2006 CFN Final Season Rankings - No. 11-119

Posted Jan 10, 2007

The CFN final 2006 rankings for No. 11 through 119 along with the opinion rankings.

Here's the CFN belief when it comes to ranking teams: From the preseason until the end of the bowls, you must rank teams based on how good you believe they are at that time. However, once the year is complete, it's only fair to take the subjectivity out of it and go by what actually happened on the field. To do that, we've created the CFN Formula used to rank every team in every year in order to properly compare and contrast seasons from different eras.

Two things to keep in mind. 1) This takes into account the entire season punishing ugly losses and pumping up good wins. A win at the beginning of the year counts the same as a win at the end, so there might be some head-to-head discrepancies; they're unavoidable in any ranking system. Remember, the formula looks at year from start to finish and not just which team beat another.

- CFN Final 2006 Rankings - No. 1 to 10

CFN Final 2006
Opinion Rankings

Based on how good the we thought the teams were.

1. Florida (13-1)
2. USC (11-2)
3. LSU (11-2)
4. Ohio State (12-1)
5. Louisville (12-1)
6. Michigan (11-2)
7. Wisconsin (12-1)
BYU (11-2)
Arkansas (10-4)
10. Boise State (13-0)
11. Auburn (11-2)
12. Oklahoma (11-3)
13. California (10-3)
West Virginia (11-2)
Rutgers (11-2)
Texas (10-3)
Nebraska (9-5)
TCU (11-2)
Texas A&M (9-4)
Oregon State (10-4)
Hawaii (11-3)
Penn State (9-4)
Tennessee (9-4)
South Florida (9-4)
Notre Dame (10-3)
Wake Forest (11-3)
Georgia (9-4)
28. Boston College (10-3)
29. Georgia Tech (9-5)
30. Virginia Tech (10-3)
31. South Carolina (8-5)
32. Kentucky (8-5)
33. Maryland (9-4)
Texas Tech (8-5)
35. Oklahoma State (7-6)
36. Florida State (7-6)
37. UCLA (7-6)
38. Missouri (8-5)
Clemson (8-5)
40. Miami (7-6)
41. Houston (10-4)
42. Minnesota (6-7)
43. Cincinnati (8-5)
44. Iowa
45. Navy (9-4)
46. Utah (8-5)
47. Arizona State (7-6)
48. Southern Miss (9-5)
49. Kansas (6-6)
50. Kansas State (7-6)
51. Arizona (6-6)
52. Oregon (7-6)
53. Alabama (6-7)
54. Purdue (8-5)
55. Central Michigan (9-4)
56. Nevada (8-5)
57. Tulsa (8-5)
58. East Carolina (7-6)
59. San Jose State (9-4)
60. Western Michigan (8-5)
61. Vanderbilt (4-8)
62. Virginia (5-7)
63. Pitt (6-6)
64. Indiana (5-7)
65. Washington (5-7)
66. Ohio (9-5)
67. New Mexico (6-76)
68. Washington State (6-6)
69. Ole Miss (4-8)
70. Wyoming (6-6)
71. Mississippi State (3-9)
72. Connecticut (4-8)
73. Michigan State (4-8)
74. SMU (6-6)
75. Colorado (2-10)
76. Troy (8-5)
77. Rice (7-6)
78. Syracuse (4-8)
79. North Carolina (3-9)
80. Iowa State (4-8)
81. NC State (3-9)
82. Northern Illinois (7-6)
83. Northwestern (4-8)
84. Baylor (4-8)
85. Illinois (2-10)
86. Ball State (5-7)
87. Kent State (6-6)
88. Air Force (4-8)
89. Akron (5-7)
90. Duke (0-12)
91. Marshall (5-7)
92. Tulane (4-8)
93. UCF (4-8)
94. Toledo (5-7)
95. UAB (3-9)
96. Army (3-9)
97. Fresno State (4-8)
98. Memphis (2-10)
99. Stanford (1-11)
100. UTEP (5-7)
101. San Diego State (3-9)
102. Colorado State (4-8)
103. UNLV (2-10)
104. Idaho (4-8)
105. Louisiana Tech (3-10)
106. Miami Univ. (2-10)
107. Middle Tennessee (7-6)
108. Bowling Green (4-8)
109. UL Monroe (4-8)
110. Eastern Michigan (1-11)
111. UL Lafayette (6-6)
112. Arkansas State (6-6)
113. Florida Atlantic (5-7)
114. New Mexico State (3-8)
115. North Texas (3-9)
116. Buffalo (2-10)
117. Temple  (1-11)
118. Utah State (1-11)
119. FIU (0-12)

11. Auburn (11-2)   CFN Score: 18.76
2005 Score: 8.93   2005 Ranking: 13
While it might not have been the SEC championship season the Tiger fans were hoping for, there's no arguing with an 11-2 record and a Cotton Bowl win. Wins over LSU and Florida might have been the best pair anyone came up with this year, but the puzzling blowout home losses to Arkansas and Georgia left everyone scratching their heads. Oddly enough, considering the conference they play in, there were only four Quality Wins (LSU, South Carolina, Florida and Nebraska).

