one.
- Touchdown. The Bronco offensive line is dominating. It's flattening the Sooner front four.
- There's no truth to the rumor that Adrian Peterson just said, "Screw this," and left the field to go start working out for the combines.
Boise State 14 ... Oklahoma 0

Oklahoma on its own 17
- When do the Rocky references start?
- OU has to take a deep breath, relax, and just started to crank out first downs. It needs to keep pounding the ball. Eventually, the BSU defensive line should wear down.
- The OU front five buried the BSU front four, but Peterson got tripped up. He hasn't looked special yet. The room has been there to move, and he has the burst, but he needs one little seam to get through.
- Paul Thompson is so cool. He didn't panic, had an opening, and ran for the first down.
- If you haven't seen Boise State LB Korey Hall, here's your chance. He's No. 25, will be all over the field, and will hit the Sooner running backs over and over again.
- Thompson's mobility is going to be an issue for BSU. The more the front four has to run, the more it'll get worn out and the more it'll get pushed around later in the game.
- BSU is leaving its corners on an island. The safeties are cheating up big-time. Eventually, Thompson is going to exploit this.
- OOOOOOH. Hall just FLATTENED Allen Patrick. That was a big-time finishing shot.
- And there it was. Thompson had Malcolm Kelly for a touchdown, but underthrew him giving Marty Tadman time to get into the play. That's not the last time that'll be there.
- Tremendous throw by Thompson. He got time, patted the ball, wound up, and fired a third down strike to Juaquin Iglesias. Boise State had better figure out how to generate a pass rush in a big hurry.
- Talk about the perfect drive. After the way the game started, this is a soul-crushing drive by OU. Boise State is playing well and still isn't stopping the OU balance.
- Allen Patrick is getting big work early. Conditioning might be an issue right off the bat for Peterson.
- The OU receivers should be able to beat the Bronco corners all day long.
- Pass interference. First and goal on the one.
- Why? You're first and goal on the one, why run a long play to Peterson to the outside? BSU got time to swarm, and they dragged him down for an eight-yard loss.
- And then Thompson makes up for the gaffe with another great throw for a touchdown to Manuel Johnson.
- That was a methodical, nearly perfect drive. Boise State now knows it'll need to take some defensive chances to get to Thompson.
Boise State 14 ... Oklahoma 7

Boise State on its own 18
- Right back at you. Boise State has go on a long drive of its own. Ian Johnson needs to get going.
- You can't ask for much more from the first quarter in this. It was certainly entertaining.
Boise State 14 ... Oklahoma 7

Second Quarter
- No, no, no ... the little delayed screens aren't going to work on the OU linebackers.
- Zabransky is deadly when he gets time. He had good protection and hit Naanee with a BB.
- Ian Johnson gets free and he rumbles for a first down. The bronco offensive line is killing the OU front four.
- Zabransky had more time than he thought. He was in the shotgun, had an open receiver in between the zone, and misfired thinking he was about to be popped.

Oklahoma on its own 15
- Boise State has to do something to dictate where Thompson is rolling out. he's making every throw to his wide-open receivers.
- There's the slipperiness of Peterson. The OU guard blasted the BSU tackles, Peterson weaved his way through, and was a step away from breaking it.
- BSU needs to fire off a blitz from somewhere. There's just not enough pressure coming from anyone. Thompson can do whatever he wants to.
- Pass interference on BSU's Orlando Scandrick. It didn't make any sense. He got to the play, wigged out, and interfered with the play.
- Thompson got lazy and was picked off. He threw off his back foot on a deep ball, put too much air under it when he had a wide-open Iglesias, and Tadman was able to get back and come up with the interception. OU has this; it just can't keep screwing up.

Boise State on its own 20
- BSU should get Zabransky on the move. He's dropping back on every throw instead of rolling out. He has the mobility to keep the OU linebackers guessing.
- Oh what a play. He danced his way around the pocket to find time and looked like he hit James, but it was ruled incomplete. I'm not sure what Charles Davis is talking about with it being a great call by the officials; it looked like James got his hands under it.
- Yay!!! Jump up and down for us you Oklahoma cheerleaders.

