CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week 10, Nov. 3
Oregon WR Jaison Williams
Oregon WR Jaison Williams
Posted Nov 4, 2007

You must rank teams based on how good you believe they are at the moment. That's the point when it comes to putting the teams in some order. However, once the year is complete, it's only fair to take the subjectivity out of it and go by what actually happened on the field.

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. Ohio State  (10-0)
W, Wisconsin 38-17
next game: Illinois
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
a Wisconsin offense without P.J. Hill and without top receiver, Luke Swan, and with a slew of other injuries, moved the ball way too well for three quarters on a supposedly impenetrable defense in its own house. If you don’t believe in Penn State or Wisconsin, then you probably don’t believe in Ohio State as the number one team in America.

2. LSU (8-1)
W, at Alabama 41-34
next game: Louisiana Tech
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
based on the deserve factor, LSU has earned its stripes with blowout wins over Mississippi State and Virginia Tech, wins over South Carolina, Florida, Auburn and at Alabama. Even with the Kentucky loss, this is the nation’s best résumé, and it’s not even close. Now with Early Doucet back and healthy, this is a fully operational offense.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... is the nation’s number two ranked defense overrated? Sure, it didn’t give up a ton of yards to Alabama, but it didn’t stiffen when its back was against the wall and after the offense was making a ton of mistakes. It’s taken several miracles to stay with just one loss. When is the good fortune going to go the other way, or is this a case of a team making its own luck?

3. Oklahoma (8-1)
W, Texas A&M 42-14
next game: Baylor
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … when at home, and when in a groove, this is an unbeatable team. As long as Sam Bradford is effective, this is the nation’s most complete offense with weapons to spare working behind one of the nation’s best lines. The win over Missouri keeps looking better and better.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... there’s still the question mark about consistency, and how good the team is on the road. The best true road win was against Tulsa. Whoopee. Sure, the Sooners can look terrific in blowouts over Miami and Texas A&M, but will it show up and keep playing at a high level against Texas Tech and Oklahoma State?

4. Missouri
W, at Colorado, 55-10
next game: Texas A&M
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it can’t be, considering the loss to Oklahoma, but the offense has RB Tony Temple back in the mix, which it didn’t have against the Sooners. No quarterback in America is playing as well as Chase Daniel, while the defense has turned things up a few notches in impressive wins over Iowa State and Colorado.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... … there’s no real reason. This is an explosive, amazing offensive powerhouse that’s playing at the highest level when it has to. The secondary hasn’t exactly been a rock so far, with most teams piling up yards in comeback mode, and now it’s missing its best player, Cornelius “Pig” Brown, for the rest of the year.

5. Oregon
W, Arizona State 35-23
next game: at Arizona
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … there might not be a more confident team in America, and the offense continues to be explosive and effective despite injuries at receiver. Now with a blowout win over Michigan, and wins over USC and Arizona State, the résumé is worthy of being considered for the number two spot.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the wins over USC and Arizona State came at home. Could the Ducks have won those games on the road? The defense is way too porous, giving up way too many passing yards and getting a few major breaks on the turnovers against ASU that were the Sun Devils’ fault. Eventually, bend-but-don’t-break defenses gets broken up big-time.

6.   West Virginia
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: Louisville
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Mountaineers got a week off to rest at just the right time. If you believe in Oregon, then you might like the Mountaineers better. The defense is fourth in the nation, while the juggernaut rushing offense will only be better with a reenergized Pat White and Steve Slaton.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the loss at South Florida is no longer as forgivable as it was a few weeks ago. Yeah, the defense is playing well, but the top offense it has shut down is, um, uh ... the jury Is still out.
7. Arizona State
L, at Oregon 35-23
next game: at UCLA
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … if you believe Oregon is the second best team in America, then ASU might be number three. Had the Sun Devils not screwed up with two bad giveaways, the outcome in Autzen might have been vastly different.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the California win doesn’t look all that impressive right now, and the second best win is over Colorado. The only other win over a possible bowl-bound team was at home over Oregon State. Whoopee. The offensive line is getting Rudy Carpenter killed.

