2001 Draft Redo - What Should've Happened
Virginia Tech QB Michael Vick
Virginia Tech QB Michael Vick
Posted Apr 23, 2009

What should each team have done in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft?

Draft Redo ... 2001

How should the drafts have gone?

By Pete Fiutak 

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Here's a look at past NFL drafts looking to see what each team needed, who they all took in the first round, and in hindsight, who should've gone based on how their pro careers turned out (forgetting about proper coaching and other circumstances).

If each team could draft knowing what we all know now and not taking future drafts into account, this is how the first round should've gone. There were 31 picks in the first round of the 2001 draft.

Who Went

How the Draft Should've Gone

1. Atlanta Falcons
Michael Vick, QB Virginia Tech

RB LaDainian Tomlinson (1st), TCU
San Diego Chargers

Vick spent the first two years as the most dangerous weapon in the NFL before getting hurt. He matured quicker than the Falcons could've ever dreamed of and turned out to be a franchise changing player. He wasn't L.T. 

2. Arizona Cardinals
Leonard Davis, OT Texas

QB Drew Brees (2nd), Purdue
San Diego Chargers

The Cardinals didn't want to take Tomlinson after selecting Thomas Jones the year before. Oops. Davis wasn't a bad pick, but Brees would've been the obvious long-term choice for the quarterback-starved franchise.

3. Cleveland Browns
Gerard Warren, DT Florida

WR Chad Johnson (2nd), Oregon State
Cincinnati Bengals

Warren was a mega-bust at the three. Johnson/Ocho Cinco would've been the team's franchise target and wouldn't have gone to the hated rivals.

4. Cincinnati Bengals
Justin Smith, DE Missouri

WR Steve Smith (3rd), Utah 
Carolina Panthers 

There are better players on the board, but Smith became solid after a lengthy holdout. Steve Smith would eventually do more for the Bengals.

5. San Diego Chargers
LaDainian Tomlinson, RB TCU

QB Michael Vick (1st), Virginia Tech
Atlanta Falcons

For at least a few years, Vick would've transformed the Charger franchise. However, he wouldn't have been LT.

6. New England Patriots
Richard Seymour, DT Georgia

DT Richard Seymour (1st), Georgia
New England Patriots

Seymour came in and became a rock in the middle for championship teams. He might not be a superstar, or even the best tackle in this draft, but the pick worked. 

7. San Francisco 49ers
Andre Carter, DE California

DT Kris Jenkins (2nd), Maryland
Carolina Panthers

Carter isn't a bad selection, but Jenkins, when healthy and on, is a Pro Bowl talent a defense can revolve around.

8. Chicago Bears
David Terrell, WR Michigan

TE Todd Heap (1st), Arizona State
Baltimore Ravens  

If Terrell was half the NFL player he thought he was, he'd be in the Hall of Fame after his rookie year. The Bears would've taken Heap to solve a decades-long tight end issue.

9. Seattle Seahawks
Koren Robinson, WR North Carolina State

OG Steve Hutchinson (1st), Michigan
Seattle Seahawks

It took a little while for Robinson to learn how to play like a pro. Hutchinson would be one of the best linemen in the game and probably should've gone higher.

10. Green Bay Packers
Jamal Reynolds, DE Florida State

WR Reggie Wayne (2nd), Miami
Indianapolis Colts

The Hurricane star would've been one of the league's most productive wideouts going up to Green Bay with No. 4 getting him the ball.

11. Carolina Panthers
Dan Morgan, LB Miami

LB Dan Morgan (1st), LB Miami
Carolina Panthers

Morgan was a solid, Pro Bowl pick and a leader of the Panther defense when healthy.

12. St. Louis Rams
Damione Lewis, DT Miami

DE Aaron Schobel, (2nd), TCU
Buffalo Bills

One of the NFL's best unknown players, Schobel is a pass rushing terror who would've been a perfect fit for the Rams.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars
Marcus Stroud, DT Georgia

DT Shaun Rogers (2nd), Texas
Detroit Lions 

Stroud wasn't a bad pick, even at the 13, but Rogers would've been a Pro Bowl rock for a front four that would've been the strength of the team.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kenyatta Walker, OT Florida

OT Leonard Davis (1st), Texas
Arizona Cardinals

Walker was a key member of the Tampa Bay line, but if Davis were to slide this far, it'd be a no-brainer to take him instead.

