CFN Rankings No. 1 to 119 - Week 11, Nov. 10
Missouri QB Chase Daniel
Missouri QB Chase Daniel
Posted Nov 11, 2007

You must rank teams based on how good you believe they are at the moment. That's the point when it comes to putting the teams in some order. However, once the year is complete, it's only fair to take the subjectivity out of it and go by what actually happened on the field.

There's one very important distinction in the CFN rankings: these are based on how good the teams are and NOT how they're going to finish. Some teams have easier schedules than others, some get tougher road games and some will need a little bit of time to jell meaning they might be better than their final record might indicate.

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1. LSU (9-1)
W, Louisiana Tech 5-10
next game: at Ole Miss
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
there are several one-loss teams deserving of being in the mix. LSU is has the best résumé of the bunch, and has the top team if it puts it all together, but it’s hard to ignore all the close calls. Maybe the SEC isn’t really that great, and the wins over Auburn and Alabama don’t look nearly as strong now.

2. Oklahoma (9-1)
W, Baylor 52-21
next game: at Texas Tech
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … when all the parts are working, this could be the best team in America. There’s breathtaking speed at the skill positions, the defense is flying all over the place, and Sam Bradford looks like one of the nation’s premier quarterbacks.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... when all the parts aren’t working, the potential is there for a disastrous letdown. Even Baylor, who throws the ball a ton but can’t get anything deep, was able to get the ball down the field on the OU secondary. Forget about beating the Sooners at home, but something strange happens to this group on the road.

3. Missouri (9-1)
W, Texas A&M 40-26
next game: Kansas State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … on a neutral site, this might be a better team than Oklahoma. The one loss came in Norman with top RB Tony Temple out. The Tigers might get their chance at the rematch in the Big 12 title game. The opening day win over Illinois looks fantastic now.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... … the defense is hardly anything special. It’s fine, and came through with a brilliant day against Texas Tech a few weeks ago, but the secondary can be bombed on. The offense has been able to keep up in shootouts so far, but the pass defense could be the Achilles’ heel.

4. Oregon
Didn’t Play This Week
next game: at Arizona
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defensive line might not have a slew of household names, but it’s among the best in America at getting into the backfield. The combination of a high-octane offense and timely, playmaking defense has been deadly.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the secondary gives up yards in bunches. Considering the pressure generated from the defensive front, there’s no excuse for the secondary to not be a bit better. Against a killer offensive line (that’s not banged up like USC’s was), the Oregon D could have major problems.

West Virginia (9-1)
W, Louisville 38-31
next game: at Cincinnati
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … Pat White is playing like Pat White. As he showed against Louisville, when he’s on, this is the nation’s most dangerous rushing attack (at least outside of Arkansas). The offensive line is playing at a ridiculously high level.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the defensive stats that were so amazing over the first eight games are a big misleading, as Louisville and Brian Brohm where able to move the ball way too easily. Jarrett Brown is a fantastic quarterback prospect, but right now, this isn’t the same team when White is out. It seems like he’s taking more and more huge shots.

6.  Ohio State 
L, Illinois 28-21
next game: at Michigan
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … this is still a terrific team that had an off game. No, the defense didn’t get exposed, and no, the loss to Illinois didn’t go to show that the Buckeyes were overrated all along. Talent-wise, this is still one of the nation’s best defenses, and all the way around, this is still one of the nation’s most complete teams. However …
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... … it might not seem that was after playing Michigan. The trip to Ann Arbor is the make or break moment for the Buckeyes. Win handily, and the Illinois game was an aberration. Lose, and then the doubters that have been there ever since halftime of the BCS Championship game will have more ammo. With Chad Henne and Mike Hart expected to be back, the Wolverines are good enough to pull off the win.
7. Kansas
W, at Oklahoma State 43-28
next game: Iowa State  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the offense is a machine. No attack in America is executing as well, with Todd Reesing conducting a symphony. This team does everything right. It’s No. 1 in the nation in kickoff returns. No. 1 in turnover margin. And, oh yeah, it just so happens to be the only unbeaten BCS team left.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
the defense is extremely suspect. The offense might always have an answer, but the D, even though it’s No. 1 in the Big 12 in yards and scoring, and No. 2 in the nation in scoring D, gave up yards in chunks over the last two weeks after it finally faced a couple of offenses with life. The test will come against Missouri in two weeks.