8. Kansas (9-0)
W, Nebraska 76-39
next game: at Oklahoma State  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … 76-39. Yeah, Nebraska might have gone into the tank, and the defense has decided to stop playing, but the Kansas offensive machine was truly breathtaking. 9-0 is 9-0.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the defense didn’t exactly slow down the Nebraska passing game. It came up with a bunch of interceptions against new quarterback Joe Ganz, but it still got bombed on. There’s still a question about the best win. Beating Kansas State isn’t impressive anymore after the Wildcats lost to Iowa State. Win at Oklahoma State, and then it might be time to truly start giving the Jayhawks top five-type credit.

9.  Michigan
W, at Michigan State 28-24
next game: at Wisconsin
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the horrific start now appears to be an aberration. On en eight-game winning streak, the team is playing gutty football despite taking some big shots in emotionally charged road games against Illinois and Michigan State. The defense is playing better than anyone is giving it credit for.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... who believes the Wolverines are going to lose at Wisconsin next week? Considering the game after is against Ohio State, there might be two losses coming in the next two weeks. Chad Henne and Mike Hart might be back and playing, but they’re hardly 100%, and the offense is hardly a smooth, efficient machine. It took a phenomenal finish from Henne to get by Michigan State.

10. Auburn
W, Tennessee Tech 35-3
next game: Georgia
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Tigers got the ultimate scheduling gift with two weeks off, playing Ole Miss and Tennessee Tech, before the finishing kick against Georgia and Alabama. The backups got work, the starters are relatively rested, and now the team might be ready to finish nasty. The defense is playing at a high level, allowing seven points or fewer in four of the last five games.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the South Florida loss doesn’t seem so forgivable now. The offense might be efficient and effective, but it’s hardly explosive. Can it keep up if the Georgia or Alabama games get into shootouts?

11. Georgia
W, Troy 44-34
next game: Auburn
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
the emergence of Knowshon Moreno has taken all the pressure off Matthew Stafford and the passing game and has changed the dynamic of the offense in a good way. Florida and Troy can play a little D, and the Dawgs hung up 86 on them over the last two weeks.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the defense has struggled a little too much over the last two weeks. Efficient quarterbacks can dink and dunk on the Bulldog secondary, and now Auburn’s Brandon Cox, who’s in a bit of a groove, and Kentucky’s Andre Woodson are up next.

12. Florida (6-3)
W, Vanderbilt 49-22
next game: at South Carolina
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the offense discovered it had more players than just Tim Tebow. In the blowout over Vanderbilt, Percy Harvin showed why he has to be in the discussion of the nation’s most explosive players, while a variety of weapons were used. The Gators are doing the little things right, like the return game, which is among the best in America.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... is the secondary going to be able to handle a hot Blake Mitchell and the South Carolina passing game? If things start to get tight against the Gamecocks or Florida State, will the offense revert back to Tebow left, Tebow right, Tebow up the middle?

13.  Alabama
L, LSU 41-34
next game: at Mississippi State  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … losing to LSU in one of the most exciting games of the year is no reason to be punished. The Tide is far less talented than the Tigers at the moment, and it came within a big fourth down play by Early Doucet of being in a position to pull off the win.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... … the loss to Florida State is still out there. If you believe in the possible letdown factor, going on the road to face a Mississippi State team with two weeks off to prepare, then it’s possible the Tide could lose two of its final three games, finishing up with a showdown against Auburn.

14.  Boston College
L, Florida State 27-17
next game: at Maryland 
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … this still might turn out to be the best team in the ACC. The run defense is a brick wall, leading the nation allowing just 58 yards per game, and Matt Ryan is far better than he showed over the last two weeks. This is still a very, very good team.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... BC is a miracle in Blacksburg away from losing two straight and being down around the 20s. The offensive line hasn’t come close over the last two weeks against the Hokie and Seminole defensive lines, and with the pressure and spotlight on, Ryan stunk it up outside of a late five minute run against Tech.

15. Texas  (8-2)
W, at Oklahoma State 38-35
next game: Texas Tech
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
wins are wins are wins. Texas might be struggling, but it’s still 8-2 and it’s still gutting out victories. Jamaal Charles has become breathtaking, while the run defense has grown into a rock.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... needing a big fourth quarter at home to beat Nebraska now doesn’t look so great considering what happened in Kansas. The best win was this week in the miraculous fourth quarter comeback against Oklahoma State. The second best win came against … uh … TCU?