Oklahoma on its own 41
- Allen Patrick get a HUGE hole to run through and rips it up the left sidelines.
- For all of those who wanted Peterson to play in this game to up his NFL stock, he hasn't helped himself so far. Patrick's been the more effective back.
- Barry Alvarez is dead-on right. The OU offensive line is doing its job; Peterson is just a half-step off.
- You kick the field goal It's fourth and two on the 12, you kick the field goal and take the points. Don't show any panic. You don't need to. A 31-yard field goal for Garrett Hartley is automatic.
- Good.
Boise State 14 ... Oklahoma 10

- Boise has absorbed some vicious body blows and is still winning.
- Why am I the only one who thinks Jay-Z sucks? He yells, he doesn't rap. His beats are all over the place, and the jams are uninteresting. There are so many better things going on out there.
- I'm a fourthmealer.

Boise State on its own 15
- Ooooooh. Zabransky hung his throw a bit too much and Nic Harris was just a shade away from a pick six.
- OU's defense is fully awake now.
- Once again, why isn't Ja-Z rolling out? He has the speed to take off and do more things when things are breaking down.
- Third and five. BSU had better make this or it's going into halftime down.
- OU's front seven is blowing past the BSU line. There's absolutely no one open play after play after play.
- Nice, nice, nice punt by Kyle Stringer. It was 51 yards and angled perfectly out of bounds.

Oklahoma on its own 35
- Holding call on OU.
- Malcolm Kelly is out with what appears to be a concussion.
- OU just isn't tight. It's on the verge of making some huge plays to turn this thing completely in its favor, but a dropped pass here, a missed block there, and it's just not quite happening.
- Thompson can really drive his out throws when he wants to.
- Third and ten with 2:21 to play. BSU needs to prove it can come up with a stop on a play like this. Eventually, it'll have to do something more than it's doing to rush Thompson.
- Finally, BSUs front four gets pressure and forces Thompson to throw the ball away.

Boise State on its own 35
- Keep the foot on the gas. This is solid field position and BSU has to do something to generate more points. I know they want to go into the locker room up, the they can't take that attitude.
- Nice throw from Zabransky. They're still pressing.
- Ja-Z has to hit that. He had Naanee open, he had time, and missed him. That's a throw he makes nine times out of ten.
- One minute left, BSU on the OU 48.
- FINALLY, Zabransky used his top-end speed and tears off 16-yard run for a first down. He has to keep doing that, and I'm shocked he hasn't run more.
- The BSU offensive line is picking up every blitz.
- Two time outs, :47 to play, but BSU is making mistakes with some strange penalties.
- Un-freakin-believable. Zabransky was looking for a throw one way, it wasn't there, threw what could be called an ill-advised throw, Drisan James got the pass, OU couldn't tackle, and he weaved his way for a score. OU just isn't sharp, and BSU is taking advantage.
Boise State 21 ... Oklahoma 10

Oklahoma on its own 30
- Raise your hands if you thought BSU would be up 21-10 at halftime. Liar.
- "He doesn't think this is a show; he thinks it's a (bleep bleep) fight."
First Half Score: Boise State 21 ... Oklahoma 10

- This beaut from Chris Rose at halftime: "Can Boise State hang with OU? In a word, you bet."
- Did I see that right? The Tostitos halftime contest was to throw a ball into a hole that only Reggie Ball could miss?! That just ain't right.
- There's no truth to the rumor that Dennis Green is waiting in the wings for the post-game interviews to give his "crown their ass" speech on behalf of Boise State.

Third Quarter
Boise State on its own 20
- Do what you did before. Get Zabransky in a groove right off the bat.
- Ja-Z does a great job of moving around in the pocket, but I'm begging him; RUN.
- Three and out, and it wasn't close.