15. Washington Redskins
Rod Gardner, WR Clemson

WR T.J. Houshmandzadeh (7th), Oregon State
Cincinnati Bengals 

Gardner has shown flashes of greatness, but Houshmandzadeh would've been a far better pick.

16. New York Jets
Santana Moss, WR Miami

RB Rudi Johnson (4th), Auburn
Cincinnati Bengals

Moss hasn't been the consistent impact player the Jets have been hoping for. Rudi would've been tremendous as an eventual replacement for Curtis Martin.

17. Seattle Seahawks
Steve Hutchinson, OG Michigan

RB Deuce McAllister (1st), Mississippi
New Orleans Saints 

Seattle hit a home run with Hutchinson, but McAllister would be a devastating back in a rotation.

18. Detroit Lions
Jeff Backus, OT Michigan

S Adrian Wilson (3rd), NC State
Arizona Cardinals

Is Backus worth the pick? Maybe, but Wilson would be a tone-setter and a leader for the Lion secondary.

19. Pittsburgh Steelers
Casey Hampton, DT Texas

TE Alge Crumpler (2nd), North Carolina
Atlanta Falcons

Hampton wouldn't be a bad pick for the line, but Crumpler would've been a Pro Bowl weapon for the Steeler attack.

20. St. Louis Rams
Adam Archuleta, S Arizona State

CB Nate Clements (1st), Ohio State
New York Jets

Archuleta was fine, but he couldn't cover anyone. Clements would become one of the league's best cover corners right away.

21. Buffalo Bills
Nate Clements, CB Ohio State 

WR Chris Chambers (2nd), Wisconsin
Miami Dolphins

The Bills were dreaming to pick Clements again. Getting a game-breaking receiver like Chambers would've be a bad second-prize.

22. New York Giants
Will Allen, CB Syracuse

OT Jeff Backus (1st), Michigan
Detroit Lions 

For a team that always likes to beef up the line, Backus would've been a nice addition.

23. New Orleans Saints
Deuce McAllister, RB Ole Miss

RB LaMont Jordan (2nd), Maryland
New York Jets

Knowing Ricky Williams would eventually flake out, a running back is a must. Jordan isn't Deuce, but he wouldn't be a bad workhorse.

24. Denver Broncos
Willie Middlebrooks, DB Minnesota

RB Travis Henry (2nd), Tennessee
Buffalo Bills

Middlebrooks didn't pan out for the Broncos being merely average. If you believe you can plug any back in the Denver system, then you believe Henry would've been a mega-star a few years before joining the club.

25. Philadelphia Eagles
Freddie Mitchell, WR UCLA

WR Santana Moss (1st), Miami
New York Jets

The Eagles didn't get anything more than lip out of Mitchell. Moss would've been a far better weapon for Donovan McNabb.

26. Miami Dolphins
Jamar Fletcher, CB Wisconsin

OL Ryan Diem (4th), Northern Illinois
Indianapolis Colts

Fletcher was a decent situational defensive back, but not a first rounder. Diem would've been a major cog in the Dolphin system for several years.

27. Minnesota Vikings
Michael Bennett, RB Wisconsin

DT Marcus Stroud (1st), Georgia
Jacksonville Jaguars

Stroud's lasted way, way, way too long. It's not like the Vikings needed more tackle help, but imagine the eventual production with Pat Williams, and eventually, Kevin Williams.

28. Oakland Raiders
Derrick Gibson, S Florida State

OT Kenyatta Walker (1st), Florida
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Walker was a consistent pick for Tampa Bay and would've been a nice addition to a flaky Raider line for at least five years.

29. St. Louis Rams
Ryan Pickett, DE Ohio State

DE Kyle Vanden Bosch (2nd), Nebraska
Arizona Cardinals

Vanden Bosch a first rounder? Early on, no, but he'd eventually be a top pass rusher when healthy. Eventually.

30. Indianapolis Colts
Reggie Wayne, WR Miami

DB Fred Smoot (2nd), Mississippi State
Washington Redskins

As long as there aren't any party boats in the greater Indianapolis area, Smoot would be a fine addition for a defense that always needed help.

31. Baltimore Ravens
Todd Heap, TE Arizona State

DE Justin Smith (1st), Missouri
Cincinnati Bengals

The Ravens didn't necessarily need more defensive help, but Smith would've been a nice cherry on top of a great defense.