1992 Draft Redo - What Should've Happened
Michigan WR Desmond Howard
Michigan WR Desmond Howard
Posted Apr 23, 2009

What should each team have done in the first round of the 1992 NFL Draft?

Draft Redo ... 1992

How should the drafts have gone?

By Pete Fiutak 

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Here's a look at past NFL drafts looking to see what each team needed, who they all took in the first round, and in hindsight, who should've gone based on how their pro careers turned out (forgetting about proper coaching and other circumstances).

If each team could draft knowing what we all know now and not taking future drafts into account, this is how the first round should've gone. There were 28 picks in the first round of the 1992 draft. In parentheses is the round the player was actually taken.

Who Went How the Draft Should've Gone
1. Indianapolis Colts
Steve Emtman, DT Washington
CB Troy Vincent (1st), Wisconsin
Miami Dolphins
What happened to Steve Emtman was simply cruel as he looked like a perennial Pro Bowl player before the knee injuries hit. There isn't a rock solid lock at the No. 1 pick, but Vincent was one of the best, and most consistent, overall corners in the 1990s behind Deion Sanders. Vincent gets the nod as the top choice turning out to be the stronger player than Gilbert.
2. Indianapolis Colts
Quentin Coryatt, LB Texas A&M
DT Sean Gilbert (1st), Pittsburgh
Los Angeles Rams
The Colts needed as many good defensive players as they could get. Gilbert would've helped out the NFL's worst run D.
3. Los Angeles Rams
Sean Gilbert, DT Pittsburgh
DB Darren Woodson (2nd), Arizona State
Dallas Cowboys
The Ram offense was fine, but the defense needed some help in the secondary. It's a tough choice between Texas A&M's Kevin Smith and Darren Woodson of Arizona State. The Rams should have taken the big hitting, and often underrated, Woodson to pair with Todd Lyght, taken in 1991, to give them a great young pair of defensive backs.
4. Washington Redskins
Desmond Howard, WR Michigan
WR Jimmy Smith (2nd), Jackson State
Dallas Cowboys
It should've worked out. The Super Bowl champion Redskins we're going to bolster their arsenal with the nation's best wide receiver. The only problem was that Desmond Howard had the work ethic of a postal employee at 4:59 on a Friday. Smith was a great pick by the Cowboys, but Jimmy Johnson gave up on him too early. Washington made a practice of trading away draft picks for players and should've done it in 1992.
5. Green Bay Packers
Terrell Buckley, CB Florida State
LB Levon Kirkland (2nd), Clemson
Pittsburgh Steelers
The Packers needed playmakers on offense and they should've considered taking Carl Pickens of Tennessee or Robert Brooks of South Carolina to take the heat off Sterling Sharpe. The pick is Kirkland to add some bulk to the D.
6. Cincinnati Bengals
David Klingler, QB Houston
CB Kevin Smith (1st), Texas A&M
Dallas Cowboys
The Bengals had the NFL's worst pass defense in 1991 and Smith would've provided instant help. Cincy still wants a quarterback to step in for the aging Boomer Esiason, but it's worth hoping that Jeff Blake or Brad Johnson will still be there with the 28th pick.
7. Miami Dolphins
Troy Vincent, CB Wisconsin
LB Ed McDaniel (5th), Clemson
Minnesota Vikings
Miami's 1991 run defense was pitiful. McDaniel was the run stuffer Don Shula could've really used. 
8. Atlanta Falcons
Bob Whitfield, OT Stanford
OT Bob Whitfield (1st), Stanford
Atlanta Falcons
Why mess with what worked? Whitfield was a fixture for Atlanta only missing one game from 1993 through 2001. 
9. Cleveland Browns
Tommy Vardell, RB Stanford
DE Robert Porcher (1st), South Carolina St
Detroit Lions
I'm still not sure what the Browns were planning on doing with Vardell. DE Robert Porcher and his great sack production would've been a great boost to the lousy Brown pass rush. 
10. Seattle Seahawks
Ray Roberts, OT Virginia
WR Carl Pickens (2nd), Tennessee
Cincinnati Bengals
The Seahawks didn't know it yet, but RB Chris Warren was about to blossom. Even though they needed help on the offensive line and Miami's Leon Searcy is awfully enticing, the receiving corps of Brian Blades, Jeff Chadwick, Louis Clark and Tommy Kane scares no one. 
11. Pittsburgh Steelers
Leon Searcy, OT Miami
DB Dale Carter (1st), Tennessee 
Kansas City Chiefs
The Searcy pick worked out, but the Steelers needed help in the secondary in 1992. The lousy pass defense would've received a nice boost from the versatile Carter.
12. Miami Dolphins
Marco Coleman, DT Georgia Tech
CB Terrell Buckley (1st), Florida State
Green Bay Packers
Dan Marino could've used a nice safety valve at tight end and we might've given him Boston College's Mark Chmura if Philadelphia's Keith Jackson wasn't going to become a Dolphin in 1992. Buckley never lived up to his billing coming out of FSU, but he carved out a nice niche for himself and could've helped Miami.
13. New England Patriots
Eugene Chung, OT Virginia Tech
QB Jeff Blake (6th), East Carolina
New York Jets
