1989 Draft Redo - What Should've Happened
Oklahoma State RB Barry Sanders
Oklahoma State RB Barry Sanders
Posted Apr 23, 2009

What should each team have done in the first round of the 1989 NFL Draft?

Draft Redo ... 1989

How should the drafts have gone?

By Pete Fiutak 

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Here's a look at past NFL drafts looking to see what each team needed, who they all took in the first round, and in hindsight, who should've gone based on how their pro careers turned out (forgetting about proper coaching and other circumstances).

If each team could draft knowing what we know now and not taking future drafts into account, this is how the first round should've gone. There were 28 picks in the first round of the 1989 draft. This was one of the most historic drafts in NFL history and overall, one of the worst

Who Went How the Draft Should've Gone
1. Dallas Cowboys
Troy Aikman, QB UCLA
QB Troy Aikman (1st), UCLA
Dallas Cowboys
Three Super Bowl wins and a Hall of Fame career is just about all you can ask from the No. 1 pick.
2. Green Bay Packers
Tony Mandarich, OT Michigan State
RB Barry Sanders (1st), Oklahoma State
Detroit Lions
Some suggested that Sanders wouldn't be all that effective on natural grass and therefore not a good pick for the Packers. Some people are morons. 
3. Detroit Lions
Barry Sanders, RB Oklahoma State
LB Derrick Thomas (1st), Alabama
Kansas City Chiefs
Deion Sanders was the greatest pure cover corner in NFL history and would be the third best player in the draft, but Sanders would've been crying and whining from the get-go for having to play in a cold weather city. After the 1989 draft, Sanders was quoted as saying, "If Detroit would've drafted me, I would've asked for so much money they would've had to put me on layaway." Fine. So Detroit would get a Hall of Fame linebacker instead.
4. Kansas City Chiefs
Derrick Thomas, LB Alabama
CB Deion Sanders (1st), Florida State
Atlanta Falcons
Kansas City doesn't have the warm weather of Atlanta or any of several other NFL cities, but Sanders is too good to pass up even though he'll probably leave after a few years for brighter lights.
5. Atlanta Falcons
Deion Sanders, CB Florida State
S Steve Atwater (1st), Arkansas
Denver Broncos
There are several great offensive linemen on the board and you hardly ever take a safety this high, but Atwater was one of the great hitting defensive backs of his era only taking a back seat to Ronnie Lott.
6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Broderick Thomas, LB Nebraska
CB Donnell Woolford (1st), Clemson
Chicago Bears
The 1988-89 Bucs needed a ton of help for their pass defense and while Deion got all the headlines taking the spotlight away from Woolford, the Clemson star turned out to be a big-time player. 
7. Pittsburgh Steelers
Tim Worley, RB Georgia
DE Wayne Martin (1st), Arkansas
New Orleans Saints
The Steelers desperately needed a running back with Merrill Hoge, Warren Williams and Earnest Jackson carrying the mail, but Martin would've been a better pick as a starter every game for over a decade after his rookie year making 82.5 sacks.
8. San Diego Chargers
Burt Grossman, DE Pittsburgh
OG Steve Wisniewski (2nd), Penn State
Los Angeles Raiders
Grossman wasn't a bad pick, but he wasn't worth the number eight. Wisniewski appeared in six straight Pro Bowls from 1990 to 1995 and started 206 times out of 206 games for the Raiders.
9. Miami Dolphins
Sammie Smith, RB Florida State
WR Andre Rison (1st), Michigan State
Indianapolis Colts
While Lorenzo Hampton, Troy Stradford, Ron Davenport and Woody Bennett weren't getting the job done at running back, Smith wasn't the solution for Miami's rushing woes. Mark Clayton had become Miami's only receiving option, so Rison would've been a huge help.
10. Phoenix Cardinals
Eric Hill, LB LSU
QB Rodney Peete (6th), USC
Detroit Lions
There are better players on the board than Peete, but the Trojan star would've made an instant impact with an aging Neil Lomax and Cliff Stoudt at quarterback for the Cardinals.
11. Chicago Bears
Donnell Woolford, CB Clemson
C Mark Stepnoski (3rd), Pittsburgh
Dallas Cowboys
The Bear offensive line was starting to wear down, so the steadiness of Stepnoski would've given the group a boost.
12. Chicago Bears
Trace Armstrong, DE Florida
DE Trace Armstrong (1st), Florida
Chicago Bears