12. Boston College
(10-3)   CFN Score: 18.359
2005 Score: 15.19   2005 Ranking: 15
Equal parts maddening and thrilling, the Eagle season saw losses to Wake Forest, Miami, and NC State by a total of 12 points; BC was roughly three plays away from being unbeaten. On the flip side the got miraculous wins over Clemson and BYU, with the thriller over the Cougars counting as an Elite Win. The last-second Daniel Evans wing-and-a-prayer loss to NC State was a killer Bad Loss (one of only two among the top 40 teams. The other was Florida State's loss to NC State.)

13. Rutgers
(11-2)   CFN Score: 18.356
2005 Score: 7.45   2005 Ranking: 66
Oh what might have been. The win over Louisville turned out to be the highlight of a 9-0 start only to see it all come crashing down in a blowout loss to Cincinnati. Even so, the Scarlet Knights would've faced Wake Forest in the Orange Bowl had they pulled out the overtime loss to West Virginia. If they won that game, and won the Orange Bowl, they'd have finished in the top five. 

14. Oregon State
(10-4)   CFN Score: 18.24
2005 Score: 5.23   2005 Ranking: 81
A fantastic year for Mike Riley's Beavers had more than its share of highlights, and low points, with a nationally televised pasting by Boise State and blowouts to Cal and UCLA forgotten about by a 33-31 win over USC that changed the season, and a thrilling Sun Bowl comeback to beat Missouri. The win at Hawaii wasn't just good, it was an Elite Win.

15. Hawaii
(11-3)   CFN Score: 18.23
2005 Score: 4.07   2005 Ranking: 88
The high-powered, 656-point offense was the difference in the overall score. Sure, there were Bad Wins over Eastern Illinois, UNLV, Utah State and Louisiana Tech, but the Warriors also pushed Boise State to the wall in a 41-34 loss and beat four bowl teams. Basically, the points put them this high. 

16. Virginia Tech
(10-3)   CFN Score: 17.95
2005 Score: 22.82   2005 Ranking: 3
With one of the nation's best defenses all year long, the Hokies started out with a four-game winning streak, lost their stuff in losses to Georgia Tech and Boston College, and went on a six-game tear before losing to Georgia in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. The 27-6 victory at Wake Forest counted as an Elite Win to give a big boost to the overall score.

17. Wisconsin
(12-1)   CFN Score: 17.40
2005 Score: 16.14   2005 Ranking: 12
The Badgers might have finished with the best record in school history, and they might have beaten Penn State and Arkansas, but there were absolutely no other wins of note with four Bad Wins (Western Illinois, San Diego State, Illinois and Buffalo) and a mere three Quality Wins; lowest among the top 18 teams. Blame a down year in the Big Ten, and blame a putrid non-conference schedule.

18. California (10-3)   CFN Score: 17.28
2005 Score: 9.58   2005 Ranking: 48
The Bears overcame the season-opening loss to Tennessee, and a shaky end to the year with losses to Arizona, USC, and a near-miss against Stanford, to throttle Texas A&M in the Holiday Bowl to finally put Jeff Tedford's squad over a big hurdle. Few teams were hotter for an early season stretch scoring over 40 points a game over a five-game streak with four wins over bowl bound teams.

19. Arkansas
(10-4)   CFN Score: 16.94
2005 Score: 4.48   2005 Ranking: 87
No one in America had more Elite Losses with the Hogs losing to USC, LSU, Florida and Wisconsin, so despite the three-game losing streak to close things out, this really was a magical year. The 27-10 win at Auburn set the tone, while the wins over South Carolina and Tennessee ended all talk of Houston Nutt's club being a fluke.

20. Texas (10-3)   CFN Score: 16.81
2005 Score: 29.54   2005 Ranking: 1
Oh how the mighty have tumbled since last year's national championship. However, had the Longhorns pulled off wins over Kansas State and Texas A&M, or more to the point, had Colt McCoy been 100% at the end of the year, and had they gone on to win the Big 12 title over Nebraska and the Fiesta Bowl over Boise State, they'd have finished in the top three.

21. Notre Dame (10-3)   CFN Score: 16.70
2005 Score: 13.76   2005 Ranking: 21
The Irish beat more good teams than you think with wins over Georgia Tech, Penn State, and UCLA being completely forgotten about thanks to embarrassing blowouts against the Elite teams getting blasted by Michigan, USC and LSU. How many teams in America would've lost to those three? Almost all of them. 

22. Georgia (9-4)   CFN Score: 16.67
2005 Score: 17.23   2005 Ranking: 9
While a 9-4 season might not be what Georgia is used to after so many great years under Mark Richt, there couldn't be more excitement with Matthew Stafford appearing to be a franchise quarterback to revolve the team around, and after wins over Auburn, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech to close out the year.  Three of the four losses came by a touchdown or less.

23. Wake Forest
(11-3)   CFN Score: 15.91
2005 Score: 5.64   2005 Ranking: 76
The ACC champions were the surprise of 2006 starting out with a five-game winning streak, helped by a botched last-second Duke field goal in a 14-13 win over the Blue Devils, and then getting all the key wins it absolutely had to have to get to the title game. It should say something about the ACC this year that its champion is this low, but Duke, North Carolina and NC State dragged everyone down in the Bad Win category.

24. Houston
(10-4)   CFN Score: 15.54
2005 Score: 7.88   2005 Ranking: 61
The Conference USA champions overcame a three-game losing streak in the middle of the year, hurt most by a stunning 31-28 loss to UL Lafayette, to finish off with a six-game winning streak before losing to South Carolina in the Liberty Bowl. As impressive as the year was, the only real win of note came over Oklahoma State.