The top New England QBs going into the 1992 season? Tom Hodson and Hugh Millen. The pick is Blake to groom as the quarterback of the future and be around for the next ten years. Will this pick prevent the Pats from taking a Drew Bledsoe next year?
14. New York Giants
Derek Brown, TE Notre Dame
TE Mark Chmura (6th), Boston College
Green Bay Packers
The Giants saw what happened without Mark Bavaro and wanted to replace his production at tight end. Brown wasn't bad, Chmura was better. Just keep him away from the hot tubs.
15. New York Jets
Johnny Mitchell, TE Nebraska
DB Ashley Ambrose (2nd) Miss Valley St
Indianapolis Colts
Johnny Mitchell spent too much time looking in the mirror to play football. The Jet pass defense was atrocious in 1991 and Ambrose would eventually be a playmaker.
16. Los Angeles Raiders
Chester McGlockton, DT Clemson
QB Brad Johnson (9th), Florida State
Minnesota Vikings
Johnson might still be in the league and he has a Super Bowl ring, but he likely wouldn't have been around too long for for the team that drafted him for too long. He was a project. Even so, he might have turned out to be a decent fit with the Al Davis bombs away passing dream. Todd Marinovich wasn't the answer.
17. Dallas Cowboys
Kevin Smith, CB Texas A&M
DL Keith Hamilton (4th), Pittsburgh
New York Giants
The Cowboys were on the verge of some big things, but needed help in the secondary in 1992. Ticked off that Vincent, Woodson, Smith, Carter, Buckley and Ambrose all went within the first 15 picks, they'll take the best player available with Hamilton who racked up 13.5 sacks in 1993 and has 61.5 for his career.
18. San Francisco 49ers
Dana Hall, DB Washington
OT Leon Searcy (1st), Miami
Pittsburgh Steelers
The Niners didn't need too much, so a player of Searcy's caliber would've given depth and have been a great help to the line.
19. Atlanta Falcons
Tony Smith, RB Southern Miss
RB Edgar Bennett (4th), Florida State
Green Bay Packers
Knowing what we know now, the Falcons would keep Brett Favre so he could throw to Andre Rison, Mike Pritchard and Michael Haynes. This is a reach at the 19, but the Falcons need a running back to replace dud pick Steve Broussard, and Bennett would've fit in nicely as a receiver out of the backfield and as the main ball carrier.
20. Kansas City Chiefs
Dale Carter, DB Tennessee
WR Robert Brooks (3rd), South Carolina
Green Bay Packers
With the 76-year-old Steve DeBerg and the lousy Mark Vlasic as the prime quarterback options, the Chiefs needed a replacement. There aren't any. Brooks would've filled a need as Tim Barnett, J.J. Birden, Emile Harry and Robb Thomas didn't provide much of a punch.
21. New Orleans Saints
Vaughn Dunbar, RB Indiana
RB Sam Gash (8th), Penn State
New England Patriots
Even though the NFC West champs already have beefy running Craig Heyward and a solid fullback GIl Fenerty, Gash would become one of the NFL's best fullbacks of the 1990s.
22. Chicago Bears
Alonzo Spellman, DE Ohio State
DT Chester McGlockton (1st), Clemson
Los Angeles Raiders 
The Bears needed run stuffers and McGlockton would've been a big, but underacheiving, body in the middle for ten years.
23. San Diego Chargers
Chris Mims, DT Tennessee
DL Chris Mims (1st), Tennessee
San Diego Chargers
With John Friesz and Bob Gagliano at quarterback, the Chargers wish there was a signal caller available.  Mims didn't give the Chargers a long career, but he was a very effective run stuffer for the years he was there.
24. Dallas Cowboys
Robert Jones, LB East Carolina
DT Steve Emtman (1st), Washington
Dallas Cowboys
Knowing that his knee will give out in only a few years, Emtman didn't go earlier. For a team on the verge of greatness like the Cowboys, he'd give them unbelievable depth not needing to be relied on as the star defensive lineman. (Yeah, this is breaking ranks making this a potential pick rather than a production one.)
25. Denver Broncos
Tommy Maddox, QB UCLA
WR Desmond Howard (1st), Michigan
Washington Redskins
The Dan Reeves hissy fit pick of Maddox materialized into an XFL legend, but he's not worth picking up for nine years. The Broncos could've used help at receiver with an aging receiving corps and while Howard was a total bust as a pass catcher, he was one of the great kick returners in NFL history.
26. Detroit Lions
Robert Porcher, DE South Carolina St
OT John Fina (1st), Arizona
Buffalo Bills
Fina was considered a reach for the Bills at the time and it turned out fine. With a running back like Barry Sanders the running game should get all the help it can.
27. Buffalo Bills
John Fina, OT Arizona
DL Santana Dotson (5th), Baylor
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Bills had some huge stars on defense in the early 1990s, but they gave up a ton of yards and points. Dotson would've at least provided some depth behind Bruce Smith.
28. Cincinnati Bengals
Darryl Williams, DB Miami
DL Brad Culpepper (10th), Florida
Minnesota Vikings
Spellman never panned out for the Bears failing to live up to his potential. Cincinnati might have used his talent for a few years needing all the help they could get on the line to generate a pass rush to help out their lousy secondary.