Oklahoma on its own 32
- 11 carries for 35 yards for Peterson. Why do I get a sense that the final numbers will be a wee bit different?
- OU is just not right. It's getting too cute on its play calls, it's just not quite executing, and they're not making smart plays.
- As I write that, Thompson throws a butt-dumb pass going across his body into triple coverage. He's better than that. Gerald Alexander picks it off.
- This is no longer a fluke in any way, shape or form. OU is getting it's rear ends paddled.

Boise State on its own 46
- OU needs a big play of its own. It has to get the momentum going its way with a turnover, a sack, something.
- Boise State can't try to match OU in a mental mistake contest. Derek Schouman got flagged for a personal foul, third and 28, drive over.

Oklahoma on its own 12
- We all know Bob Stoops is one of the best coaches in the game, but his team isn't playing like it. How many more mistakes can OU make? It had nice field position on a fair catch, but a block in the back screwed that up.
- Allen Patrick is back in for one play, then Peterson returns. AD is missing that extra gear.
- Yeeeeeeesh. Paul Thompson has had such a great year, but he just threw his second horrific pass in two drives. There was no one available, and Thompson pulled a Fred Brown vs. North Carolina in the 1982 basketball national title putting it right in the numbers of Boise's Marty Tadman for a pick six. Korey Hall appeared to get a hand on it.
- If the Broncos don't win now, it'll take 17 years of therapy to get over this.
Boise State 28 ... Oklahoma 10

Oklahoma on its own 6
- AGAIN. Oklahoma comes up with another dumb mistake and another block in the back. This team doesn't have it at the moment.
- Peterson runs into a brick wall.
- And there we go. Thompson settles into the pocket and throws a strike for a big, big, BIG first down.
- OU needs to pick up its pace. The clock's under seven minutes in the third and OU's down three scores.
- It's all Thompson now. The running game is being completely forgotten about.
- This is staring to play into Boise's hands. The linebackers and safeties are only worrying about the passing game now; the corners are getting the support they need.
- Thompson misfires on third and five.
- Uh, don't you have to go for it? You only have about four possessions left ...
- ... unless you get a gift from the gods. OU's punt hits a Boise State player's leg and OU gets it right on the doorstep. This is exactly what OU needs.

Oklahoma on its own 11
- The running game still isn't there. The Boise State front four isn't getting shoved around anymore.
- Nice idea by Barry; get Paul Thompson on the outside ...
- ... of give the ball to the franchise. Peterson got a hole, broke a tackle and ripped up a touchdown run.
- Well, this just got extremely interesting.

Boise State on its own 18
- Oklahoma appears to be trying everything to get pressure, but it's not working.
- Boise State is starting to pull an Oklahoma. Zabransky got out of the pocket under heavy pressure, could've thrown the ball away, but pitched it to an offensive lineman. Then, on third and seven, Jarard Rabb dropped a first down pass.
- Reggie Smith seems due to bust off a big return.
- Or not. Great coverage from BSU.

Oklahoma on its own 39
- BSU is doing a nice job of gang tackling in the open field.
- It might not be working on Boise, but Thompson is playfaking the Fox cameraman out of his Fruit of the Looms.
- With Malcolm Kelly out, BSU should put everyone and Dirk Koetter on Juaquin Iglesias.
- Oooooooh. Patrick got the hole, tore through it and almost had the touchdown before getting tripped up on the seven.
- Interesting. OU is sticking with Patrick on the goal line.
- Not to be a suck up, but this has been a fantastic call by this team. It's smooth, informative, and totally makes up for the Cotton Bowl fiasco.
- Boise State swarms all over Thompson to force a field goal to start the fourth.
- 28-17 Boise State after three. This doesn't suck.
Third Quarter Score: Boise State 28 ... Oklahoma 17

Fourth Quarter
- Hartley nails the field goal
Boise State 28 ... Oklahoma 20

Boise State on its own 28
- Boise State can't keep going with Ian Johnson on first down. It's not working.
- And then Johnson runs for five.
- And then 14 more.
- It feels like Boise State is setting OU up for one big play. It's Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, and then there might be a deep pattern to Drisan James.
- BSU is doing the equivalent of the quick pitch by getting to the line and catching OU off guard.
- Third and 13.
- Niiiiiice tackle from Rufus Alexander. Zabransky had room to move and took off, but Alexander form tackled him for the stop.
- Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, and he knows it. Reggie Smith caught the punt on the five. It's the little things like this that's keeping OU down.