He wasn't a superstar, but he was good enough to carve out a very productive career as a Bear and a Dolphin. Note to Chicago ... don't let him go to Miami. You'll need him.
13. Cleveland Browns
Eric Metcalf, RB Texas
FB Daryl Johnston (2nd), Syracuse
Dallas Cowboys
Snow was never the killer he was in college while Johnston was one of the premier fullbacks of the 1990s.
14. New York Jets
Jeff Lageman, LB Virginia
LB/DE Jeff Lageman (1st), Virginia
New York Jets
The Jets were roundly ridiculed for taking Lageman too early, but the pick worked out as he turned into one of the stars of the New York defense until 1994.
15. Seattle Seahawks
Andy Heck, OT Notre Dame
G Mark Schlereth (10th), Idaho
Washington Redskins
Heck was a great player during his time with Seattle, but he left after 1993 for Chicago. Sure Schlereth would have to go under the knife about 154 times on his bad knees, but he was still a great rock for the Redskins and the Broncos. 
16. New England Patriots
Hart Lee Dykes, WR Oklahoma State
WR Tony Martin (5th), Mesa State
New York Jets
Dykes never became the player the Patriots so desperately needed. Martin has had a very productive career catching 593 passes for 9.065 yards and 56 touchdowns for Miami, San Diego and Atlanta through 2001.
17. Phoenix Cardinals
Joe Wolf, OG Boston College
OT Andy Heck (1st), Notre Dame
Seattle Seahawks
Wolf never panned out for the Cardinals. Heck would've been the far better choice had he lasted this long in the redraft.
18. New York Giants
Brian Williams, C Minnesota
RB Dave Meggett (5th), Towson
New York Giants
Meggett was one of the team's most electrifying players as both a running back and a kick returner. The Giants were able to get him five rounds later.
19. New Orleans Saints
Wayne Martin, DE Arkansas
TE Wesley Walls (2nd), Mississippi
New Orleans Saints
The Saints were a solid team only missing a good receiving tight end to complement John Tice. Walls would've been a nice fit.
20. Denver Broncos
Steve Atwater, S Arkansas
RB Marion Butts (7th), Florida State
San Diego Chargers
Denver needed rushing help with an ancient Tony Dorsett and an average Sammy Winder leading the team. Butts was a decent six year player rushing for 5,185 yards and 43 rushing touchdowns. 
21. Los Angeles Rams
Bill Hawkins, DE Miami
PK Pete Stoyonovich (8th), Indiana
Miami Dolphins
With the wildly inconsistent Mike Lansford kicking the ball, Stoyonovich would've been a big help to the high-powered Ram offense.
22. Indianapolis Colts
Andre Rison, WR Michigan State
RB Eric Metcalf (1st), Texas
Cleveland Browns
The Colts needed receiving help with Bill Brooks the team's No. 1 receiver with 54 catches and Mark Bouza No. 2 with 25. Metcalf would be an interesting option for the Browns if moved to receiver right away. 
23. Houston Oilers
David Williams, OT Florida
DB Myron Guyton (8th), Eastern Kentucky
New York Giants
Guyton was a very productive player for the Giants and Patriots and as you'll see, the productive talent falls off the map in the draft in a real hurry. 
24. Pittsburgh Steelers
Tom Ricketts, OT Pittsburgh
RB Derrick Fenner (10th), North Carolina
Seattle Seahawks
The Steelers needed a runner and Fenner had a better career (2,996 yards and 42 touchdowns) than Cleveland Gary (2.645 yards and 29 scores.)
25. Miami Dolphins
Louis Oliver, S Florida
S Louis Oliver (1st), Florida
Miami Dolphins
Oliver could hit as well as any linebacker in the league. Unfortunately as a safety, he ran like a linebacker. Even so, Oliver wasn't all that bad and is better than anyone else left on the board.
26. Los Angeles Rams
Cleveland Gary, RB Miami
DE Burt Grossman (1st), Pittsburgh
San Diego Chargers
Grossman spent too much time wanting to be what Tony Siragusa turned out to be, but he wasn't all that bad when he was in his prime. Grossman would've helped the sagging Ram defense.
27. Atlanta Falcons
Shawn Collins, WR Northern Arizona
RB Cleveland Gary (1st), Miami
Los Angeles Rams
Gary was considered a bust, but he ran for 808 yards 14 touchdowns in 1990 and 1,125 and seven touchdowns (and caught 52 passes for 293 yard and three scores) in 1992. John Settle was coming off a 1,024 yard season for the Falcons, but it wouldn't last.
28. San Francisco 49ers
Keith DeLong, LB Tennessee
RB Todd McNair (8th), Temple
Kansas City Chiefs
The Niners didn't need much help and McNair would be the type of do-it-all type of back they could've used to back up Roger Craig and Tom Rathman.