1990 Draft Redo - What Should've Happened
Florida RB Emmitt Smith
Florida RB Emmitt Smith
Posted Apr 20, 2008

What should each team have done in the first round of the 1990 NFL Draft?


Draft Redo ... 1990

How should the drafts have gone?

By Pete Fiutak 

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Here's a look at past NFL drafts looking to see what each team needed, who they all took in the first round, and in hindsight, who should've gone based on how their pro careers turned out (forgetting about proper coaching and other circumstances).

If each team could draft knowing what we all know now and not taking future drafts into account, this is how the first round should've gone. There were 25 picks in the first round of the 1990 draft.

Who Went How the Draft Should've Gone
1. Indianapolis Colts
Jeff George, QB Illinois
RB Emmitt Smith (1st), Florida
Dallas Cowboys
Despite all the ragging, George wasn't a horrible No. 1 pick. He never had any weapons to work with and the Indy line was miserable. Emmitt will end up running for more yards than any back in NFL history. A slam dunk No. 1.
2. New York Jets
Blair Thomas, RB Penn State
LB Junior Seau (1st), USC
San Diego Chargers
Thomas wasn't nearly the back he could've been with healthy knees. Seau's a shoo-in Hall-of-Famer.
3. Seattle Seahawks
Cortez Kennedy, DT Miami
TE Shannon Sharpe (7th), Savannah St
Denver Broncos
Kennedy might still be the pick, but Sharpe's a Hall-of-Famer and the greatest receiving tight end in NFL history.
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Keith McCants, LB Alabama
DB LeRoy Butler (2nd), Florida State
Green Bay Packers
McCants was a unmitigated bust. Butler would've been the leader of a Tampa Bay defense in need of a star in the secondary.
5. San Diego Chargers
Junior Seau, LB USC
QB Jeff George (1st), Illinois
Indianapolis Colts
Home run for the Chargers on this pick with Seau. George would be the QB for the next ten years with a decent line around him. Billy Joe Tolliver wasn't the answer.
6. Chicago Bears
Mark Carrier, DB USC
OT Richmond Webb (1st), Texas A&M
Miami Dolphins
Carrier was an instant star for the Bears, but Webb would help out the aging Bear front wall. Plug him in for the next 10+ years. 
7. Detroit Lions
Andre Ware, QB Houston
OT Glenn Parker (3rd), Arizona
Buffalo Bills
The Lions needed offensive linemen to block for Barry Sanders, and Parker turned out to be a solid producer for a decade. You can live with Erik Kramer and Rodney Peete at QB.
8. New England Patriots
Chris Singleton, LB Arizona
RB Terry Allen (9th), Clemson
Minnesota Vikings
Singleton wasn't all that bad, but not worth the ninth pick. Needing a consistent running back even though John Stephens has been great, Allen is the pick even thought there will be upcoming knee injuries.
9. Miami Dolphins
Richmond Webb, OT Texas A&M
RB Larry Centers (5th), S.F. Austin 
Arizona Cardinals
Webb's already gone, so Centers is a slam-dunk pick and maybe the most perfect fit in the draft. He's the blocking fullback the Dolphins need and a sensational pass catcher out of the backfield for Dan Marino.
10. New England Patriots
Ray Agnew, DE NC State
DT Cortez Kennedy (1st), Miami
Seattle Seahawks
It's too far for a player like Kennedy to slide any more. He'll eat his way out of the league, but star defensive linemen are at a premium.
11. Los Angeles Raiders
Anthony Smith, DE Arizona
OG Dave Szott, (7th), Penn State
Kansas City Chiefs
Al Davis loves offensive linemen and while Szott won't be a superstar, he gave the Chiefs 10+ years of solid production.
12. Cincinnati Bengals
James Francis, LB Baylor
DB Eric Davis (2nd), Jacksonville State
San Francisco 49ers
Davis will be among the most consistent defensive backs in the NFL for more than ten years.
13. Kansas City Chiefs
Percy Snow, LB Michigan State
S Mark Carrier (1st), USC
Chicago Bears
Snow was never the killer he was in college while Carrier will be one of the league's hardest hitting, ball-hawking safeties.
14. New Orleans Saints
Renaldo Turnbull, DE West Virginia
RB Chris Warren (4th), Ferrum
Seattle Seahawks
The Saints are a playoff caliber team needing a star running back to help out Rueben Mayes. When Warren was on, he was among the best in the league.
15. Houston Oilers
Lamar Lathon, LB Houston
LB Bryce Paup (6th), Northern Iowa
Lathon was good early on, but Paup turned himself into a pass-rushing star.
16. Buffalo Bills
James Williams, DB Fresno State
DE Rob Burnett (5th), Syracuse
Cleveland Browns
Burnett was a solid producer,, but he needed star players around him to excel. He'd have that with Bruce Smith at Buffalo. Williams wasn't all that bad.
17. Dallas Cowboys
Emmitt Smith, RB Florida
OG Keith Sims (2nd), Iowa State
Miami Dolphins
As legend has it, Jimmy Johnson wanted a defensive player here hoping for James Francis or Lamar Lathon to slide. In this draft, the pick would be an offensive linemen to protect young franchise QB Troy Aikman.
18. Green Bay Packers
Tony Bennett, LB Mississippi
QB Neil O'Donnell (3rd), Maryland
Pittsburgh Steelers
Bennett was a very, very good player for a few years. O'Donnell is the pick to back up the Majik Man, Don Majkowski. The Pack could trade him to Atlanta in a few years for some Favre kid.
19. Green Bay Packers
Darrell Thompson, RB Minnesota
RB Rodney Hampton (1st), Georgia
New York Giants
Out with the unproductive Gopher star, in with the battering ram who'll give the Packers several 1,000-yard rushing years.
20. Atlanta Falcons
Steve Broussard, RB Washington State
LB Andre Collins (2nd), Penn State
Washington Redskins
Broussard wasn't bad, but not at the 20th pick. Andre Collins was a decent player.
21. Pittsburgh Steelers
Eric Green, TE Liberty
TE Jackie Harris (4th), NE Louisiana
Green Bay Packers
Green was a better tight end than Harris in his prime, but he didn't have the career Harris has had.
22. Philadelphia Eagles
Ben Smith, DB Georgia
WR Terance Mathis (6th), New Mexico
Atlanta Falcons
Mathis isn't a bad pick this late in the first round as a nice, productive receiver for Randall Cunningham, then the Eagles can take Fred Barnett and Calvin Williams later for one of the league's best young receiving corps.
23. Los Angeles Rams
Bern Brostek, C Washington
RB Barry Foster (5th), Arkansas 
Pittsburgh Steelers
After giving away Eric Dickerson, it's hard to believe that Greg Bell, Robert Delpino or Cleveland Gary are going to be that great. Foster will be the main back in a few years. 
24. New York Giants
Rodney Hampton, RB Georgia
QB Scott Mitchell (4th), Utah
Miami Dolphins
Phil Simms was getting older. The Giants would have Mitchell and see how he panned out instead of hoping for Dave Brown of Duke to be a player a few years down the road.
25. San Francisco 49ers
Dexter Carter, RB Florida State
LB Marvcus Patton (8th), UCLA
Buffalo Bills
Patton will give the Niners a rock at linebacker for the next decade.