Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown - Week 10
Arkansas RB Darren McFadden
Arkansas RB Darren McFadden
Posted Nov 6, 2007

Who's still in the Heisman chase? It's as open a race as ever with the big prize there for the taking. It'll all come down to the big games coming up.

2007 Brutally Honest Heisman Breakdown

Week Ten

By Pete Fiutak   

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Let's cut through the garbage, the pomp, the circumstance, the PR BS, and the hype surrounding the greatest individual award in all of sports. The Heisman Trophy goes to the most celebrated quarterback or running back from a top BCS team or a top 25 non-BCS program, and while others will be acknowledged here if they have any prayer of potentially finishing in the top five, it'll take something extraordinary to get on this list. Let's not pretend the hot Sun Belt back or the dual threat MAC quarterback has an honest chance.

This isn't a ranking of the best players or top NFL prospects. This is an attempt to put the finger on the pulse of the Heisman chase. So without further ado, here are the current favorites AT THE MOMENT (and this will changed week after week with players moving in and out of categories

Fifteen players who should be in the race, but aren't in the picture ...
1) Jamaal Charles, RB Texas; 2) Steve Slaton, RB West Virginia; 3) Michael Crabtree, WR Texas Tech; 4) Kevin Smith, RB UCF; 5) Jordy Nelson, WR Kansas State; 6) Graham Harrell, QB Texas Tech; 7) Andre Woodson, QB Kentucky; 8) Matt Forte, RB Tulane; 9) Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma; 10) Todd Boeckman, QB Ohio State; 11) Anthony Alridge, RB Houston; 12) Glenn Dorsey, DT LSU; 13) Rashard Mendenhall, RB Illinois; 14) Chad Hall, RB/WR Air Force; 15) Chris Johnson, RB East Carolina

The Finalists Coming Down The Stretch

QB Colt Brennan, Sr. Hawaii

Last Week: Brennan completed 29 of 46 passes for 425 yards and six touchdowns with an interception in the win over New Mexico State two weeks ago. He faces Fresno State this week.
While he doesn't have the sick and twisted numbers many expected him to put up, they're good enough, and he has led the way to an unbeaten season. If Hawaii finishes the year 12-0, it'll be in a BCS game and Brennan will be a lock for New York. There's a big of a ceiling on how high he can finish considering the best team he'll face all season is Boise State.

QB Chase Daniel, Jr. Missouri
Last Week:
Daniel completed 26 of 44 passes for 421 yards and five touchdowns, and ran for 24 yards, in the 55-10 win over Colorado.
He had an amazing day against Colorado, but no one saw it. The spotlight will be on down the stretch, and his chance at making a big, splashy statement could be coming if Kansas can be unbeaten going into the Big 12 North showdown at the end of the regular season. He's sort of like Colt Brennan of last year as the relatively unknown star who'll be the "it" guy next year.

RB Mike Hart, Sr. Michigan

Last Week: Hart ran 15 times for 110 yards in the 28-24 win over Michigan State.
While time has basically run out on a chance to win the big prize, there's still a chance to finish a strong number two if he can quickly get he come up with a good game and a win over Wisconsin before running wild against Ohio State. A statement performance and a win over the Buckeyes could make him the wild card over the next two weeks.

RB Darren McFadden, Jr. Arkansas
Last Week: McFadden ran 34 times for 321 yards and a touchdown, and threw a 23-yard touchdown pass, in the 48-36 win over South Carolina.
Welcome back. With 321 yards against South Carolina, he put himself back on the map with some big games left to play. If he can be the reason Arkansas beats LSU, and screws up the Tigers' national title season, then that might be enough to get him a slew of first place votes. He already holds the unofficial title as the most talented player in college football.

QB Matt Ryan, Sr. Boston College

Last Week: Ryan completed 26 of 53 passes for 415 yards and two touchdowns with three interceptions, and 30 rushing yards, in the 27-17 loss to Florida State.
The lousy game against Virginia Tech was forgiven by the classic finish, but the loss to Florida State ended the Heisman dream. The 415 yards were nice, but he didn't get the offense consistently moving, and he threw three killer interceptions.

QB Tim Tebow, Soph. Florida

Last Week: Tebow completed 22 of 27 passes for 281 yards and three touchdowns, and ran for 35 yards and two scores, in the 49-22 win over Vanderbilt.
Call this a setup season for 2008. An argument could be made that he's been the best player in America, leading the nation in passing efficiency and setting the SEC record for rushing touchdowns for a quarterback while playing with a dinged up shoulder.

QB Pat White, Jr. West Virginia
Last Week:
White completed 10 of 16 passes for 144 yards, and ran 22 times for 156 yards and a touchdown, in the win over Rutgers two weeks ago. Louisville is up this week.
It'll come down to the finishing kick. If he's the reason West Virginia wins the Big East title and is on the cusp of the national title game, he'll finish in the top five without a problem. However, he'll always split the Mountaineer vote, at least mentally for most voters, with Steve Slaton.

And The Current Leader In The Clubhouse Is ...

QB Dennis Dixon, Sr. Oregon

Last Week: Dixon completed 13 of 22 passes for 189 yards and four touchdowns, and ran for 57 yards, in the 35-23 win over Arizona State.
He had his national showcase game, and he came through. Now it's his Heisman for the taking, needing to close out strong while leading Oregon to the Pac 10 title and the Rose Bowl. If the Ducks can creep into the top two and go to the national title game, and if Dixon puts up decent numbers in the final three games, it could be a landslide.