Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown - Week 5
California WR DeSean Jackson
California WR DeSean Jackson
Posted Oct 2, 2007

There's no need for the deep sleepers or the top defensive players here. When it comes to the Heisman chase, it's mostly up to quarterbacks and running backs from the top teams, and the statistical monsters. Welcome to week two of the Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown.

2007 Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown

Week Five

By Pete Fiutak   

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Let's cut through the garbage, the pomp, the circumstance, the PR BS, and the hype surrounding the greatest individual award in all of sports. The Heisman Trophy goes to the most celebrated quarterback or running back from a top BCS team or a top 25 non-BCS program, and while others will be acknowledged here if they have any prayer of potentially finishing in the top five, it'll take something extraordinary to get on this list. Let's not pretend the hot Sun Belt back or the dual threat MAC quarterback has an honest chance.

This isn't a ranking of the best players or top NFL prospects. This is an attempt to put the finger on the pulse of the Heisman chase. So without further ado, here are the current favorites AT THE MOMENT (and this will changed week after week with players moving in and out of categories

No Current Chance To Win It, But Deserves To Be In The Discussion

QB Brian Brohm, Sr. Louisville
Last Week: 20 of 33 for 251 yards and a touchdown with an interception in the win over NC State
Brohm is still putting up numbers, and could be a finalist if the Cardinals win the Big East title, but at the moment, he's off the radar.

QB Chase Daniel, Jr. Missouri

Last Week: 21 of 34 for 294 yards and three touchdowns with two interceptions in the 38-17 win over Illinois State two weeks ago
Here we go. Beat Nebraska, beat Oklahoma, get in the Heisman race. Lose those two, and there's no shot of anything. Split, and we're still talking.

QB Graham Harrell, Jr. Texas Tech

Last Week: 26 of 40 for 338 yards and five touchdowns in the 75-7 win over Northwestern State
If you love Colt Brennan, then you have to start gushing over Harrell. However, his top target, redshirt freshman Michael Crabtree, actually deserves more Heismna consideration right now. Give it about two more weeks, and Crabtree will be on the list, while Harrell will have more games against big teams to show what he can really do.

On The Radar, But The World Is Looking For More

QB Dennis Dixon, Sr. Oregon

Last Week: 31 of 44 for 306 yards and a touchdown with two interceptions, and ran eight times for 17 yards and a touchdown in the 31-24 loss to Cal
The California loss was so close, and the final, ill-fated drive so good, that Dixon should still be alive for a finalist spot as long as Oregon starts winning again.

WR DeSean Jackson, Jr. California

Last Week: 11 catches for 161 yards and two touchdowns in the 31-24 win over Oregon
He might not have the overall numbers, but when the spotlight's on, he's come up huge with his performances against Tennessee and Oregon. If becomes knows as the big game player, and if Cal keeps winning, he'll be a finalist. If he blows up against USC, then things will get interesting.

RB P.J. Hill, Jr. Wisconsin

Last Week: 34 carries for 155 yards and two touchdowns in the 37-34 win over Michigan State
Take him off of Wisconsin and the Badgers aren't anywhere near the top five. He's the team's one consistent force, and he's carrying the offense.

QB Matt Ryan, Sr. Boston College

Last Week: 24 of 42 for 204 yards and a touchdown in the 24-14 win over Massachusetts
Give if another week before he gets back on the overall radar. BC is going through the motions against a lousy lull in the schedule, but that'll quickly change, and he'll get plenty of chances to shine.

RB Steve Slaton, Jr. West Virginia

Last Week: 13 carries for 54 yards in the 21-13 loss to South Florida
Slaton is still in the race, despite being held in check by South Florida, but he has to come up with a few monstrous games to get back on the Heisman track.

QB Pat White, Jr. West Virginia

Last Week: 12 of 18 passes for 100 yards and an interception, and nine carries for 36 yards in the 21-13 loss to South Florida
He was tremendous before getting hurt against South Florida. There's still plenty of time to lead his Mountaineers to the Big East title and get back in the Heisman race.

The True Favorites

QB John David Booty, Sr. USC

Last Game: 20 of 37 for 236 yards and a touchdown with two interceptions in the 27-24 win over Washington
It's all about continuing to win. With so many other favorites stumbling, as long as Booty is seen as the game manager for the nation's No. 1 team, he'll be in the hunt.

QB Colt Brennan, Sr. Hawaii

Last Week: 30 of 49 passes for 369 yards and three touchdowns and five interceptions, and five carries with a touchdown, in the 48-20 win over Idaho
You can't put up five interceptions against Idaho. You just can't. Making the Heisman chase even harder is Texas Tech's Graham Harrell, who's putting up similar numbers. Just wait. The monster Brennan games are coming.

RB Mike Hart, Sr. Michigan

Last Week: 30 carries for 106 yards and a touchdown in the 28-16 win over Northwestern
Mr. Steady, he wasn't fantastic against Northwestern, but he's still carrying the stunningly flat offense. Right now, he has to be the season's MVP.

RB Darren McFadden, Jr. Arkansas

Last Game: 19 carries for 138 yards and two touchdowns in the 66-7 win over North Texas
With so many top candidates starting to fall, all of a sudden, there's room opening up for McFadden. Arkansas isn't going to win the SEC West, but McFadden will put up big numbers all year long and should be a finalist simply by so amazing game in and game out.

QB Tim Tebow, Soph. Florida

Last Week: 20 of 27 passes for 201 yards and a touchdown, and 19 carries for 75 yards and a score in the 20-17 loss to Auburn
Florida might have lost to Auburn, but Tebow's Heisman stock didn't drop too much. After all, he and Percy Harvin are the only two players doing anything on offense. If the Gators beat LSU, then he might be the front-runner.

And The Current Leader In The Clubhouse Is ...

QB Andre Woodson, Sr. Kentucky

Last Week: 26 of 33 for 301 yards and five touchdowns with an interception in the 45-17 win over Florida Atlantic
Woodson's starting to become one of the season's big stories. His Heisman candidacy will be made or broken over the next three weeks against South Carolina, LSU and Florida.