8.  Arizona State (9-1)
W, at UCLA, 24-20
next game: USC (Nov. 22)
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense is the real deal. From a strong secondary to a more physical run defense than it’s been given credit for, this group has been great against everyone but the Oregon teams. The offense might not be at peak efficiency right now, but it’s been good enough.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the offensive line that’s been so great for the running game hasn’t done anything in pass protection. Oregon and UCLA did whatever they wanted to when it came to getting to Rudy Carpenter, and now USC is on tap. Uh oh.

9.  Georgia
W, Auburn 45-20
next game: Kentucky
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
the young team appears to be all grown up, 42 points on Florida. 44 on Troy, and 45 on Auburn shows how the offense has quickly become something special thanks to the emergence of RB Knowshon Moreno. This is a different team than the one that got blasted by Tennessee over a month ago.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it shouldn’t be. Right now this might be one of the five best teams in America. That’s a killer Auburn defense the Dawgs just ripped to shreds. This might be one of the nation’s most confident teams, and when it has a little bit of momentum, it’s over.

10. Florida
W, at South Carolina 51-31
next game: Florida Atlantic
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … with Andre Caldwell humming after returning from injury a few weeks ago, and with the way Tim Tebow is playing, the offense is putting up points in bunches. For all the concerns on defense, it’s doing a great job against the run.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the secondary is going to be an issue for the rest of the year. It did a good job against South Carolina, but the Gators have to pray they don’t get a high-octane passing team in their bowl game. The offense is still too one-dimensional. Take Tebow out and the team goes nowhere.

11. Texas
W, Texas Tech 59-43
next game: at Texas A&M (Nov. 23)
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
this might be the best team that doesn’t have a prayer of being in a BCS game. For all the issues and all the criticism, the Horns are 9-2, on a five-game winning streak, and almost certain to finish with a double-digit win season. No one’s running better right now than Jamaal Charles.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the secondary is mediocre, and that’s being kind. Texas Tech throws the ball on everyone, but Graham Harrell would’ve put up 600 yards on this group if his defense had been able to come up with a stop. Don’t forget that it took two epic fourth quarters to get by Oklahoma State and Nebraska.

12. Tennessee (7-3)
W, Arkansas 34-13
next game: Vanderbilt
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it answered every test with flying colors. Just when the world thinks the Vols are going to get drilled by someone like Georgia or Arkansas, they come up with a brilliant performance. No one has been able to turn up the intensity like this crew.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the defense played out of its mind against Arkansas; it’s not really as good as it showed. There’s no pass rush, little production from the secondary, and not enough plays made against the run. 6-0 at home and 1-3 on the road, there’s still a question mark about how good the team is away from Neyland.

13.  USC
W, at California 24-17
next game: at Arizona State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the running game is starting to come around. Chauncey Washington has emerged as a dangerous playmaker to carry the attack. The defense might not have had its best day against the Cal running game, but it’s playing well for the most part.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... this still isn’t USC. The passing attack just isn’t there, averaging a mere 222 yards per game. It’s not scaring anyone. The wide receivers aren’t consistent, the quarterback play is spotty, and the points aren’t rolling. The Trojans have only scored more than 27 points once in the last seven games, and that was against Notre Dame.

14.  Michigan
L, at Wisconsin, 37-21
next game: Ohio State
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it’s not fair to Wisconsin to say that Michigan went through the motions, but it didn’t exactly bring the A game knowing that the Ohio State showdown is all that matters. This will be a far, far different team this week with Chad Henne and Mike Hart returning.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the Badgers were more banged up. Michigan can’t really use the injury excuse when Wisconsin was without its top running back, top tailback, top defensive tackle and number two corner. Technically, Michigan, since it has the same record as the Badgers, should be lower than them.