Oklahoma on its own 5
- Woooooooooooo. Dennis Ellis just smacked Adrian Peterson off to the Houston Texans.
- Boise State is POPPING. It's like the team just found its extra defensive gear.
- Third and 11 ...
- OU keeps it safe with Thompson running for a few yards.
- Boise should get the ball somewhere around midfield
- WOOOOOO. There is some mega-hitting going on. Tadman just got blasted. This is clean, fun, physical football.

Boise State on the OU 49
- Johnson powers his way for a first down on two runs.
- I kept waiting for OU to turn it on, but now, Boise State is going to do this. It's going to get points off this drive, and it's going to pull it off.
- Of course, as I write that, Rufus Alexander comes up with a strip and OU has the ball with 8:34 to play. I can't believe Johnson didn't protect the ball better.

Oklahoma on its own 28
- Peterson just isn't getting the room. The Boise State tackles are doing a phenomenal job.
- There's the Paul Thompson that won the Big 12 title. He didn't force it, he took his time, and he ran for a first down. Smart.
- I'm waiting for that one sliver of daylight to open up for Peterson somewhere for that one, big, backbreaking run he's made his entire career. It's just not there.
- The Boise back seven isn't missing tackles.
- 6:30 to play and it's third and four. Four down territory.
- Thompson had Quentin Chaney open for a score and overshot him.
- You're at midfield and you have Adrian Peterson; why aren't you running it twice, or rolling out Thompson with a run-pass option? What happened to the Bob Stoops that goes for the jugular? Now Boise State can put the game away.

Boise State on its own 20
- OU had the running play sniffed out from a mile away.
- Timeout Oklahoma. 5:35 to play.
- Nice job by Barry pointing out the poor time management for Boise State. It's not milking the clock.
- Finally Zabransky gets on the outside for a run-pass option, hits Rabb, but he steps out before the first down marker and goes out of bounds. Bad and worse.
- What a call. Zabransky gets on the move again and fires a dart to Derek Schouman for the first down.
- And there's Johnson finally getting some breathing room. He busted through the line for a 15-yard run.
- When Barry Alvarez is gushing about an offensive line, you know it's good.
- 4:30 to play.
- How's that decision to kick the ball away looking now? Stoops needs to be called out for that.
- OU has done everything it can possibly do to screw this thing up. It calls its final timeout, and the coaching staff looks like its about to rip someone's head off after Boise State broke the huddle with 12 players.
- Third and nine, less than four minutes to play. Boise has to go for the first down and not go conservative. Zabransky has been rock solid in his decisions.
- Nope. Nothing there and Zabransky gets dropped.
- Punter Kyle Stringer has had a whale of a game. Now he has to come up with the kick of his life.
- Three minutes to play.

Oklahoma on its own 23
- For sheer excitement's sake, I want the OU touchdown. One way or another, I want to see the two point conversion.
- Thompson hits Chaney for a first down and then connect with Manuel Johnson for another. 2:14 to play.
- Boise has both starting corners cramping up.
- A time out might not be a bad idea right now for Boise State. It needs to stop the momentum.
- Chaney gets out of bounds for a second and one. 2:06 to play.
- Iglesias to the 22. GET A TIME OUT BOISE STATE. Catch your breath.
- Boise changes things up and comes with a five-man line. 1:40 to play.
- OU gets exactly what it needed. Quinton Jones get flagged for a pass interference call to move the ball 15 yards and stopped the clock.
- 1:31 to play, 1st and goal on the five.
- OHHHHHHH. It goes through the hands of Boise State LB David Shields and into the hands of  Chaney for the score.
- I get my wish.
- Pass interference on the two point conversion. Orlando Scandrick gets flagged, and now the ball gets down to the one.
- I give the ball to Peterson and tie or lose it with your franchise.
- How many heart attacks are being suffered right now. Thompson throws a brilliant pass to Joe Jon Finley for the two, but it gets called back on a motion penalty.
- UNBELIEVABLE. How amazing and how cool was Thompson? He waited and waited and waited and found Iglesias for the two.
- Forget about who you might be rooting for; that was as good as it gets.
Boise State 28 ... Oklahoma 28

