Tuesday Question - The Three BCS Sleepers

Posted Oct 23, 2007

Which three teams are the BCS sleepers now, but need plenty of watching?

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Pete Fiutak     

Q: What three teams are your sleepers in the BCS race (for an at-large spot or the national title)?

A: 1) West Virginia
The big issue will be if the national perception of the Big East goes in the tank. If everyone stays healthy, the Mountaineers are going 11-1 with most of the pollsters forgetting about the USF loss. As teams keep on dying, at seven, WVU will keep on slowly moving up.

2) Virginia Tech
No one has any interest in seeing a Hokie-LSU rematch after the ugly loss to start the year, but if Tech beats Boston College convincingly and is the national buzz team, at eight, it could leapfrog other teams into striking distance. The offense is slowly getting better.

3) Boise State
All it has to do is finish in the top 12 and its in no matter what, or in the top 16 with a conference champion being lower than 16. A win over Fresno State would likely jump-start a run that, but the big game is at the season's end against Hawaii. Currently 29th in the rankings, there's still a long way to go.

Richard Cirminiello      

Q: What three teams are your sleepers in the BCS race (for an at-large spot or the national title)?

A: 1. Oregon (national title) –  Don’t look now, but there are only three teams separating the Ducks and the No. 2 spot in the latest BCS rankings.  Two of those schools are Boston College and Arizona State, who will lose a game in the very near future.  Oregon has the offensive firepower and back-loaded schedule to gobble up a ton of support between now and Dec. 1.

2. West Virginia (national title) – Remember the Mountaineers?  Many people wrote them off after losing late last month, but they’ve regrouped for a run at an 11-1 finish and a certain BCS bowl game.  With so many top 10 teams unable to survive this year, West Virginia is liable to soar from its No. 7 hole over the next six weeks.

3.  South Florida (at-large) – Gave up on the Bulls after last week’s loss to Rutgers, did you?  With a very manageable back end of the schedule left, do not be surprised if South Florida starts rolling and finishes with an 11-1 mark that’ll be good for either a Big East title or a certain at-large bid to a program-first January bowl game.

John Harris

Q: What three teams are your sleepers in the BCS race (for an at-large spot or the national title)?

1.  West Virginia (sleeper for national championship game) – The schedule is still tough with road trips to Rutgers and Cincinnati upcoming, but win those two and the Mountaineers could be a dark horse for one of the final two spots.  It’s plausible that the five teams in front of them could fall...probable?  Uh, not really, but at least West Virginia will be in position if those teams do falter.

2.  Hawaii (at-large spot) – Four of the next five are at home, including the final two – Boise State and Washington.  Go undefeated, finishing the season by beating those two teams, and the Warriors should be BCS bowl bound.

3.  USC (sleeper for national championship game) – I know, I know, step out on a limb, John, but they’re 12th in the BCS currently.  However, if the Trojans beat Oregon, Cal and Arizona State all on the road, with some craziness in front of them, pollsters and the computers may be forced to recognize them as one of the two best teams in the nation.

Matthew Zemek    

Q: What three teams are your sleepers in the BCS race (for an at-large spot or the national title)?

A: With a sleeper being defined as a truly off-the-radar kind of team that sneaks up on people, here are three potential party crashers for the national title:
1) Virginia Tech. After getting crushed by LSU, who thought they had a prayer? If they win out, they just might have a chance. The Hokies get Boston College at home.
2) Kansas. The Jayhawks don't play Oklahoma or Texas in the regular season, and if Mister Mangino faced the Sooners in the Big XII Championship Game, he would have a feel for his opponent, wouldn't he?
3) South Florida. Exactly--they're off the radar now, but could very definitely run the table with their remaining schedule. Add a few cups of additional insanity, and who knows what could happen?