15. Illinois
W, at Ohio State 28-21
next game: Northwestern
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … other than Stanford’s win over USC, there might not be a better win by any team this year than the Illini’s upset over Ohio State. That was in Columbus, while Oklahoma and LSU lost their games on the road. As the nation saw, Illinois is more than just Juice Williams and Rashard Mendenhall. The lines are fantastic.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... overall, there’s still that question about the loss to Iowa. That game showed how the entire team shuts down if the spread isn’t on. The secondary hits like a ton of bricks, but it also covers like it.

16. Virginia Tech (8-2)
W, Florida State 40-21
next game: Miami
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Hokies now have an offense to match its D. With great quarterback play over the last few weeks from Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor, this isn’t just a caretaker attack anymore. This is growing into a living, breathing complete team.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the offensive line gives up way too many sacks and the offense, while improved, is still a work in progress. Do you trust Glennon and/or Taylor to rock and roll on a consistent basis?
17. Clemson (8-2)
W, Wake Forest 44-10
next game: Boston College
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …
there might not be anyone playing better right now. The Tigers have been on a roll since losing Virginia Tech with a four game winning streak averaging 47.75 points per game.  Cullen Harper, not Matt Ryan, is the best quarterback in the ACC this season.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it shouldn’t be. The Tigers are rolling on both sides of the ball and should probably be in the top ten at the moment. If it blows out Boston College next week, it might be. The only knock is the offensive line that’s allowing too many sacks, but that’s about it.

18. Auburn (7-4)
L, at Georgia, 45-20
next game: Alabama (Nov. 24)
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the defense is better than it showed against Georgia. This is still a defense capable of shutting down a top attack, just ask Arkansas, and if the offense doesn’t make mistakes, .the team can play with anyone in America. If LSU is the clear-cut number one team, then Auburn deserves credit for almost coming up with the win in Baton Rouge.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ...
if the Tigers lose to Alabama, this could become a 7-6 season after the bowls. The offense is wildly inconsistent, and downright stagnant at times, while the defense, as good as it is, isn’t generating nearly enough pressure into the backfield considering the quickness and talent up front.

19. Virginia (9-2)
W, at Miami 48-0
next game: Virginia Tech (Nov. 24)
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … if you were waiting for the Cavaliers to finally do something impressive, then shutting down and shutting out Miami in the final game in the Orange Bowl might be it. The defense dominated the Canes from the start, while the offense was ultra-efficient.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it probably can’t be. Yeah, there might have been a bunch of close calls so far, but the two losses came on the road. Of course, the real test comes against Virginia Tech in two weeks. Win that, go to the ACC title game, and become this year’s Wake Forest.

20. Kentucky (7-3)
W, at Vanderbilt 27-20
next game:
at Georgia
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because …it shouldn’t be. At the moment the Wildcats aren’t playing like anything special. They’re struggling way too much to get the offense rolling again, while the defense has been merely average.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it could be argued that Mississippi State deserves to be higher than the Wildcats. The record might not be the same, but the Bulldogs are playing better and are only two weeks removed from a 31-14 blowout in Lexington.

21. Cincinnati (8-2)
W, Connecticut 27-3
next game: West Virginia
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … the Bearcats could end up winning the Big East. All they need to do is beat West Virginia and Syracuse, and hope UConn loses once more, they’re the champs. If the defense plays like it did against the Huskies, the Mountaineers will be in big trouble.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the secondary shut down the anemic UConn passing attack, but it can still be bombed on. West Virginia and Syracuse won’t take advantage of the Bearcats, but in a bowl, watch out if the matchup is against a team that can throw.
22. Penn State (8-3)
W, at Temple 31-0
next game: at Michigan State  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … you know what you’re getting, The defense is great, the offense is good enough, and with a win over Michigan State next week, a ten-win season is still possible. The three losses came against Michigan, Illinois and Ohio State. That’s not bad.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the offense is fine, but it’s not going to light anyone up. This isn’t nearly the explosive attack it should be with all the receiving weapons, and even now, there’s a question mark about Anthony Morelli in a big game.

  Wisconsin (8-3)
W, Michigan 37-21
next game: at Minnesota  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … Wisconsin has the same record as Michigan, so technically, it should be ranked higher right now, even if Chad Henne and Mike Hart weren’t playing. If everyone was healthy, this might be one of the 15 best teams in America.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the injuries are significant. RB P.J. Hill, DT Jason Chapman and CB Allen Langford are significant losses, even if Hill is scheduled to be back soon. The ranking is about where it should be.

