2009 CFN Fantasy & Statistical Rankings

Posted Aug 18, 2009

LeFevour/Tebow, Tebow/LeFevour. Will it be the Central Michigan QB, or the reigning Heisman winner who'll be the statistical star of 2009? Don't care about fantasy? Check out our statistical ranking system and who we think will have the biggest seasons in each conference and at all the skill positions.

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College fantasy football hasn’t taken off like it has for the NFL for one main reason ... it's tough to do. It's easy when there are only 32 teams to deal with, but with 120 teams and 11 conferences plus independents, it's just too hard. The other problem is an unbalanced schedule. How do you play head-to-head with all the bye weeks? 

To be honest, you need to know how fantasy football works before even attempting to play it on a college level. If you’re unfamiliar with fantasy football, do not start off by playing college fantasy football.  It's just too tough. If you want to start a league that works, here are the suggestions for scoring systems, leagues and how to play.


Unless you and your friends are die-hard college football fans and able to keep track of every team and every conference, here’s how you should play college fantasy football that can be fun for you, while keeping it simple and easy.  

1) Only pick from the big six conferences. If you’re big-time college football fans, you’ll know the main players in the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 10 and SEC. It's more fun when you can watch your players on TV. Another method is to pick 25 teams to choose from. Maybe look at the preseason Top 25 and make a rule you can only pick players from those teams. OR...  

2) Only play one conference. If you and your friends love the Big Ten, just do a Big Ten league. If two of you are Florida State fans and your other friends are Gator die-hards, play a conference fantasy football league where you pick from the ACC and the friends pick from the SEC to create a conference rivalry. The key is to keep it simple; otherwise it's way too difficult to keep track of every team.

3) You can either play head-to-head, giving each team several reserve players to plug in during bye weeks, or base the scoring over the entire season. One key note, count ONLY Division-I (FBS) games and come to an agreement on one game for each team that should get thrown out so you can eliminate the obvious blowout. To keep it even easier, you can opt to play only conference games. That way you don’t have to deal with the teams that load up on non-conference cupcakes.


KEEP IT SIMPLE. NCAA stats are always sketchy at best, and if you're planning on finding the totals from a backup Eastern Michigan running back, you’ll need to make it as basic as possible. If you want to throw yards into the mix, here's the Collegefootballnews.com Scoring System, which you can use as the official source to base your league:

Passing: Once again, keep it as easy as possible. Don’t add in interceptions and don't get too screwy with other odd pass ratings. Running QBs can be a nightmare to score.
- 3 points per touchdown pass. 
- 1 point for every 50 yards passing. 
- 1 point for every two-point-conversion pass.

Rushing: (keep in mind this applies to QBs and WRs too) 
- 6 points for TD
- 3 points for every 50 yards rushing
- 2 points for every two-point-conversion

Receiving: (keep in mind this applies to RBs too)
- 6 points per TD
- 3 points for every 50 yards receiving  
- 2 points for every two-point-conversion

Kicking: (this is obvious) 
- 1 point per extra point, 3 points per field goal 

Defense: Please do not use defenses unless you’re a die-hard player. 
- Total points. You lose one point for every point your D gives up. This might take you into the negative point total, but that's part of the deal. 


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