25. TCU
(11-2)   CFN Score: 15.30
2005 Score: 17.42   2005 Ranking: 7
Yet another great year for the Horned Frogs after closing out with an eight-game winning streak, they were the lowest ranked team with 11 wins hurt by Bad Wins over UC Davis, Army, UNLV and San Diego State. Another big problem was the lack of Quality Wins, getting just two (Texas Tech and Northern Illinois).

26. Nebraska
(9-5)   CFN Score: 15.11
2005 Score: 11.86   2005 Ranking: 30
It was an interesting season, but not quite a special one even with the appearance in the Big 12 title game. The Huskers only came up with two wins of note beating Missouri and Texas A&M, and along with a stunner to Oklahoma State, they couldn't handle the big boys losing to USC, Texas, Oklahoma and Auburn.

27. Tennessee
(9-4)  CFN Score: 15.02
2005 Score: 8.70   2005 Ranking: 57
The Vols bounced back after its disastrous 2005 starting out with an great win over California on the way to a 7-1 start (the one loss was to Florida 21-20). No running game and an injury to Erik Ainge were problems during the season, while an Arian Foster fumble for a touchdown was the team's undoing in the Outback Bowl loss to Penn State. 

28. Central Michigan
(10-4)  CFN Score: 14.25
2005 Score: 9.80   2005 Ranking: 45
The biggest loss in the MAC championship season wasn't to Boston College, Michigan or Northern Illinois, it was losing head coach Brian Kelly to Cincinnati. The Chippewas had the lowest overall score for a ten-win team hurt a bit by three Bad Wins and with only three Quality Wins.

29. Maryland
(9-4)  CFN Score: 14.19
2005 Score: 7.65   2005 Ranking: 64
The Terps overcame a two-game losing streak to end the year on a high note whacking Purdue in the Champs Sports Bowl. In a resurgent year for the program, Maryland came up with five Quality Wins to overcome the three Bad ones. The offense scored 284 points, while the defense gave up 284.

30. Texas A&M
(9-4)  CFN Score: 14.14
2005 Score: 5.54   2005 Ranking: 78
A last minute loss to Texas Tech was the only blemish in the first nine games, the losses to both Oklahoma and Nebraska came by a total of two points, and there was a stunning win over Texas. So how come the Aggies are so low? Only three wins came over Quality teams and there were three bad wins (Citadel, Army, Louisiana Tech).

31. UCLA
(7-6)  CFN Score: 13.94
2005 Score: 14.17  2005 Ranking: 18
The Bruins were supposed to struggle in a rebuilding year with a brutal schedule, and they could've gone into the tank Michigan State style after a heart-breaking loss to Notre Dame, but they rallied late in the year with a dominant performance over a strong Oregon State team and ruined USC's national title dreams. The loss to Florida State in the Emerald Bowl put a damper on things, but it was still a better season than expected.

32. Clemson
(8-5)  CFN Score: 13.77
2005 Score: 13.22   2005 Ranking: 24
Clemson had the same record as South Carolina, lost to the Gamecocks, but is ranked a bit higher thanks to a more prolific offense. The hot team in the middle of the year with a six-game winning streak highlighted by a victory over Wake Forest, things came crashing to a halt with a loss to Virginia Tech sparking a run of four losses in the final five games.

33. South Florida
(9-4)  CFN Score: 13.73
2005 Score: 10.10   2005 Ranking: 44
Jim Leavitt's program has finally arrived. Wins over West Virginia and East Carolina to close out the year make this one of the hot teams going into the off-season. The win over the Mountaineers overcame the three Bad Wins in the Overall Score.

South Carolina (8-5)  CFN Score: 13.65
2005 Score: 9.63   2005 Ranking: 47
It was a good year; not a great one. Steve Spurrier's second season lacked an SEC win of note, but his Gamecocks beat four bowl teams including Clemson. Four of the five losses came by a touchdown or less.

35. Georgia Tech
(9-5)  CFN Score: 13.56
2005 Score: 12.39   2005 Ranking: 28
Did anyone come closer to a truly huge season? The Yellow Jackets started the year with a tough 14-10 loss to Notre Dame, and collapsed in a three-point loss to West Virginia in the Gator Bowl. They came within three of beating Georgia, and three of beating Wake Forest for the ACC Championship.

36. Cincinnati
(8-5)  CFN Score: 13.06
2005 Score: 2.83   2005 Ranking: 96
Probably the most impressive team that went totally unnoticed, the Bearcats lost to Pitt early on for an iffy defeat, but the other four losses came to Ohio State, Virginia Tech, Louisville (just missing the win on the final play of the game) and West Virginia. They ruined Rutgers' dream season, thumped South Florida, and finished up winning seven of their final nine games.
37. Penn State
(9-4)  CFN Score: 12.72
2005 Score: 20.76   2005 Ranking: 4
You'd think the Nittany Lions would've been higher after getting by Tennessee in the Outback Bowl. Blame the bad Big Ten schedule with the only win coming over a Quality team coming in a 12-0 beating of Purdue. Outside of the bowl win, they were 0-4 against the good teams losing to Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin.

