Tuesday Question ... Predicting the Season

Posted Aug 20, 2007

Who'll win the Heisman? Who'll win each conference race, be in the BCS and win the national title? Will Pat White win the big individual award and carry West Virginia to a huge year, or will John David Booty and USC take everything? Check out the CFNers' big picks and predictions in the Tuesday Question.

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Pete Fiutak           

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – Colt Brennan, Hawaii – The numbers will be too gaudy to ignore for a second year in a row, and this time around, he'll have the record to back it up.    

Runners-up ...
2. John David Booty, USC
3. Brian Brohm, Louisville
4. Steve Slaton, West Virginia
5. Ian Johnson, Boise State

ACC – Virginia Tech - It's a deeper league than you think, with Boston College, Maryland, Georgia Tech, Miami, Florida State, and Clemson all certain to make it interesting.

Big East – West Virginia – Flip a coin between the Mountaineers, Louisville and Rutgers. They'll pick each other off again like last year, with South Florida also doing some damage.

Big Ten – Wisconsin – I'm not sold on a Michigan team that'll be tight as a drum as it waits to try to beat Ohio State and win a bowl game for the first time in the Henne/Hart/Manningham/Long era. Ohio State and Penn State will come very close.

Big 12 – Oklahoma – It's been my call from the start that Oklahoma will be a sleeper national title team, if that's possible.

C-USA – Southern Miss – This might be the one league that's not in for a big bounceback year. I'd like Tulsa if the schedule was a little easier.

MAC – Central Michigan – I can't decide between CMU or Miami in what'll be a great season-long race. Western Michigan, Toledo and Ohio will all be in it until the end.

Mountain West – TCU – Watch out for Brian Johnson and Utah, and BYU will be strong (eventually), but this year's Horned Frog defense is something special.

Pac-10 – USC – Shhhhhh, but the Pac 10 might actually be the best top-to-bottom league in the nation. The Trojans will roll anyway with an amazing defense leading the way. 

SEC – LSU – Next year the SEC will be jaw-dropping good. It still might be the best conference in the nation, but Florida, Georgia and Tennessee are just a few of the teams that'll be far better in October. The schedule works out perfectly for LSU to get to the title game.

Sun Belt – Middle Tennessee – I've changed my tune. Originally I liked Troy because of its D line and QB Omar Haugabook, but I've started to come around to the Blue Raiders. The defensive line will be phenomenal.

WAC – Hawaii – It's dumb to pick against Boise State, but the Broncos have to make the hop across the water to face Colt and the boys.

BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose – Wisconsin vs. UCLA
Sugar – Michigan vs. Hawaii 
Fiesta – Oklahoma vs. Louisville
Orange – Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
BCS Championship – USC over LSU   

Richard Cirminiello

: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Winner of the Heisman – John David Booty, USC – Booty may not be the nation’s best player, but by Heisman benchmarks, he fits the blueprint perfectly.  He’ll have the right numbers on the right team to give USC its fourth award over the last six years.   

2. Patrick White, West Virginia
3. Colt McCoy, Texas
4. Colt Brennan, Hawaii
5. Darren McFadden, Arkansas

ACC – Boston College – KG’s with the Celtics.  The Sox are in first place.  The Pats are gearing up for a Super Bowl run.  Yeah, there’s good karma around Boston these days.  Oh, and a darn good quarterback named Matt Ryan.

Big East – West Virginia – Both the Mountaineers and Louisville Cardinals have high-powered offenses, beatable defenses, and top special teams units.  The difference?  The Cards must travel to Morgantown on Nov. 8.

Big Ten – Wisconsin – Why is everyone conveniently forgetting that consensus favorite Michigan lost the heart and soul of a defense that struggled late last year?  Wisky will win the Big Ten the old fashioned way—solid defense, a strong running attack, quality special teams, and minimal help from the passing game.

Big 12 – Texas – Oklahoma could just as easily win the conference this year, but the ‘Horns rate a huge edge at quarterback with sophomore Colt McCoy versus a trio of completely unproven Sooner signal-callers.

C-USA – Southern Miss – In a down year for the conference, the Golden Eagles have the running game and stout defense to win Conference USA in a walk, and finish the season in the Top 25.

MAC – Miami – After hitting rock bottom in 2006, the RedHawks will rebound behind a veteran backfield and improved play along both lines.

Mountain West – TCU – While the rest of the offense grows up, the Frogs will be carried by a really good, Tommy Blake-led defense and a capable ground game.

Pac-10 – USC – It’s not as if the Trojans are invincible, but the gap between them and the rest of the Pac-10’s next best team is as wide as any league in the country this season. 

SEC – LSU – On defense alone, the Tigers might be good enough to win the SEC this season.  Sprinkle in a few speedsters on offense and a manageable schedule, and you’ve got a real strong contender for the BCS championship game.

Sun Belt – Troy – Buoyed by last year’s title and the return of QB Omar Haugabook, the Trojans will bowl in New Orleans for a second straight post-season.

WAC – Hawaii – Forget the WAC.  The Warriors have the right mix of talent and flimsy schedule to run the table, and make a pitch for an at-large BCS bowl berth.

BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose – Wisconsin vs. Cal
Sugar – Oklahoma vs. Florida 
Fiesta – Texas vs. Hawaii
Orange – Boston College vs. West Virginia
BCS Championship – LSU over USC   

Matthew Zemek

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A: Heisman: Pat White.

Four Heisman runners-up: Darren McFadden, John David Booty, Colt Brennan, Colt McCoy.

ACC - Virginia Tech
Big East - West Virginia
Big Ten - Michigan
Big 12 - Texas
C-USA - Houston
MAC - Central Michigan
MWest - TCU
Pac 10 - USC
SEC - Florida
Sun Belt - Troy
WAC - Boise State

BCS Bowl Matchups
Rose - LSU vs. Wisconsin
Sugar - Florida vs. Oklahoma
Fiesta - Texas vs. West Virginia
Orange - Virginia Tech vs. Louisville
BCS Championship - USC over Michigan

John Harris

Q: Make your call ... Predict the season.

A. Heisman Winner – Steve Slaton, West Virginia.  Slaton is capable of a 2,000 yard season, especially alongside his dual threat partner at QB Pat White. With a rushing number like that and an undefeated season, it won’t be surprising to see the Mountaineer star back pick up the stiff-armed statue.

Runners-up – Colt Brennan, Hawaii, Darren McFadden, Arkansas, Mike Hart, Michigan and John David Booty, USC

ACC – Virginia Tech
Big Ten – Wisconsin
Big 12  – Texas
Big East – West Virginia
Pac 10 – USC
WAC – Hawaii
Sun Belt – Troy
MAC – Central Michigan
CUSA – Houston

Bowl Matchups
Rose – Wisconsin vs. UCLA
Orange – Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
Fiesta – Texas vs. Michigan
Sugar – Florida vs. Oklahoma

BCS National Championship – USC vs. LSU – Although I have USC at number one in the nation, I do think that if this matchup takes place, LSU will win down in New Orleans.  As such, the Tigers take home another crystal trophy in ’07.