2007 CFN Preview - Unit Rankings ... DBs

Posted Aug 9, 2007

CFN 2007 Preview Unit Rankings - Defensive Backs Ranked 1 to 119

2007 CFN Unit Rankings

Defensive Backs

CFN 2007 Unit Rankings
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1. Oklahoma
Loaded, loaded, loaded. There are ten players with appreciable experience and at least four all-star candidates, probably six. With all the movement, the hope will be for an even better year against the run and when plays are there to be made in the open field. After allowing 11 touchdown passes before the Fiesta Bowl, this group will make amends.

2. USC
Last season’s Pac-10-best pass defense will be even stingier this season, adding more picks and fumble recoveries to an already impressive stat sheet. This is an NFL caliber secondary with several players certain to make a whole bunch of money at the next level. The Trojans biggest problem in the secondary?  Keeping six experienced and qualified players happy with only four starting jobs available.  Every Pac-10 school should have such a problem.  All four starters return.

3. Virginia Tech
To be fair, the Hokies didn't exactly play a who's who of passing attacks, but it was great at keeping everyone from getting into any sort of a groove. Opponents completed 51% of their passes with just six touchdowns and 17 interceptions, and allowed just one touchdown pass, in the bowl loss to Georgia, over the final seven games and gave up two in 11 games (with four coming in back-to-back losses to Georgia Tech and Boston College). As long as Kam Chancellor is a decent fill-in for Aaron Rouse and Cary Wade, the Hokie D will once again be phenomenal.

4. South Florida
Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams are pro-caliber cover men playing against college receivers, but the good news doesn’t end there.  The reserves are also solid, giving the program one of the best collections of corners in America. After Louisville’s Brian Brohm, the Big East has no truly top-notch passers.  That reality combined with this secondary will land the Bulls among the nation’s top 10 or 12 teams this year in pass efficiency defense.

5. Florida State
This is the strength of the Noles. Myron Rolle is an All-American, Tony Carter will be All-ACC, and Myron Robinson and Michael Ray Garvin will get long looks from the NFL. As Rolle gets more experienced, the more he'll dominate and the more the rest of the secondary can focus on just doing their jobs. It'll be a shock if this isn't among the nation's best secondaries.

6. LSU
While Craig Steltz and Curtis Taylor will be more than fine, there's going to be a drop-off when you lose players like LaRon Landry and Jessie Daniels. Even so, with the help provided from the pass rush up front, it'll be a shock if, statistically, this wasn't one of the five best pass defenses in America.

Although big, physical receivers could present a problem against the undersized corners, UCLA should still be home to one of the nation’s best secondaries west of the Mississippi.  Chris Horton, in particular, could attract honors beyond just the Pac-10.

8. Wisconsin
Yeah, UW was second behind Virginia Tech in pass defense and first in the nation in pass efficiency defense, but it didn't exactly face a who's who of top quarterbacks. Even so, there was one 200-yard passing game allowed, and it happened to come in the one loss of the season (Michigan). The corners will be excellent, Shane Carter will grow into the job at free safety, and eventually, the strong safety spot will end up being fine. It just might take a while to find the right player.

9. Arizona
While USC is in a league of its own, Arizona has the depth and talent to challenge UCLA as the next best thing in the Pac-10. The Wildcat secondary loses just one starter and returns its most crucial entity, senior Antoine Cason, a bona fide lock-down corner and one of the premier defensive backs in the country. From the top of the depth chart to the bottom, the Wildcat defensive backs have terrific closing speed, great ups to combat taller receivers and, with the exception of Fontenot, the size needed to support in run defense

10. Miami
The secondary will be fantastic, as always, but to get to another level and be among the ten best in the country, the corners have to be better, Kenny Phillips has to be Kenny Phillips, and there can't be any major injuries early on. At the moment, it's Phillips and a bunch of relatively strong players.

11 Rutgers
12 Clemson
13 Virginia
14 TCU
15 Texas Tech
16 Penn State
17 Ohio State
18 Nebraska
19 Auburn
20 Florida  
21 South Carolina
22 Kansas State
23 Missouri
24 Alabama
25 Boise State
26 Oregon
27 Texas  
28 Tennessee
29 Georgia Tech
30 Michigan
31 Colorado  
32 Illinois
33 Arkansas  
34 BYU
35 New Mexico
36 Georgia
37 Maryland
38 Notre Dame
39 Texas A&M
40 West Virginia
41 Cincinnati
42 Pitt
43 Oregon State 
44 Boston College 
45 Oklahoma State
46 California
47 Wake Forest
48 Michigan State
49 Mississippi State
50 Connecticut
51 NC State
52 Arizona State
53 Syracuse
54 Colorado State
55 Indiana
56 Western Michigan
57 Nevada
58 Wyoming 
59 Iowa  
60 Louisville 
61 Southern Miss 
62 Vanderbilt
63 Baylor
64 Washington
65 Washington State
66 Kansas
67 Stanford
68 Central Michigan 
69 San Jose State
70 Mississippi  
71 Utah  
72 Minnesota
73 Akron
74 Kent State
75 Northwestern
76 North Carolina
77 Purdue
78 Bowling Green
79 Miami Univ.
80 Troy
81 FIU
82 Arkansas State
83 Kentucky
84 Tulsa
85 Houston
86 Hawaii
87 Iowa State
88 SMU
89 Fresno State
90 Northern Illinois
91 Air Force
92 Duke
93 Toledo
94 Florida Atlantic
95 UAB
96 Ohio
97 UCF
98 UL Monroe
99 Memphis
100 UTEP
101 Marshall
102 Louisiana Tech
103 Idaho
104 UNLV
105 Rice
106 San Diego State
107 Eastern Michigan
108 New Mexico State
109 Army
110 East Carolina
111 Ball State
112 Tulane
113 North Texas
114 Middle Tennessee
115 Navy
116 Utah State
117 UL Lafayette
118 Buffalo
119 Temple