38. Missouri
(8-5)  CFN Score: 12.49
2005 Score: 11.02   2005 Ranking: 36
In a tale of two seasons, the Tigers won their first six games with a stifling defense and consistent offense, bounced back after getting steamrolled by Texas A&M to beat Kansas State, and then lost three straight bottoming out with a loss to Iowa State. A win over Kansas was forgotten about after a collapse to Oregon State in the Sun Bowl.

39. Florida State
(7-6)  CFN Score: 12.41
2005 Score: 13.33   2005 Ranking: 23
The Seminoles were never consistent. They were able to beat five Quality teams and got by UCLA in the Emerald Bowl, but they were blasted at home by Wake Forest and lost to a bad NC State team. Five of the six losses came by a touchdown or less.
40. Utah
(8-5)  CFN Score: 12.17
2005 Score: 8.79   2005 Ranking: 56
The Utes picked up the pieces a few times during the year winning three straight after a disastrous opening day loss to UCLA, beating TCU after getting stomped by Boise State, and winning three straight after losing to Wyoming and New Mexico. The four Bad Wins (Northern Arizona, Utah State, San Diego State and UNLV) kept the overall score down.

41. Southern Miss 
CFN Score: 12.10
2005 Score: 9.15   2005 Ranking: 52
It was another positive year for Jeff Bower and his program with nine wins and a bowl victory. A four-game winning streak late in the year got the Eagles to the Conference USA title game, but a loss to Houston put a bit of a damper on the season. Things should be even better next year with star-in-the-making Damion Fletcher and Jeremy Young in the backfield. 

Kentucky (8-5)  CFN Score: 11.65
2005 Score: 0.41   2005 Ranking: 107
All those who thought UK would be bowling and the hot program going into 2006, raise your hands. Liars. The Wildcats won four in a row late in the year, highlighted by a 24-20 win over Georgia, and beat Clemson in the Music City Bowl. The lack of defense kept them from being higher in the rankings.

43. Oregon
(7-6)  CFN Score: 11.17
2005 Score: 14.69   2005 Ranking: 16
A controversial win over Oklahoma and a solid performance against UCLA on the way to a 5-1 start made it seem like the Ducks were on their way to a big year. The quarterback situation was never quite settled, and the team only beat one D-I team over the final seven games finishing up with a clunker against BYU in the Las Vegas Bowl.

44. Tulsa
(8-5)  CFN Score: 11.10
2005 Score: 14.19   2005 Ranking: 17
You know things have changed when an 8-5 year is a disappointment. The Golden Hurricane went 7-1 and appeared to be the runaway favorite to repeat as the Conference USA champion, and then came three straight losses including head-scratchers to Rice and SMU.

45. Ohio  CFN Score: 10.87
2005 Score: 2.67   2005 Ranking: 98
A seven-game winning streak made the Bobcats one of the bigger surprises of the season, and then the lousy offense caught up to them losing the MAC Championship and GMAC Bowl by a combined score of 59 to 17. It helps when five wins are over Bad teams.

46. Washington State
(6-6)  CFN Score: 10.83
2005 Score: 6.58   2005 Ranking: 71
Everything seemed so promising in what appeared to be a bounce-back year. The Cougars started off 6-3 needing just one win in the final three to be certain of a bowl appearance, but after crushing UCLA, they lost to Arizona, got blown away by Arizona State, and lost the Apple Cup to Washington.

47. Texas Tech
(8-5)  CFN Score: 10.58
2005 Score: 15.22   2005 Ranking: 14
How do you end a season on a bigger high note than by staging the greatest comeback in bowl history? The Insight Bowl win over Minnesota showed the team's explosiveness, but it wasn't always there losing 12-3 to TCU and 30-6 to Colorado. The Bad Loss to the Buffs killed the overall score.

48. Nevada
(8-5)  CFN Score: 10.54
2005 Score: 11.77   2005 Ranking: 32
The Wolf Pack overcame an 0-2 start to win eight of the next ten before the loss to Miami in the MPC Computers Bowl. For all the victories, the best win came against San Jose State; the second best was over Colorado State. Yippee. 

49. Navy
(9-4)  CFN Score: 10.50
2005 Score: 8.39   2005 Ranking: 58
Navy had yet another strong year under Paul Johnson with nine wins and a tough loss to Boston College in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, but six of the victories were Bad Wins (Massachusetts, Stanford, Duke, Eastern Michigan, Temple and Army). That's what Navy has to do to get the big win totals.

50. Kansas State
(7-6)  CFN Score: 10.41
2005 Score: 7.04   2005 Ranking: 68
The Wildcats fans couldn't have asked for more in Ron Prince's first season. Fine, so the year ended with a loss to arch-rival Kansas and with a Texas Bowl pasting from Rutgers, but a three-game winning streak, highlighted by a win over Texas, showed how the program is on the right track.
51. Miami
(7-6)  CFN Score: 10.33
2005 Score: 16.54   2005 Ranking: 11
Arguably the year's most disappointing team, at least offensively, the Canes got into a fight with FIU, almost lost to Duke, and then lost four straight to get Larry Coker fired. Wins over Boston College and Nevada helped right the ship late, but 7-6 doesn't play in Coral Gables. Four of the seven wins go in the Bad Win category.

52. Arizona
(6-6)  CFN Score: 10.14
2005 Score: 3.64   2005 Ranking: 91
Everything seemed so promising after overcoming a 2-4 start by winning four games in five, but a season ending loss to Arizona State killed bowl hoped. The offense has to be more consistent.

