25 Best Undrafted Players of 2007

Posted Apr 29, 2007

Who are the best players who weren't drafted by an NFL team over the seven rounds? They'll all get calls to join a team as a free agent, and they'll almost all make a roster.

By Pete Fiutak

1. Dan Mozes, C West Virginia
One of the best centers in America for the last four years, he’s a smart quarterback up front who’s terrific on the move and tough as nails. He makes all the right line calls and is always in great position. He’s more of a technician than a bulldozer, but he can flat-out play.

2. Victor DeGrate, DE/LB Oklahoma State
After serving as a disruptive outside linebacker, he moved to the line. At only 250 pounds, he could potentially move back to a linebacker spot because of his quickness. If he can get bigger and show he can handle himself better against the run, he could be a major player as a tweener. The problem? He got nailed for marijuana possession a week before the draft.

3. Julius Wilson, OT UAB
Very strong, tough, and a good all-around blocker, physically, he’s ready to play right now. Mentally, he’ll still need a little bit of work before he can handle everything thrown at him at an NFL level. He could play guard if needed.
4. Tyrone Moss, RB Miami
A strong 240-pound back with nice speed and a nose for the goal line, he’s yet another Miami back who’ll make a nice number two. He has to stay healthy, has to keep his weight in check, and he needs to kickstart the motor and become a full-time worker.

5. Ryan Moore, WR Miami
It’s all there with the size, speed, and talent to be a big-time NFL receiver. While he has million dollar talent, he has a ten-cent head having legal problems and no concentration whatsoever missing too many catchable balls. He’s a good risk to take on pure skill, but he’ll be a pain in the butt.

6. Jemalle Cornelius, WR Florida
Great quickness and natural athletic ability with a great work ethic and the smarts to quickly become an NFL route runner. Unfortunately, he’s not big enough to be any sort of a pro-level downfield blocker and he’ll get pushed around on the line. A nice flier pick who’ll be tough to cut.  

7. Patrick Ghee, S Wake Forest
Signed with Seattle
Speed, speed, speed. He’s fast and made plenty of tackles over the last three seasons, but he was almost non-existent at times in pass coverage. He’ll need coaching and work on making plays when the ball is in the air. If he’s not using his speed, he’s not much use at an NFL level.

8. Jonny Harline, TE BYU
A tight end in name only, he’s a pure receiver who cranked out two huge seasons in the Cougar offense. However, he can’t block worth a lick and has no speed whatsoever. He’s a good enough route runner to make it tough to cut him.

9. Darius Walker, RB Notre Dame
The Shelly Long/McLean Stephenson Career Move Award goes to Walker, who for some reason things he’s ready to play at an NFL level. While he runs hard and tough for his size, he’s not a power runner and doesn’t have the speed needed to be an elite back. On the plus side, he’s a great receiver who could eventually grow into a heck of a third down back.

10. Jon Abbate, LB Wake Forest
Signed with Houston
He could’ve used another year at Wake Forest to be considered an even better all-around prospect and a bit more disciplined on the field, but he’s the type of defender everyone wants. Very strong, very tough and very aggressive, his mistakes come from trying too hard to make every play and not always playing within the system.

11. Chris Leak, QB Florida Signed with Chicago
Has a far better arm than he gets credit for throwing one of the nicest balls among the prospects. Too short, needs better overall mechanics, and isn’t much of a runner. He’ll be a hard worker and will find a way to stick as a No. 3 because of his intangibles and work ethic.

12. Cody Boyd, TE Washington State
At over 6-7 and 265 pounds, he’s big with great hands. He’s a great blocker who finishes off well. He’s not a good athlete and isn’t going to be a consistent route runner at an NFL level. Getting stronger is a must.

13. Tyler Palko, QB Pitt – He came through with a great senior season, but no one noticed since the team stunk. He’s not big and has an average arm, but he’s a tremendous competitor who’s tough as nails and a good decision-maker. He’ll make a great coach someday.

14. Brandon Myles, WR West Virginia
It’s not like he played in a Texas Tech offense so he made a name for himself with a good Senior Bowl performance. He’ll have to create a niche for himself showing he can be more than just a speed receiver. He has to prove he can block and take a hit.

15. Earl Everett, LB Florida
Not as good as he should be. Even though he runs well and is big and athletic, he’s not an NFL-caliber football player. Not good in pass coverage and lacking the ability to always be in the right spot at the right time, he was able to make up for his mistakes with his athleticism in college. He won’t be able to do that in the pros.

16. Rory Johnson, LB Ole Miss
A JUCO transfer who was one-and-done in Oxford making 94 tackles as the running mate of Patrick Willis. He’ll need coaching and a whole bunch of patience, but he’ll be a high-motor defender who could be a nice producer in a few years. Don’t expect him to compete for a starting spot any time soon.

17. Xzavie Jackson, DE Missouri
A highly productive end for the Tigers from day one, he has good size and enough athleticism to be a nice contributor in a rotation. He’ll work hard to make himself better and he’ll have to needing better overall technique.

18. Tony Taylor, LB Georgia
A good tackler with a nice motor, he would’ve gone far higher had he not had past problems with injuries and if he showed more athleticism in workouts. He’s not polished in pass coverage and he’s not a sideline-to-sideline playmaker at an NFL level, but he can play.

19. Rhema McKnight, WR Notre Dame
Came back from a torn up knee to become a nice second option for Brady Quinn with 15 touchdown grabs last year. While he’s tough and will make plays in traffic, he doesn’t have the top speed necessary to be a regular starter. There’s a ceiling on him; he’s not going to blow up into something special all of a sudden.

20. Zach Latimer, LB Oklahoma
Looks the part with a big frame and great speed when closing on the ball. Now he has to be a better overall tackler and show he can use his athleticism to do something in pass coverage. It’ll be tough to find a spot for him since he doesn’t do any one thing particularly well.

21. Matt Gutierrez, QB Idaho State
After starting his career at Michigan, he left after it became obvious that Chad Henne was the man. He’s big (6-4 and 245 pounds) with a tremendous arm and is a rah-rah type that isn’t Joey Harrington phony. Not mobile and not durable, if he’s not a consistent passer, he won’t make the roster.

22. Jon Cornish, RB Kansas
Signed with Calgary Stampeders
Went from being an average runner to a Big 12 Player of the Year type of workhorse. He uses his 211-pound size well and is a willing player who’ll do a little of everything to try to make a roster.

22. David Ball, WR New Hampshire – Think Wayne Chrebet with talent. Ball was a touchdown machine setting the D-IAA record with 58 scoring grabs and will work his way into becoming a reliable route runner who’ll find a way to make plays. He’s not fast and he’s not big, but he’ll be a tough target.

23. Joe Newton, TE Oregon State
At 6-7 and 257 yards with great hands and receiving skills, he was a hot prospect throughout the year, but he cooled off big-time in workouts. He’s not a good blocker and isn’t athletic enough to become a top NFL receiver.

24. Anthony Pudewell, TE Nevada
Not big enough to be a consistent next level blocker and not fast enough to be a dangerous receiver, he’ll have to work and work to stay on the roster. He has everything you’d want in a player except athletic ability.

25. Noland Burchette, DE Virginia Tech
Signed with Atlanta
Not big enough or athletic enough to be an every down end, and he’s not a linebacker. Not durable enough to ever be a 16-game starter, he has to be part of a rotation. He was a productive Hokie who fit extremely well within the system and needs to find a role right off the bat or he’ll be an easy cut.


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