16. Tennessee (6-3)
W, UL Lafayette 59-7
next game: Arkansas
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Vols really let down after a rough win over South Carolina … yeesh. All the parts were working in the layup over UL Lafayette, and now the starters have, for the most part, gotten a week off before dealing with Arkansas. The offensive line is playing as well as any in the SEC.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... Arkansas could run for 400 yards next week. The Volunteer defensive front seven has struggled a bit against more physical teams, and with the way he Hogs just blasted South Carolina, there could be major problems.

17. USC (7-2)
W, Oregon State 24-3
next game: at California
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense is playing at a high level. For all the problems and all the criticisms, it’s mostly because of the offense. Now that everyone starting to heal up, and now that John David Booty has a little bit of mojo back after the win over the Beavers, this could be a dangerous team down the stretch.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... there still might be at least two more losses out there. At California is hardly a gimme, while traveling to Arizona State could be a big, big problem. Yes, the defense is excellent, but it’s not forcing enough mistakes to overcome the offense if it starts to struggle.

18. Virginia Tech (7-2)
W, at Georgia Tech 27-3
next game: Florida State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … had the Hokies recovered the onside kick against Boston College, it’d be 8-1 and hovering around top five, ranked around the ten spot. The defensive line killed decent BC and Georgia Tech lines over the last two weeks. If Sean Glennon plays like he did against the Yellow Jackets, the Hokies will be the ACC champions.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the offense is still among the worst in America, averaging just 315 yards per game. If the defense struggles at all over the next three weeks against Florida State, Miami and/or Virginia, can the O pick up the slack? Tyrod Taylor is expected to be back soon. How will that impact the team’s continuity?

19. California (6-3)
W, Washington State 20-17
next game: USC  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the offensive line is playing as well as any in the Pac 10. It blasted open holes for Justin Forsett and the running game against Washington State, while the offense still has all its receiver weapons when teams start to key on the running game again.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the running game might be back, but the passing attack struggled to explode against the Cougars. This has hardly been an efficient machine over the last few weeks, and it’s hardly been the team that hovered around the number one spot a month ago.

20. Clemson (7-2)
W, Duke 47-10
next game: Wake Forest
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
shhhhhh. The Tigers are quietly playing as well as anyone in the ACC at the moment. Over the last three games, the offense has cranked out 147 points, while the defense has exploded with tremendous play from the secondary.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the best win since the season opener against Florida State has come against Maryland. That’s not that big a deal. Now we find out just how good the team really is playing Wake Forest, Boston College, and South Carolina.

21. Connecticut (8-1)
W, Rutgers 38-19
next game: at Cincinnati
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Huskies are one point away from being unbeaten and in the top five. The defense has been unbelievable, but it gave up the most points it had all season long in last week’s win over Rutgers: 19. Oooooh. Get good defense, run the ball, force a bunch of turnover, win, repeat.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the offense has no passing pop whatsoever. The tremendous run to the top of the Big East charts has come at home, but the Huskies still have to deal with Cincinnati and West Virginia on the road. What will happen if they don’t come up with a ton of turnovers? Can the offense pick up the slack?
22. Virginia (8-2)
W, Wake Forest 17-16
next game: at Miami
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … beating Wake Forest is better than it appears. The loss to NC State two weeks ago aside, the Cavaliers have been finding ways to get the job done. This is a charmed team that’s playing like its destined to play for the ACC title.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... of seven points. That’s all the separated the Cavaliers from 3-7. At some point, the luck/good fortune has to go the other way. Had Wake Forest PK Sam Swank been the Sam Swank who’s been one of the best kickers in America, the Cavs lose.

  Kentucky (6-3)
Didn’t Play This Week
next game:
at Vanderbilt
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …you’d probably take the Wildcats over Connecticut or Virginia on a neutral field. Call this a wait-and-see ranking with road games at Vandy and Georgia, and a home game against Tennessee, to give the Cats a shot to quickly move back up. The win over LSU is going to be a calling card for the rest of the year.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the team might be good, but it has still lost three of its last four games with two road trips ahead. Battling hard is nice, but after the loss to Mississippi State, the wins have to start rolling again.