53. Troy
(8-5)  CFN Score: 9.94
2005 Score: 2.81   2005 Ranking: 23
One great rally in a win over Middle Tennessee changed everything. The Trojans won the Sun Belt, beat Rice in the New Orleans Bowl, and had its most successful season ever. It helped to get three Bad Wins, but six wins in the final seven is nothing to overlook.

54. Oklahoma State
(7-6)  CFN Score: 9.54
2005 Score: 3.89   2005 Ranking: 90
2006 was a great step forward for Mike Gundy's young program highlighted by a record-setting second half in the 42-32 win over Kansas and a stunningly convincing win over Nebraska. The Cowboys lost to Kansas State, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Oklahoma each by less than a touchdown.

55. Western Michigan
(8-5) CFN Score: 9.27
2005 Score: 9.01   2005 Ranking: 54
In the hunt for the MAC title almost all year, and with an appearance in the International Bowl, Bill Cubit's club came up with a nice year considering all the offensive losses of NFLers Greg Jennings and Tony Scheffler. The 31-7 loss to Central Michigan was the only game the Broncos were never in.

56. San Jose State
(9-4)  CFN Score: 9.23
2005 Score: -0.57   2005 Ranking: 111
Wake Forest, Rice and Rutgers got more publicity, but San Jose State might have been the biggest surprise of the year with nine wins including a bowl victory over New Mexico. However, there were five Bad Wins (Stanford, Cal Poly, San Diego State, Utah State and Louisiana Tech) and no victories over a team that finished with a winning record. Only Oklahoma gave Boise State a tougher time than the Spartans did. 

57. Iowa
(6-7)  CFN Score: 8.87
2005 Score: 11.53   2005 Ranking: 33
A wildly disappointing season started to go south with a nationally televised loss to Ohio State sparking a string of seven losses in the final nine games. The wins were nothing to write home about with the best one coming over Purdue. Good losses to Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Texas were sprinkled in with colossal gaffes to Indiana and Northwestern.

58. Pitt
(6-6)  CFN Score: 9.07
2005 Score: 5.19   2005 Ranking: 82
Pitt didn't beat any of the big boys and went on a five-game losing streak to close out what appeared to be a lock of a bowl year. The best win of the season came early against Cincinnati, but that was about it as Dave Wannstedt's crew beat the bad teams, lost to the good ones, and was on the wrong side of a shootout with Connecticut.

59. Rice
(7-6)  CFN Score: 8.47
2005 Score: -0.72   2005 Ranking: 112
The improbable first season under Todd Graham ended with a thunk losing to Troy in the New Orleans Bowl, but that didn't take away from the remarkable second half of the year winning seven of the last eight including a six-game winning streak before the post-season. Five wins came by a touchdown or less.

60. Wyoming
(6-6)  CFN Score: 8.44
2005 Score: 2.85   2005 Ranking: 95
The Cowboys started off the season 1-4 before turning things around with five wins in seven games. Three of the losses were to Elite Teams (Boise State, TCU and BYU), but three of the victories were Bad Wins (Utah State, San Diego State and UNLV). The future is bright with QB Karsten Sween looking like a keeper.

61. Kansas
(6-6) CFN Score: 8.42
2005 Score: 11.38   2005 Ranking: 35
It might not have been a bowl season, but a great year from Jon Cornish, and a late three-game winning streak, highlighted by a 39-20 blowout over Kansas State, kept it from being a major disappointment. A tough loss to Toledo and stunning second half collapse against Oklahoma State prevented a 13th game. 

62. East Carolina
(7-6)  CFN Score: 8.39
2005 Score: 4.70   2005 Ranking: 84
A return to a bowl game and a nice end to the regular season winning five games in the final six put Skip Holtz's program on the upswing. The only Quality Win came over Southern Miss, while three of the five losses came by five points or fewer.

63. Northern Illinois
(7-6) CFN Score: 8.35
2005 Score: 12.23   2005 Ranking: 29
Garrett Wolfe provided plenty of highlights, but it was a disappointing year getting knocked out of the MAC title race almost right off the bat with a 35-23 loss to Ohio. Of the seven wins on the way to the Poinsettia Bowl beatdown from TCU, five of them went into the Bad Win category with the only decent ones coming over Ball State and Central Michigan.

64. Arizona State
(7-6) CFN Score: 8.26
2005 Score: 10.66   2005 Ranking: 40
ASU started out its season 3-0 and finished with Dennis Erickson taking over for Dirk Koetter. The offense was inconsistent while the defense got destroyed in losses. Three of the wins were Bad Wins beating Northern Arizona, Colorado and Stanford.
65. Purdue
(8-6) CFN Score: 7.97
2005 Score: 6.66   2005 Ranking: 69
There were no surprises whatsoever with wins over all the teams Purdue was supposed to win and losses in all the games it was supposed to lose closing out with a lifeless loss to Maryland in the Champs Sports Bowl. The Boilermakers went 1-7 against bowl teams with the one win coming at home against Minnesota.

66. Alabama
(6-7) CFN Score: 7.19
2005 Score: 16.68   2005 Ranking: 10
What does 6-6 and a loss to Auburn mean? Good bye Mike Shula, hello Nick Saban. The Tide closed out the year losing five of its final six and seven of its last ten, but five of the defeats came by eight points or fewer. 