24. Boston College (8-2)
L, at Maryland, 42-35
next game: at Clemson 
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … there’s still Matt Ryan and there’s still enough talent on both sides of the ball to battle with anyone in the ACC, and BC will get its shot next week at Clemson to show that it’s still a top team. The ACC title is still there for the taking.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... the pass defense has become abysmal, and the offense too reliant on Ryan. There used to be a running game, but it’s not there at the moment. Any passing game with a pulse can throw on the Eagles right now. Clemson’s passing attack has a strong heartbeat.

25. California (6-4)
L, USC 24-17
next game: at Washington  
The Ranking Should Be Higher Because … it shouldn’t be. This is sort of a gift for a team that’s lost four of its last five games with the one win coming at home by three over Washington State. Talent-wise, the offense should be far, far better.
The Ranking Should Be Lower Because ... it’s just not happening. The team isn’t getting the clutch play when needed, the defense isn’t getting any big stops, and the offense is severely underachieving.

26 Mississippi State (6-4)
27 Alabama (6-4)
28 Arkansas (6-4)
29 Connecticut (8-2)
30 South Carolina (6-5)
31 Wake Forest (6-4)
32 Rutgers (6-4)
33 Texas Tech (7-4) 
34 South Florida (7-3) 
35 Boise State (9-1)
36 BYU (7-2)
37 Florida State (6-4) 
38 Maryland (5-5)
39 Georgia Tech (6-4)
40 Colorado (5-6)
41 Hawaii (9-0)
42 Oregon State (6-4)
43 Michigan State (6-5)
44 Texas A&M (6-5)
45 Oklahoma State (5-5)
46 Purdue (7-4) 
47 Arizona (4-6)
48 UCLA (5-5)
49 Air Force (8-3)
50 Utah (7-3)
51 Iowa (6-5)
52 NC State (5-5)
53 Northwestern (6-5)
54 North Carolina (3-7)
55 Indiana (6-5)
56 Miami (5-5)
57 Louisville (5-5)
58 Washington State (4-6)
59 UCF (7-3)
60 Vanderbilt (5-5)
61 TCU (5-5)
62 New Mexico (7-3)
63 Tulsa (7-3)
64 Fresno State (6-4)
65 Nebraska (5-6)
66 Pitt (4-5)
67 San Diego State (4-5)
68 Troy (7-3)
69 Kansas State (5-5)
70 Iowa State (3-8)
71 Houston (5-4)
72 Washington (3-7)
73 Navy (6-4)
74 Stanford (3-7)
75 East Carolina (6-5)
76 Nevada (5-4)
77 Central Michigan (6-4)
78 Southern Miss (5-5)
79 Ball State (5-5)
80 Ole Miss (3-6)
81 Notre Dame (1-9)
82 Baylor (3-8)
83 Colorado State (1-9)
84 Memphis (5-5)
85 Wyoming (5-5)
86 UNLV (2-8)
87 Bowling Green (6-4)
88 Western Michigan (3-7)
89 San Jose State (4-6)
90 Miami University (5-5)
91 Duke (1-9)
92 UL Monroe (4-6)
93 Florida Atlantic (5-4)
94 Toledo (5-5)
95 Syracuse (2-8)
96 Louisiana Tech (4-6)
97 Minnesota (1-10)
98 Ohio (5-6)
99 UAB (2-8)
100 Tulane (3-7)
101 UTEP (5-5)
102 New Mexico State (4-7)
103 Buffalo (4-6)
104 Temple (3-7)
105 Eastern Michigan (3-8)
106 Rice (3-7)
107 Army (3-7)
108 Akron (4-6)
109 UL Lafayette (2-8)
110 Middle Tennessee (5-6)
111 Northern Illinois (2-8)
112 Arkansas State (4-6)
113 Marshall (2-8)
114 Kent State (3-7)
115 North Texas (1-8)
116 SMU (1-9)
117 Idaho (1-9)
118 Utah State (0-10)
119 FIU (0-9)