Tues. Question - 3 Wild Things That'll Happen
Hawaii WR Davone Bess
Hawaii WR Davone Bess
Posted Oct 9, 2007

With the wild way the season has started, what's next? Each of the CFNers give three things they think will happen, including Davone Bess and Hawaii getting a BCS bid.

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Pete Fiutak           

Q: After a wild first half of the year, make three big calls for the second half of the season.

: 1. It won't be Cal vs. LSU for the national title.
Cal still has to go on the road to face UCLA and Arizona State, and still has to deal with USC. This might be too nasty a Pac 10 season to get through unscathed. LSU has a stunningly easy road remaining, with the toughest game at Alabama. If Stanford can beat USC, and Auburn can beat Florida, then it won't be a shocker if the Tide pulls off the upset, or if Auburn, with its defense, makes it interesting. Watch out for the road trip to Kentucky this week. My call is ...

2. Ohio State vs. USC for the national title.
I'm not saying it's right, I'm trying to predict. USC still has road trips at Oregon, Cal and Arizona State to make some national noise. This might not be the juggernaut of past years, but it's still a good team that'll finally wake up. The Stanford loss didn't cause enough of a tumble, and the ranking will only creep up with the big wins ahead. Ohio State isn't going to lose at Penn State or at Michigan, but Wisconsin is a tough matchup for this team. The Buckeyes won't be impressive, but they'll be 12-0.

3. Hawaii will be 10-0 going into the final two games against Boise State and Washington ...
Will split the two and get into the BCS. The polls love unbeaten teams, and even though they haven't played anyone, the Warriors will keep moving up and up and up. By November 23rd, they'll be in the top ten. They'll lose to either the Broncos or the Huskies, but not both, and will finish at around 16th. Meanwhile, there will be an upset in either the ACC or Big 12 championship, with the winner finishing lower than 16th in the final BCS rankings. That'll give Hawaii the automatic bid.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: After a wild first half of the year, make three big calls for the second half of the season.

: 1. There will be no unbeaten teams left by the time the regular season ends on Dec. 1.  We’ve seen the blueprint of the 2007 season, and its theme involves rampant upsets and parity.  We’re already down to just 10 unbeatens with over half a season to go, and no one, not even LSU, is above getting knocked off in this uniquely unpredictable year.

2. Navy will end its 43-game losing streak to Notre Dame on Nov. 3.  This is the Middies’ best chance in decades to break through against the Irish, an opportunity that they’ll seize by running the ball right at one of the nation’s weakest run defenses.  If Navy can’t get it done this fall, it could be another 43 games before it gets this close beating Notre Dame.    

3. Cal will lose to Washington State the week before its big game with USC.  Are you sold on the Bears being the No. 2 team in the country?  I’m not.  No disrespect to the program, but it’s still vulnerable to defensive breakdowns, particularly against veteran offenses that can move the ball through the air.  Wazzu qualifies with senior Alex Brink behind center and an underrated group of receivers.  The Cougars will come in with nothing to lose, catching Cal looking ahead to the Trojans.   

John Harris

Q: After a wild first half of the year, make three big calls for the second half of the season.

: 1.
Texas A&M will go 2-4 over the rest of the season, finishing 7-5.  The back half of this schedule is way too difficult and this team isn’t that good.   The Ags will be looking for a new head coach for 2008.

2. Illinois won’t win the Big Ten, but will play in a bowl game in Florida…giving the Zooker an entire month to recruit in the state that he used to pillage and plunder.  Recruiting wise, that is.  Uh oh, Big Ten…look out.

3. Arkansas RB Darren McFadden will lead his team to a 9-3 record (6-1 the rest of the way) and win the Heisman Trophy.  The only standouts from top ten teams are Matt Ryan from Boston College and DeSean Jackson from Cal.  Both of those teams will lose along the way and McFadden will roll up big yards the rest of the way, along with a 150+ yard performance against LSU.  As such, he’ll take the stiff-armed statue home to Little Rock.

Matthew Zemek      

Q: After a wild first half of the year, make three big calls for the second half of the season.

1) Cincinnati wins the Big East. This is a no-frills team that doesn't look like it will buckle under pressure. Speed and physicality to match South Florida, even on the road.

2) Tennessee will run the table. The Vols have a tremendous chance. If they can bottle up what they drank against Georgia, they're the second-best team in the SEC East and could amazingly fend off the same Florida team that beat them by 39.
3) Missouri wins the Big XII North. Long-time doubter, first-time believer. The Tigers seem ready. They appear to have more competitive hunger than in the past, and more of an ability to finish teams off in a cold and clinical manner.