67. Minnesota 
CFN Score: 7.09
2005 Score: 10.64   2005 Ranking: 41
Just when the program seemed to be on a major roll finishing off with three straight wins to get to a Insight Bowl, and with a dominant first half over Texas Tech, the team collapsed in the biggest bowl choke ever, fired Glen Mason, and now is starting from scratch. The team beat the teams it was supposed to and lost to the ones it was supposed to.

68. Middle Tennessee 
CFN Score: 6.98
2005 Score: 2.90   2005 Ranking: 94
Things were going so well in Rick Stockstill's first season going 7-3 with smooth sailing to the New Orleans Bowl, and then came a loss to South Carolina, a stunning 21-20 loss to Troy to finish in a tie for the Sun Belt title, and then a thumping from Central Michigan in the Motor City Bowl. The Blue Raiders lost to Maryland, Louisville, Oklahoma and South Carolina by a combined score of 179 to 34.

69. SMU 
CFN Score: 6.56
2005 Score: 6.19   2005 Ranking: 72
The year might have ended on a disappointing note with a loss to Rice costing the Mustangs a bowl game, but it was still a strong season after a rough start with a Bad Loss to North Texas, along with an opening day loss to Texas Tech, by a combined score of 59 to 9. A 34-24 win over Tulsa was the high point.

70. Washington 
CFN Score: 5.93
2005 Score: 1.68  2005 Ranking: 102
After a 4-1 start, and after playing well in a 26-20 loss to USC, Washington appeared to be one of the surprise teams of the year, but a six-game losing streak ended the fun. Closing out with a win over Washington State in the Apple Cup helped ease the pain of a stunning loss to lowly Stanford.

71. New Mexico 
CFN Score: 5.6815
2005 Score: 8.29   2005 Ranking: 59
Arguably the worst of the bowl teams, the Lobos couldn't even win at home over San Jose State. The home loss to Portland State started the season off on a low note, and there was only one win of note beating Utah 34-31.

72. Arkansas State 
CFN Score: 5.6800
2005 Score: 6.66   2005 Ranking: 70
The defending Sun Belt champions started out 4-2, and then the offense crashed getting shut out in back-to-back weeks by Florida Atlantic and Auburn. At least they beat Troy to avoid going winless over the final five games.

73. Virginia 
CFN Score: 5.34
2005 Score: 11.49   2005 Ranking: 34
Did the Cavaliers beat anyone good? Well, a 17-7 late-season victory over Miami was nice, but a lack of offense kept them from having an honest shot against anyone with a pulse. Starting out the year 1-3 with losses to Western Michigan and Pitt didn't help.

74. UL Lafayette 
CFN Score: 5.02
2005 Score: 4.62   2005 Ranking: 86
A stunning late win over Houston as part of a four-game winning streak made the Ragin' Cajuns look like a major player in the Sun Belt race, and then came the three-game losing streak with the low point coming in a home choke to North Texas. Losing to arch-rival UL Monroe at home to close out the year wasn't a plus.

75. Indiana 
CFN Score: 5.00
2005 Score: 3.98   2005 Ranking: 89
The Hoosiers might have only gone 5-7, but they showed signs of life highlighted by wins over Iowa and Michigan State. Losses to Southern Illinois and Connecticut early on kept them out of a bowl.

76. Vanderbilt 
CFN Score: 4.88
2005 Score: 3.48   2005 Ranking: 92
The Commodores came close to having a great year with four losses by seven points or fewer to Alabama, Arkansas, Ole Miss and Florida. Beating Georgia was the highlight of the season. The offense wasn't consistent getting 126 of its 264 points in wins over Tennessee State, Temple and Duke.

77. Marshall 
CFN Score: 4.77
2005 Score: 3.30   2005 Ranking: 93
The first win over a D-I team didn't come until late October after a 1-5 start, and then the Herd got hot winning four of its next five before getting blasted by Southern Miss.

78. Toledo 
CFN Score: 4.66
2005 Score: 13.68   2005 Ranking: 22
The perennial MAC powerhouse got crushed 31-10 by Western Michigan in the conference opener and struggled from there. A win over Kansas provided hope, but that was the only victory over a D-I team until the end of October. Wins in three of the final four games saved the year from being a total disaster.

79. Akron 
CFN Score: 4.07
2005 Score: 8.93   2005 Ranking: 55
The defending MAC champions appeared ready to roar after playing Penn State well in a loss before beating NC State, but they didn't beat anyone else with a pulse with the best win coming over Bowling Green. The offense went completely into the tank late in the year. 

80. Fresno State 
CFN Score: 3.95
2005 Score: 11.86   2005 Ranking: 31
The Fresno State disaster started with two close losses to Pac 10 teams (Oregon and Washington) and bottomed out with a 13-12 loss to Utah State. An opening day win over Nevada, and a generous schedule late helped Pat Hill's program from further embarrassment.

81. Connecticut 
CFN Score: 3.91
2005 Score: 5.56   2005 Ranking: 77
Two of the four victories were Bad Wins beating Rhode Island and Army, and it took a crazy 46-45 win over Pitt to avoid a complete disaster in the second half losing five of the last six and seven of the last ten.

82. Syracuse 
CFN Score: 3.72
2005 Score: -0.34   2005 Ranking: 109
Things started out positive with a 3-2 record, and then the wheels came off losing six of the final seven with the only win coming on Senior Day over Connecticut. The three Elite Losses (Louisville, Rutgers and West Virginia) actually helped.