24. Arkansas (6-3)
W, South Carolina 48-36
next game: at Tennessee  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … 541 rushing yards against South Carolina. Again, 541 rushing yards against South Carolina. The offense has started to find a groove with 150 points in the last three games. Oh yeah, and 541 freakin’ rushing yards against South Carolina.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the Hogs got 541 rushing yards against South Carolina and still needed to hang on for deal life. The secondary got torched by Blake Mitchell, and now comes a trip to Tennessee against Erik Ainge, who’s throwing as well as any quarterback in the SEC..

25. Illinois (7-3)
W, at Minnesota 44-17
next game: at Ohio State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the running game is humming, Juice Williams is coming off a nice passing day against Minnesota, and the defensive line is among the most underrated in the nation with 33 sacks. The potential is there to pull off the upset over the nation’s number one team, Ohio State.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it’s not really right to get fired up after beating Ball State and Minnesota. The 10-6 loss to Iowa wasn’t all that long ago, and if Juice Williams isn’t throwing well, the Illini could end up closing out with a loss to Northwestern after dealing with Ohio State.

26 Penn State (7-3)
27 Wisconsin (7-3)
28 South Carolina (6-4)
29 Wake Forest (6-3)
30 Cincinnati (7-2)
31 Rutgers (5-4)
32 Texas Tech (7-3) 
33 South Florida (6-3) 
34 Boise State (8-1)
35 Mississippi State (5-4)
36 Florida State (6-3) 
37 Georgia Tech (5-4)
38 Colorado (5-5)
39 BYU (6-2)
40 Hawaii (8-0)
41 Oregon State (5-4)
42 Texas A&M (6-4)
43 Oklahoma State (5-4)
44 Kansas State (5-4)
45 Purdue (7-3) 
46 Indiana (6-4)
47 Arizona (4-6)
48 UCLA (5-4)
49 Iowa (5-5)
50 NC State (4-5)
51 Michigan State (5-5)
52 North Carolina (3-6)
53 Maryland (4-5)
54 Miami (5-4)
55 Air Force (7-3)
56 Washington (3-6)
57 Louisville (5-4)
58 Washington State (3-6)
59 Utah (6-3)
60 Vanderbilt (5-4)
61 TCU (5-4)
62 Northwestern (5-5)
63 East Carolina (6-4)
64 Fresno State (6-3)
65 Stanford (3-6)
66 New Mexico (6-3)
67 Pitt (4-5)
68 Houston (5-3)
69 Troy (6-3)
70 Nebraska (4-6)
71 UTEP (5-4)
72 Navy (5-4)
73 UCF (6-3)
74 Tulsa (6-3)
75 Southern Miss (5-4)
76 Nevada (5-4)
77 Central Michigan (5-4)
78 Ball State (5-5)
79 Ole Miss (3-6)
80 Notre Dame (1-8)
81 Baylor (3-7)
82 Colorado State (1-8)
83 UNLV (2-7)
84 Ohio (5-5)
85 San Diego State (3-5)
86 Wyoming (5-4)
87 Eastern Michigan (3-7)
88 Bowling Green (5-4)
89 Western Michigan (3-6)
90 San Jose State (3-6)
91 Miami University (5-5)
92 Kent State (3-6)
93 UAB (2-7)
94 Duke (1-8)
95 UL Monroe (3-6)
96 Florida Atlantic (4-4)
97 Syracuse (2-7)
98 Louisiana Tech (4-5)
99 Memphis (4-5)
100 Minnesota (1-9)
101 New Mexico State (4-6)
102 Buffalo (4-6)
103 Temple (3-6)
104 Army (3-6)
105 Rice (2-7)
106 Middle Tennessee (5-5)
107 Akron (3-6)
108 Toledo (5-5)
109 Iowa State (2-8)
110 Arkansas State (4-5)
111 Marshall (1-8)
112 Tulane (2-7)
113 SMU (1-7)
114 Idaho (1-9)
115 North Texas (1-7)
116 UL Lafayette (1-8)
117 Northern Illinois (1-8)
118 Utah State (0-9)
119 FIU (0-9)