- O.K. Zabransky, you want to become a legend?
- 1:26 to play.

Boise State on its own 25
- Boise has two timeouts.
- I hate to see things end like this. Zabransky was so amazing and so good, and then he throws that for what'll go down as the signature moment of his career. I mentioned Fred Brown, this was the same thing. He throws an out pattern and Marcus Walker picked it off for a touchdown to finish off the ultimate heartbreaker.
- The announcers sound like they're about to cry.
- 1:02 to play
- What freakin' heart by Oklahoma. This team had no business whatsoever pulling this thing off, but it overcame every obstacle imaginable to get in the position to win.
Oklahoma 35 ... Boise State 28

Boise State on its own 22
- Zabransky gets off a perfect throw to get 36 yards to the OU 44 ...
- ... and then he gets swallowed up at midfield by Larry Birdine.
- Time out. :30 to play.
- If you're OU, you keep the pressure on Zabransky.
- OHHHH. Drisan James had it and just barely lost in on the sidelines.
- 3rd and 18.
- Thank you officials for not throwing a flag on that play. Swallow your whistle on a play like that.
- Welcome to Duriel Harris to Tony Nathan in the 1982 San Diego - Miami game. Zabransky gets it to James, he pitches it to Rabb on a hook and lateral, touchdown.  
- I don't care how this turns out; I'm happy for Zabransky and Boise State. You don't want your dream to die with that pick six.
- Don't you go for two and try to end it now?
- Nope. Extra point. One of the greatest endings ever.
- How much is ABC dying right now that it doesn't have this game?
Boise State 35 ... Oklahoma 35

- Boise State wins the toss.

Oklahoma on the Boise State 25
- And there's Peterson being Peterson. He gets some great downfield blocks and rips off a 25-yard touchdown showing his burst and speed that'll make him a multi-millionaire.
Oklahoma 42 ... Boise State 35

Boise State on the Oklahoma 25
- Interesting thought. Boise State appeared to want to do a halfback pass to Zabransky, but it didn't work.
- Boise has gotten cute. Ian Johnson is on the sidelines.
- Third and seven.
- First down on a simple pass across the middle to Schouman.
- Boise needs to try taking some shots into the end zone. OU is too quick in too short a space to get much going wide.
Oh what a run by Johnson. He came up with a nice cutback and powered his was town to the four.
- Third and one.
- Fumble? No, the officials are saying Johnson's knee was down.
- Uhhhhhhh, Johnson's knee was absolutely not down. Am I missing it?
- Aw great ... another round of "we got screwed" e-mails from Sooner fans.
- Fourth and two ...
- Un(bleep)ingbelievable. Zabransky lines up wide, Vinny Perretta throws it to Schouman, touchdown.
- GO FOR TWO. You're not going to have a better chance. You get the ball first in the next overtime, you have one play for the epic win.
- Chris Petersen has stones as big as church bells on his play calls.
- They're going for two ...
- THEY WON IT THEY WON IT THEY WON IT THEY WON IT THEY WON IT. Zabransky fakes going right, hands it off to Johnson and he walks into the end zone. The Statue of Liberty?! Who in the world runs that there?
Boise State 43 ... Oklahoma 42

- It didn't have the implications of the 2006 Rose Bowl, it wasn't as meaningful as the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, but that was the greatest final five minutes and overtime, and the greatest pressure play calling, I've ever seen.