83. New Mexico State 
CFN Score: 3.63
2005 Score: -6.67   2005 Ranking: 119
Hal Mumme's second season at least had a win. Four of them, but they all fell under the Bad Win category with two coming against D-IAA teams. At least the team was more competitive thanks to the high-powered offense. 

84. Ball State 
CFN Score: 3.59
2005 Score: 5.53   2005 Ranking: 79
The Cardinals won three of their final four games, but the first three victories of the season fell into the Bad Win category, while the home loss to North Dakota State killed the overall score. This is the lowest ranked team that scored more points than it allowed.

85. UL Monroe 
CFN Score: 3.53
2005 Score: 2.45   2005 Ranking: 100
Three of the four wins fell into the Bad Win category, but the win over UL Lafayette helped the Warhawks finish with three victories in the final four games. The one loss a 42-40 shootout against Kentucky, got the program on the upswing going into the off-season. ULM didn't get its first D-I win until mid-November.

86. Florida Atlantic 
CFN Score: 3.49
2005 Score: 1.02   2005 Ranking: 103
Howard Schnellenberger's team pulled off a nice season that no one noticed considering it opened the year with five straight away games. Even so, three of the five wins fell into the Bad Win category.

87. Kent State 
CFN Score: 3,48
2005 Score: -1.92   2005 Ranking: 115
One of the surprises of the year with a five-game winning streak, the Golden Flashes fell off the map losing four of the last five including a 41-14 collapse against Buffalo. They played five games against teams that fell into the Bad category going 3-2.

88. NC State 
CFN Score: 3.48
2005 Score: 10.95   2005 Ranking: 37
Talk about your collapses, State brought in QB Daniel Evans and won in miraculous fashion over Boston College, beat Florida State, and then pffffffffffft. Seven straight losses, including a Bad Loss to North Carolina, meant the end of the Chuck Amato era.

89. OIe Miss 
CFN Score: 3.21
2005 Score: 2.30   2005 Ranking: 101
Three of the four wins (Memphis, Northwestern State and Mississippi State) fell into the Bad Win category, while the other win came over Vanderbilt. There were signs of fight with close losses to Georgia, Alabama, Auburn and LSU, all coming by six point or fewer.

90. UCF 
CFN Score: 3.20
2005 Score: 10.12   2005 Ranking: 43
A lack of offense and a rough stretch of seven losses in eight games killed the season before mid-November. Winning two of the final three games provides a little hope for 2007.

91. UTEP  CFN Score: 3.20
2005 Score: 10.38   2005 Ranking: 42
Another year, another late season collapse. The Miners appeared to be one of the favorites for the Conference USA title after a 4-2 start, and 2-0 conference start, and then they lost five of their final six closing out with a brutal Bad Loss at home to Memphis.

92. Mississippi State 
CFN Score: 2.87
2005 Score: 0.96   2005 Ranking: 104
The program hasn't turned the corner under Sylvester Croom, but the team was far more competitive even if the results didn't show it. MSU might have lost four if its final five games, but it lost to Georgia, Kentucky and Ole Miss by three points each. It doesn't help when you have to play Auburn, LSU, and West Virginia, Elite Teams, in the first half of the year.

93. Baylor 
CFN Score: 2.75
2005 Score: 5.90   2005 Ranking: 73
The Bears weren't a pushover, but they went on a slide after losing starting quarterback Shawn Bell finishing with a four game losing streak. The loss to Army hurt the overall score. Two of the wins came over Kansas teams, one was over Colorado, and one was over DI-AA Northwestern State.

94. Michigan State 
CFN Score: 2.69
2005 Score: 8.26  2005 Ranking: 60
Around 8:30 p.m. on September 23rd, no one could've foreseen the Spartans finishing this low. It took a miraculous, all-timer type of comeback against Northwestern to avoid a nine-game losing streak to end the year. Four of the losses came by four points or fewer.

95. Tulane 
CFN Score: 2.57
2005 Score: -1.71   2005 Ranking: 114
Fewer than 19 points per game, and with two of the four wins in the Bad Win category, were just a few reasons why Chris Scelfo is out and Bob Toledo is in.

96. UAB 
CFN Score: 2.53
2005 Score: 7.38   2005 Ranking: 67
This was supposed to be a rebuilding year, but it wasn't supposed to be this bad. Things seemed promising after winning three of the first six, with wins over bowl bound East Carolina and Troy, and then came a six-game losing streak to close out the year.  

97. Army 
CFN Score: 2.48
2005 Score: 4.62   2005 Ranking: 85
Bobby Ross isn't quite making any headway after closing out with six straight losses and only beating DI-AA VMI in the last eight games.

98. Colorado State 
CFN Score: 2.47
2005 Score: 9.02   2005 Ranking: 53
Can the program pull up out of its nosedive? The Rams won four out of their first five and lost seven straight to close out. Three of the four wins were in the Bad Win category with the only decent one a 35-23 victory over an awful Fresno State team.

99. Iowa State 
CFN Score: 2.40
2005 Score: 10.67   2005 Ranking: 39
Dan McCarney's final season was horrible coming within roughly four plays of going 0-12. The loss to Colorado was rock bottom, but the the Cyclones bounced back to finish off with a win over Missouri.

100. Air Force 
CFN Score: 2.35
2005 Score: 5.17   2005 Ranking: 83
With only a win over a lowly Army team in the last seven games, after a 3-2 start, Air Force was overdue to make a coaching change. It didn't help to play BYU, TCU and Notre Dame in the second half of the year, but the Falcons didn't help themselves with Bad Losses to San Diego State and UNLV.

101. Idaho 
CFN Score: 1.69
2005 Score: -3.08   2005 Ranking: 117
Dennis Erickson came in, the team won four games, with two counting as Bad Wins, lost the last five games scoring just 30 in the last four, and then left for Arizona State.

102. Northwestern 
CFN Score: 1.67
2005 Score: 10.89   2005 Ranking: 38
This was supposed to be a rebuilding year anyway, and then the tragic passing of Randy Walker, and the first-year of young head man Pat Fitzgerald, made it even more difficult. A home loss to New Hampshire killed the overall score, while three of the four wins counting as Bad Wins hurt. Beating Iowa 21-7 saved the year from being truly awful.

103. Illinois 
CFN Score: 1.56
2005 Score: 0.95   2005 Ranking: 105
Didn't the Illini seem like they have more than one win (Michigan State) over a D-I team? They battled hard against Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Ohio State losing all four by a touchdown or less, but a 2-10 season (the other win came over Eastern Illinois) was rough for the young team.

104. North Texas 
CFN Score: 1.50
2005 Score: 0.54   2005 Ranking: 106
The lack of offense, averaging under 13 points per game, hurt the overall score, but it was the mere three wins that sent North Texas this low. Three of the Mean Green's final four losses came by eight points or fewer.

105. Bowling Green 
CFN Score: 1.27
2005 Score: 15.19   2005 Ranking: 65
Losses to Temple and Miami University killed the overall score. Of the four wins, only the 21-9 shocker at Ohio was not in the Bad Win category.

106. North Carolina 
CFN Score: 1.25
2005 Score: 9.55   2005 Ranking: 49
The good: UNC ended its season with wins over rivals NC State and Duke. The bad: both opponents fell into the Bad Win category, as did the other win over Furman. The offense scored just 103 points in the nine losses.

107. Miami University 
CFN Score: 1.10
2005 Score: 9.27   2005 Ranking: 51
An awful year from the offensive line and no offensive pop made the RedHawks one of the year's biggest busts. The two wins came by a total of nine points.

108. Memphis 
CFN Score: 1.08
2005 Score: 9.33   2005 Ranking: 50
What happened to the defense? Giving up over 30 points per game and ranking near the bottom in most categories ended all the positive strides made over the previous bowl years. The only win over a D-I team came in the season finale over UTEP.

109. Colorado 
CFN Score: 0.96
2005 Score: 9.77   2005 Ranking: 46
Well, it can't get anywhere but up for Dan Hawkins. The year started out with the 19-10 loss to Montana State on the way to an 0-6 start. Wins over Texas Tech and Iowa State kept the ugliness from going to another level.

110. San Diego State 
CFN Score: 0.70
2005 Score: 5.90   2005 Ranking: 74
Chuck Long's first year started to pick up over an 0-5 start with three Mountain West wins, but only 170 points and 16-14 Bad Loss to Cal Poly helped make the season a disaster.

111. UNLV 
CFN Score: -0.02
2005 Score: -0.56   2005 Ranking: 110
Mike Sanford's second year was a total flop with the only wins coming against Idaho State and Air Force. The 21-7 Bad Loss to San Diego State hurt the overall score in a big way.

112. Louisiana Tech 
CFN Score: -0.27
2005 Score: 7.74   2005 Ranking: 62
The Bulldog defense was awful giving up 542 points. All three of the wins (Nicholls State, Utah State, and North Texas) fell into the Bad Win category.

113. Eastern Michigan 
CFN Score: -0.47
2005 Score: 5.31   2005 Ranking: 80
The Eagles just couldn't catch a break losing six games by eight points or fewer. The lone win came against Toledo.

114. Stanford 
CFN Score: -0.92
2005 Score: 5.77   2005 Ranking: 75
One of the worst seasons in Pac 10 history finished with the firing of Walt Harris with the program starting from scratch under Jim Harbaugh. The 20-3 win over Washington, and the good game against California, were shockers late in the year.

115. Buffalo 
CFN Score: -1.19
2005 Score: -2.33   2005 Ranking: 116
Buffalo got two wins beating Temple and Kent State, but the defense gave up 41.4 points per game over the other ten. 

116. Utah State 
CFN Score: -2.74
2005 Score: 0.25   2005 Ranking: 108
A stunning 13-12 win over Fresno State was the lone bright spot. The Aggies scored just seven points over the first four games and were shut out four times.

117. FIU 
CFN Score: -2.98
2005 Score: 2.54  2005 Ranking: 99
A nasty defense kept the awful, winless season from slipping to rock-bottom. The offense only scored 115 points and put up 23 over the final six games.

118. Temple 
CFN Score: -3.32
2005 Score: -3.90   2005 Ranking: 118
A win over Bowling Green broke up some of the gloom and kept the Owls out of the basement, but they still finished with the worst scoring discrepancy getting punished 496 to 131. 

119. Duke 
CFN Score: -5.27
2005 Score: -1.22   2005 Ranking: 113
Home Bad Losses to Richmond and North Carolina were bookends to a winless season. The offense was non-existent getting outscored 406-179.

- CFN Final 2006 Rankings - No. 1 to 10